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Happy Diwali Messages 2017 – Wishes, Quotes, SMS

happy diwali messages

Happy Diwali messages 2017 – Diwali is not just like every other day in the history of India. It is a five day packed event filled with lots of fun activities and excitement. A festival that starts with Dhanteras, which is followed by the ‘Narak Chaturdasi’, then on the third day comes Deepawali, ‘Diwali’ comes on the fourth day and ends with ‘Bhaj Dooj’. Are you on the look out for Happy Diwali messages, Happy Diwali 2017 wishes, Happy Diwali texts, Diwali in Nigeria messages, Diwali in South Africa messages, Happy Diwali Messages USA, Happy Diwali Messages UK, Happy Diwali messages India, Happy Diwali messages, Germany. Diwali in Africa messages, Happy Diwali greetings, Happy Diwali quotes, Happy Deepavali messages, Happy Deepavali texts, Happy Deepavali SMS, Happy Deepavali quotes that you can share around with family, friends, colleagues and loved one this Deepawali season.

Popularly called the festival of lights, the Diwali is one of the most popular events in India. Diwali is also called Deepawali, a Sanskrit word which means “rows of lighted lamps” which is a National holiday observed yearly in the autumn season. The day is celebrated in countries such as Malaysia, Nepal, Mauritius, Pakistan and across all South Asia.

When is the Diwali celebrated

The Diwali is usually celebrated between October and November every year because it also marks the beginning of the Hindu New Year. Therefore, the exact and specific date for the Diwali is determined by the Hindu Lunar calendar

Indians living in Nigeria are also not left out of this important festival as they also celebrate this occasion as well. The dates for Diwali in South and North India is 18th and 19th October 2017.

The Diwali festival is very important because it celebrated the victory of light over the forces of darkness. It justifies and celebrated good over evil, knowledge over unawareness and optimism over misery. The celebration of this important festival would have in fact started days before the date of the festival itself. Indians would have been seen with the various Diwali related materials like torans, lights, candles, diyas also known as oil lamps which light up everywhere and many more. Gifts would have already been bought to be shared between families and friends, and there is frenzy on the streets. Happiness, joy and vibrancy are seen everywhere.

Even local supermarkets are not left out of this exciting time as counters are already filled with Diwali goodies. It is expected that there would be massive sales this time of the year.

The festival commences with Dhanteras, and the second has ‘Narak Chaturdasi’ with ‘Deepwali’ taking charge of the third day. The fourth is welcomed by ‘Diwali Padwa’ which celebrates matrimony and the fifth and final day ends with ‘Bhaj Dooj’which celebrates the bond between brother and sister. During the Diwali festival. Expectations are high in all families because of visits by friends, folks and relations to felicitate with one another and exchange presents and gifts.

Lord Ganesha and Goddes Lakshmi are both worshipped during the Diwali festival wherein people pray for blessings and happiness.

Diwali in Nigeria

How is Diwali celebrated in Nigeria?

Just like the Christians Christmas holiday and celebrations. The Diwali also has history and legends to inform of its origin, popular of which is the story of Lord Rama and Sita, his wife who went back to the city of Ayodhya following a 14 year term in exile.

To celebrate the Diwali festival, Indians in Nigeria would be seen to light up fireworks in their homes, offices and make amazing decorations of their various houses with patterns constructed out of powder or coloured rice, which is also known as Rangoli. New clothes are bought, houses are also cleaned in preparation of the celebrations and receiving guests.

In the process of preparing for the Diwali festival, you should be on the look out of sending the best collection of Happy Diwali messages to family, friends and relatives, this is why you have this post where the best Happy Diwali messages lie in here for you.

I have put together an amazing collection of happy Diwali messages, happy Diwali texts, Happy Diwali SMS and a lot of others which you can share with family and friends today. Remember that the Diwali festival is all about love and happiness and this is what I’ll be sharing with you today.

Happy Diwali messages

Check the following collections of happy Diwali messages for your Facebook, twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp status out. You can share as many as you want and use as many as you want for family and friends. Happy Diwali to you.

1. The joy of this Diwali season will never be far from you. Your home will encounter happiness all through this season. You will never lack any good thing, and as we expect the Diwali of the next year to come? We will not be found wanting in flesh and spirit. We will be alive to see many more Diwali together. Happy Diwali celebrations to you and your family.

2. May the happiness, joy, excitement and laughter of this great festival be with you today and forever. May you be surrounded by the grace that comes with the Deepawali festival. The joy and excitement that this festival brings to you go through every aspect of your life. Your life will be brightened just as we are celebrating the festival of light today. I hope that all you have wishes for come to manifestation and fulfilment. Happy Diwali 2017 to you and your family.

3. What are you going to do today? Sit at home or pay family and friends a visit. Whichever way you intend to go about it, always know that my thoughts and prayers are with you. Just as you have found grace to buy sweets and presents this year, grace will also follow where you go. You will not die before your time. Happy Diwali to you.

4. This is an amazing and special time to spend with family and friends. A great time to revel in the activities of the past with an attempt to look at the future with a positive mindset. I am sending all my prayers to you today that your life continues to be sweet like honey. Laughter will not evade you and your family. You will always remain happy for the rest of your lives. Happy Diwali 2017 to you.

5. It is a known knowledge that when you make someone smile. Happiness will also be yours. When you are friends with a lot of people, then you can never be lonely. Rejoice and be glad today for happiness will always be your portion and loneliness will never find its way into your life. Happy Diwali to you.

6. Light that oil lamp of affection, Break the chain of sadness in your life. Shoot the rocket of success into the future and send messages of happiness to family and friends. Cheers to the future to come, may all what you wish for be yours. Happy Diwali to you and your family. Cheers.

7. This year’s Diwali is almost gone, another will be upon us soon. I pray that the never breaking light of Diwali envelopes every area of your life. Your future will receive the destiny of promotion and upliftment. You will never be found wanting in all aspects of your life. Happy Diwali to you.

8. You will find contentment, happiness, peace, love and fulfilment in everything you do. You will prosper in all your ways and you will receive all the blessings that comes with the festival of light. You and your family will never die before your time. Happy Diwali celebrations to you and your family. With love from all of us.

9. Colours that are bright will never leave your life. You will be enveloped in the magic and frenzy of happiness. Every area of your life will be lighted up with the wonderful lights of the Diwali. I am wishing you the best of Diwali that celebrates long life, peace and prosperity to you and your family. May the cheerful excitement and celebrations never depart from your family. Happy Diwali celebrations.

10. Happy Diwali celebrations to you and your family. I hope it is celebrated with the most happiness shared between you, family, friends and associates. I pray that your doors will be opened to receive blessings, grace and more happiness as they come your way. Happy Diwali celebrations from my family to yours.

11. The time to celebrate is here again
The time to dance and be merry is upon us
The time to exchange gifts and sweets is here as well
To give glory to God for bringing us here and making us alive
To see another Diwali
Hope you have worn your attired
Hope you have adorned your clothes
Get set to dance and celebrate with us
As we enter in the new year together
happy Diwali to you

12. Even though you are not here right now, I hope this Diwali message tells you that you are in my thoughts and I love you today and everyday. Happy Diwali to you. I pray you don’t miss me too much.

Now that you have the happy Diwali messages, happy Diwali SMS, happy Diwali texts, happy Diwali 2017 messages to share. What are you going to do?








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