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Happy Memorial Day Messages And Wishes

happy memorial day messages

Isn’t it time to start wishing all Americans happy memorial day messages and wishes?

On this special day, Let us remember to appreciate those who have given their lives for the peace of our country. Let us be grateful to the people who served relentlessly and protected our country. Wishing a thoughtful and spirited memorial day.

Happy Memorial Day Messages

1 Now the day to be thankful is here. This is the moment to be grateful for  those that added sunshine into our lives with the joy that comes with being free. Let us remember them for the sacrifices they made for us to be where we are now. Happy Memorial day to you and the whole of America.

2 Do you know that our heroes are never truly dead? They always live in us and are around us, to protect, inspire and provide guidance in our ways and all that we do. I am sending the my best regards on this special and historic day, the day we remember the amazing heroes that are away from us. Happy Memorial day.

3 Hey! What are you up to right now? Isn’t it time for us to bow our heads and remember the fallen heroes? Why not mouth of piece of prayer to their families that God be with them in all their ways. Happy Memorial day!

4 On this special and historic occasion, We should remember to thank all the veterans, fallen heroes of our great country who dies to make America a better place. Wishing you, your family and friends the warmest Memorial day. Happy Memorial day.

5 With lots of love to all our armed forces, their families and friends who had in one way or the other impacted positively in the security of America. I am forwarding my warm wishes on this Memorial day. Happy Memorial day.

6 We pray that the blessings of God be upon the family of the service men and women who has contributed selflessly to make our country a better place. Sending my warm wishes to everyone on this historic day. Happy Memorial day.

7 I am sending my best wishes to everyone in the armed forces of America who has always worked hard for the glory, joy and development of the country and all those that live in it. May the love and blessings of God never depart from you, Happy Memorial Day.

8 No matter how much we give thanks, it cannot substitute our thanks for your selfless contribution of the good of the country. We know how immeasurable your support was, and we will ever remain grateful and thankful for all you have done. Happy Memorial Day.

9 We celebrate freedom in America because of the valiant men who has sacrificed so much for this country. Today is the day to appreciate all they have done, and we are sending our heartfelt wishes to their families on this special day. Happy Memorial Day.

10 They were proud donning our armed forces uniform, the were patriotic and fought for the good of America with all their strength and might. They believed that the country can be better and yes the country is better today because of the valiant men and women. Happy Memorial Day, we love you all!

11 It is time for us to gather together and thank the soldiers who made the country as it great as it is now. We know it did not come easy and some soldiers lost their lives in the process. We appreciate you so much and we pray that the almighty God keeps you and your family. We pray that the hard work on America will never be in vain.

12 America is the home of the brave. America is a country that welcomes everyone because of the work done by the deceased men of the armed forces in making our country a safe haven. Today is that day to come together and honour these special men who had done more than enough to make our country solid again. Happy Memorial Day.

13 Proudly they wore our colours, gallantly they moved onto the battlefield, confidently they fought. While some battled relentlessly to give America the freedom she deserves, some lost their lives along the way. This is our token of appreciation for those that are still here with us and those that have lost their lives. We thank you so much for your efforts and we hope that America remains as great and even greater than the way you left the country. Happy Memorial Day.

14 Their courage is what brought us to where we are today. You created the legacy for us to promise to stay true to the anthem of America. You left America where you left it and we will follow your path to make America great again. We thank you for the freedom you brought into America, we appreciate all that you have done to make this country amazing. Happy Memorial Day.

15 We know that nothing can ever compensate for the loss our amazing soldiers in the face of war. Our condolences to all our outstanding soldiers who lost their lives. We sincerely appreciate you for giving your lives and making America a great country. Happy Memorial Day to all our lost soldiers.

16 Memorial Day is one of the most important days in the history of America. The day to remember and appreciate all those that have fought graciously for the continuity of the nation. We send our warm wishes on this Memorial Day. Happy Memorial Day.

17 You defended our way of life. You fought for freedom in all spheres. You gave your life for the good of the country. We can never thank you enough, hence the reason why we remember you this day for all the efforts you put in making America greater. We thank you for all this and more. Happy Memorial Day.

18 I am aware the cost of freedom is very high, and you paid for our freedom. Americans have been known for being brave and putting their lives on the line for the good of the nation. This is an extremely crazy thing to do, and that is why we are thanking you for making America brand new. This is to send our warm wishes on this Memorial Day. Happy Memorial Day.

