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Have A Great Week Messages To Share

Have A Great Week Messages

Have A Great Week Messages: The new week is worth celebrating because it contains uncountable opportunities for every one of us. We need to give thanks to the Lord who spared our life to see the light of the weeks all through. Through this, we can appreciate those that are close to our heart. Those are always there for us when we need them the most.


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Here are some messages to wish your loved ones a great week

1. Every blessed day is a bonus to the grace that the Lord showers upon us endlessly. The eyes that sees light, see love and compassion. Have a great week.

2. May the week be calm upon you as the breeze of the late hour is upon the land that seeks the eyes of the Lord; have a great week!

3. Every single day will be bright as the sunshine if we believe. The one that smiles is the one that has found a reason to do so. Have the best of weeks ahead.

4. Last week may not favor you as you want but I am assuring you that everything you ever want this week will be possible if you believe.

5. Thos with faith will surely find peace in their heart; never let the pain of yesterday define your state of mind today. Have a great week.

6. Every single week will favor us only if we are well prepared for it. You must understand that to win is to be ready.

7. Have the best week ahead. You are special so always put a smile on your face. The treasure is beautiful and the sky is blue.

8. Every single day will bring lots of joy into your world so always be ready to grab them. Enjoy your new week.

9. This is a new week, be rest assured that every single moment of your life needs to be fashioned in the best approach. Have a great week.

10. Have the best week ahead. It is not easy to be part of a new race that will surely lead you away long to your dream.

Wishes for a great week

11. As we enter into a new week, I am wishing you the entire universe full of beauty and bounties. Have a splendid week.

12. Have a second with passion, a minute with compassion, an hour with lots of love and happiness and a week with an endless smile.

13. You are special and that’s why every new week is special for those champions who are always ready to make things happen.

14. My wish for you this week is to see you go far in life so that we can both meet in a place higher than an ordinary imagination.

15. Whenever the new week comes, always ensure that your face is filled with a smile. Never feel sad and do have a great week.

16. As special as you are, make sure that you fulfill my entire wishes for you. I wish you success, happiness and prosperity.

17. You are beautiful in case you don’t know and that’s why my wishes for you every day is to see you achieve great things that bring a smile to your face.

18. I am pleased to shower you with good wishes as you celebrate with me a new week, a new lifestyle and a new opportunity.

19. Every single week comes with lots of opportunities that will never stop to flow; I hope it flows down to your doorstep.

20. I am willing to send the best of wishes this special week so that you will find the best of moments out of it.

21. May the new week be another opportunity for you to achieve every single dream you desire in your heart. Have a great week.

22. Sometimes, we are innocent of what people think about us; however, we can still do the best as expected by the people.

23. Work may be tedious, stressful or annoying but a mind fixed on a good purpose will never regret waking up to see a new week.

24. Appreciating the Lord for sparing our life up till this moment, we pray that the new week will favor us beyond our imagination.

25. I am happy to send you this short note in order to inspire you ahead of the new week. I hope you will find the confidence to achieve great dreams of out it.

26. Your dreams are achievable, your happiness really matters and a mind that bothers a lot will not see great opportunities.

27. Put a smile on your face and never give up whenever things are too difficult for you to achieve. I just want to say have a great week.

28. Your happiness lies on how you see things when they come your way, if you think that the world is dark, it will be so always.

29. Great minds know how to manipulate the world to favor them. Even when weak minds complain about a problem, the super minds find a solution. Have a great week.

30. There is no other way to achieve higher goals in life than to be happy with oneself and then do the rightful as expected.

Motivations for a great week

31. You may be down today, but who knows tomorrow? You may be sad today, however, an ocean of smiles can still be yours soon.

32. Having found the purpose of our coming to life, we feel relax and happy with our soul. You are a giant and can achieve almost anything you wish.

33. Great men never relent until they make history out of every week that meets them in life. Have a great week.

34. As this day come to an end, never give up until you have finally achieve your goals. If you can’t do so, you can always do so in the future.

35. Have an awesome week. Higher achievers never feel ashamed that they failed because failure to them is another opportunity to forge ahead.

36. Just like a flower, everything we have ever dreamed of may shrink and die away but still, if we refused to give up, our fortune will revived as a well watered lily.

37. Every single day we struggle for survival, sometimes we benefit from what we sown, sometimes we lose woefully—this should make us stronger.

38. Been worried is not a statement at all, it should be grabbed, squeezed and thrown into the bin—think ahead of a great week rather been depressed.

