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Happy Fathers Day Messages From Son and Daughter

happy fathers day messages

Fathers day is upon us. If you are on the look out for the perfect first thing you need to do, then you should check our collection of happy fathers day messages to send as a son or a daughter.

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Happy fathers day messages from Son

1 Dear father, no matter the number of sons I give birth to, you will always remain number one. Your guidance, discipline and love brought me here today. You are the best man I have always loved and the best friend I have always had. This is just to remind you today that I really love you. Happy fathers day.

2 I am wishing the best father in the whole world a day filled with joy and happiness. I am sending all the warm hugs to you on this special day. I know you really worked hard to make me a better person, A work that has shown and counted in numerous ways. I appreciate you for all the time spent carving me into becoming a better man. I love you so much day. Happy fathers day.

3 I am blessed and grateful to have the most amazing man on earth as my father. You are someone special, a rare breed kind of man, and I thank God for making you not just a father, but a great dad. On this special day, i want to wish the very best of health, long life and prosperity. Happy fathers day to the best father in the world.

4 Dear Father, All the best things I have got from life has been through you. You have shown me all the affection, care and protection. You have made me who I am today, and I am indeed excited that you have been a part of my life. You deserve my best wishes every day. Happy father’s day.

5 When I was young you acted young, to understand me better and to deal with all level of naivety from me. You were not just a parent but a friend and confidant. You scolded me when there is need to and advised me whenever I need guidance. You are indeed the best father and I want to thank you for loving me. Happy fathers day.

6 Although you are far away from me right now Dad, you love, support, and guidance I will always take to heart. It is very much impossible for me to be where I am today without you. I am so lucky and proud to have an amazing man as my father and guide. Thank you for everything Dad. Happy Fathers day.

7 The older I grow, the more I realize how lucky I am to have a father like you. You have set my feet on the solid foundation of godliness and expected from you as a father and have treated our mom the way a godly father should do. You are truly an inspiration, Dad. Happy father’s day.

8 You are my hero, the one man that I look up to. You are my role model, the one man that I want to step into his shoes. You have displayed your amazing level of integrity and have stood firmly on your solid principles which I have learned from. You are wonderful father and I want to sincerely wish you a happy fathers day from the bottom of my heart.

9 You are empathetic, and filled with so much strength. You are a man that other men emulates. You are very strong willed and passionate about your family. I value the impact that you made not only in my life but also in the community and society as large. Happy fathers day to you Dad.

10 You have never for once turned your back on your family. You stood firm amid difficulties and supported in the most possible way, even more than what was expected. I appreciate you dad for being who you are and not changing for any reason at all. Your values are what I live for. Happy fathers day to the best father in the world.

11 Know this dad, that one day is simply not enough to honour you. Infact if I had the opportunity, I would continue to appreciate and value every single day because you deserve so much for bringing me up in the most forth right way and making me see life from different perspectives. I love you father. Happy fathers day!

12 You are the most amazing man in the world and for this I would continue to value and appreciate your love and kind heart. Happy fathers day to you father.

Happy Fathers day messages from daughter

13 You have given me a reason to believe in a word such as wonderful and amazing. In a society where daughters are closer to their mothers. I was closer to you and this is really one of the best feelings ever. I am grateful to God for having such an amazing man birth me. Happy fathers day to you Dad

14 I am always grateful to god for giving me a great gift like my father. With you in my life, growing up was fun. I want to sincerely thank you dad for all the beautiful childhood memories. They will never be complete without you in them. You made growing up special and different. Thank you, dad, and happy fathers day to you.

15 For all that its worth, you are one man that is so filled with wisdom and knowledge. Anytime I am at a cross road and I need to figure out certain things, I rush to you, and you still provide the help and guidance as always. You have never had any reason to turn me down and for this I am grateful. Thanks for being the world’s best dad. Happy fathers day to you dad.

16 My fathers day messages are supposed to come everyday, but what special moment will it have if I keep thanking you everyday without a special day to celebrate you as a god sent father. Daddy, the discipline you have pushed into me, I appreciate every day of my life. You have helped me gained more control of myself and this is the most amazing thing a father can give to his daughter. I appreciate you today. Happy fathers day.

17 You prayed for me, supported me advised me. Even when I was angry with you for being away for so long. You explained everything to me and you re-iterated the need for sustainability for one’s extended family. This is one vital lesson I have learned from you, which will stay with me everyday for the rest of my life. I thank you for all the life lessons dad. Happy fathers day.

18 I will never for any reason hide the fact that I love you so much. We fun time we shared together still reverberated in my head. You are a man that every man admires and I honestly wish that God provides an amazing husband like you dad. I love you so much, thanks for being everything to me. Happy fathers day to you.

19 I appreciate your leadership not only as the head of our family but also as a spiritual head. Your life is one that is worthy of emulation by every man out there. You always set an example that everyone will learn from. What I have learned from you still live with me till date till forever. Thank you for being such a remarkable dad. Happy fathers day!

20 You will always take that special place in my heart Dear father. I have always felt so blessed to have a extraordinary man as my father. You are an outstanding man in all ramifications and the love you have for your family is second to none. Thank you for everything Dad. Happy fathers day to you.

21 Thanks for being an amazing dad to us. Not only to us your children but to also our mom as well. You have always created and re-created a life of happiness for us, and this we remain grateful for. Thanks for being the world’s best dad. I love you forever.

22 Growing up, we never lacked. This was not because we were the richest and the most comfortable family around, but because you strived to make things better for the family. I remember those days when we lacked but we were not perturbed because we knew it was only going to be for a short while. Thanks for being supportive and never giving up on your children. I love you dad. My best wishes on your day.

23 Your held me when I needed help. You prayed for me when I was sick. You advised me when I was about to fall into the hands of dangerous men. I thank you for everything and will never forget all the good times. Happy Fathers day to you, my super hero!





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