19 I know if you have your life to live and lose again, you will not hesitate to lose it for the progress of this great country. This is indeed an act in a million and that is why we will never forget your good deeds for all of us to live in this country. We appreciate you and we remain grateful for the rest of our lives. Happy Memorial Day.

20 We know we have lost you. Young as you were. But know that you will always and forever remain in our hearts. We will never forget the sacrifices you made to get us here. We will never forget your service to our country to make us great. We celebrate you today and always.

21 Nobody prays to lose the soldiers fighting the national war. But what can we do if those that we lost happens to be a member of our immediate family. We can be sad and disheveled but we should draw solace from the fact that they died serving the country. We celebrate all our fallen heroes.

22 Even though you are no longer here with us, we can draw solace from the fact that you are with God resting. This memorial is for the celebration of your lives. Thank you for giving your life to cement the future of this great nation. We are thankful!

23 We are forever grateful for the beautiful memories. We are indeed indebted to you for all you have done to make this country what it is. Truth is without people like you, God knows what would have happened to America, but you gave your life for the greater good. We celebrate your life!

24 I pray that the almighty God bless and be with families and friends of those mourning a loved one today. Please be strong and thank God for the soul of the valiant. They will forever remain in our hearts and protect us. Happy Memorial Day.

25 We are grateful for all our heroes who struggled to make our country a safe place, from the policemen, to the fire fighters, to our armed forces. Your contributions to the safety of this country is immeasurable. As we celebrate the lost heroes of this country, we celebrate you too. Happy Memorial Day.

26 We celebrate all our heroes who were the definition of patriotism to America. As you look out for yourself while looking out for the country, some of you had lost your lives. We are sure you are in a very good resting place and we are happy that we can celebrate you today. Thank you for everything. Happy Memorial Day.

27 You made us proud by becoming proud of our country. You made us proud by fighting gallantly to defend the country you live in and loved. You mad us proud by giving up your life to ensure that this country stay safe. Words cannot measure how grateful we feel. We pray that you continue to rest in peace. We celebrate you.

28 The best way you can serve God is by serving his people. You have served the people of America gallantly, that you even gave your life for the people. We are very sure that God has already rewarded you in heaven by resting in his bosom. We celebrate all your valiant efforts in making this country greater. Trust me, the country is greater and better all thanks to you. We celebrate your life today. Happy Memorial Day

29 For those that died for the United States of America, we are indeed grateful, we appreciate your valor and devotion and we will never forget you. The whole of America will never forget you. Happy Memorial Day.

30 We admire those armed forces who by their liberties and through the love they have for this country gave up their lives. We are proud of you and remain grateful forever. Thank you for everything.

31 We say our eternal gratitude for the life the soldiers gave up their lives to make our country better. We are grateful for the invaluable contribution, and the hope they have given our country to be better. Our deep and sincere gratitude goes out to you!

32 We should remember to praise them who gave their lives for the good of the country. Let us remember the soldiers who sacrificed themselves to make the country great.  We appreciate your unselfishness, dedication, outstanding bravery, and integrity and we hope your sacrifices will never be in vain.

33 My warm regards to you and your family on this Memorial Day. We send our greatesr regards as well to the family of those that lost their loved ones. We appreciate their efforts in making Nigeria great, and we will never forget them.

34 When you have family that is lost in battle, you can imagine the level of sadness that you will get when the news of their death reaches you. Not only will you be sad, but you will also have to live with their departure for the rest of your life. How bad can it be? We commiserate with you on this Memorial Day. May god be with you!

35 I know how painful it can be having lost someone close as well. It is never easy dealing with all the sadness and emotions as it comes on Memorial Day. We want to use this period to think about how great America has become, which is hugely based on the commitment of our soldiers who gave their lives. We celebrate all of them.

36 Memorial Day gives us the opportunity to think about the greatness of our country. Memorial Day gives us the chance to appreciate those who brought us where we are now. Memorial Day gives us the opportunity to thank them and be grateful for all they have done to make America great.

37 Whoever you want to wish Memorial Day, let your wishes be sincere and come from your heart. It is never easy losing someone and I am sure if it were you, you would be in a sad/ happy situation right now. Whichever way it works, send your best wishes to the family of the departed and let them know your thoughts and prayers are with them.

38 The American flag does not fly because the wind blows it, the flag flies because of the last breath of all members of all the armed forces who gave up their lives to protect the flag of America. Their last breath envelope the country. We celebrate them all.















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