39. Have one of the most beautiful weeks ahead as you wake up to see the light of the day. You are stronger than you always think.

40. Good people never give up upon what they believe in. They keep on moving no matter what happen along their way to success.

Inspiration for a great week

41. Every single moment we share with our loved ones really matters to the well being of the family and the society at large. Have a great week.

42. I have not seen a mind that is always in a good mood than the one that is free with everyone and then firm when necessary. Have the freshness of this week.

43. The week is a lovely treasure capable of bring peace to our minds through the leave of the one mighty in power. Have a great week.

44. A dream begot vision. A vision begot passion. A passion begot purpose and a purpose begot pursuit while pursuit begot achievement. Have a great week.

45. Ensure that you achieve the best in this week. Higher achievers are always welcome in every garden.

46. The game of minds relies upon one purpose to achieve greatness in this world—purpose and focus. Never let a week pass by without making a good name out of it.

47. We work in advance so that our future problems will have been given a solution from now. Procrastination will always be a barrier.

48. We are the way we are today because we allow our past to rule over us. When a great man falls, he stands up, dust his shirt and move ahead.

49. Great weeks are not easy to achieve until we are really determined to make this happen. I hope you find your day as nice as you can?

50. With love, we can bring a mountain to our doorsteps. We can always be ahead of things we never think we can beat.

Prayers for a great week

51. As we find ourselves in a new week, I pray that the mercy that has no equal be showered upon you. Have a great week ahead.

52. Moving forward in life may require lots of effort but I pray that the Lord make your achievement easy to reach for you. Have a great week.

53. I am praying right now for an endless bliss for you in the week we just catch. I ask the Lord to bless you with lots of success.

54. May your doorway to success be open from this moment until the end of time; I just want to wish you a great week ahead.

55. I pray that the success that you desire in your heart come to pass. I ask the Lord to protect you against all evil and bless you with an awesome week.

56. As the sun shines around the world, may your name be head for good all over the world from this week and till eternity.

57. I am happy to say a big happy new week for a good friend; I beseech the passion of God upon you and your family.

58. Have an amazing week ahead, put a smile on your face and never for any reason be sad. May you find no reason to fail!

59. The goodwill of God shall descend upon you. I am wishing you the best of weeks ahead. You are special, may the Lord bring special breakthroughs to your doorstep.

60. Every single day matters a lot, so I pray for good fortunes for you. I beseech the Lord to open your eyes to new opportunities as we celebrate the new week.

Have a great week quotes

61. Every single day has a special achievement anyone can possibly accomplish, find it out and be rest assured that it is always possible.

62. A week full of love, a moment of divine encounter and hours of endless passion and compassion shall be yours forever.

63. Good friends always find a way to reach out to each other no matter how busy they may be. I just want to say have an awesome week.

64. A heart that is focus will surely shine in light every day. I hope that you will be focused and achieve your dreams.

65. Every single soul has what he desires in his heart; I pray that whatever your entire desires could be should be achievable soon.

66. May the new week be filled with lots of love and success; your face will never lack a smile and your mind will not suffer any pain.

67. A sound health is part of success; I am wishing you the most beautiful things in this world. Happy new week.

68. My love for you has no limit because you are special, trustworthy and enthusiastic. I am pleased to say have a great week ahead.

69. Those we love are always on our mind in every second of our life. We wish to say a big happy new week.

70. You are the most beautiful woman in the world, and as such, I am willing to extend my gratitude towards you this week.

71. Having found a special friend like you in this world, I am completely pleased and fascinated to send an amazing week day’s message to you.

72. You are the best guy I have ever come across in my life because you really stood by my side when I need you most. I can run round the world to wish you a great week.

73. In fact, you are a great person, and every great mind needed to be celebrated beyond imagination. Have a great week.

74. Many events have occurred, many ideas have come and gone and many great minds have died but there is always hope to be the best we aspire to be.

75. On this special weekdays, I am sending you a warm hug, lots of kisses and irreversible passion to cover your body all through the days.

76. My love for you is like a garment of passion that will not end any moment from now. I just want to say, have a superb week.

77. Every little thing we might ever have thought about is real in another world we can’t tell. However, whatever the heart can see it can achieve.

78. We met as strangers and now as brothers, I hope we will always be happy with each other for the rest of our life.

79. I think I have to appreciate you for whom you are not for what I think you are. I am sending you the best of wishes this week.

80. I may not be that perfect friend for you but will always appreciate everything you have ever accomplished for through your endless support. Have a remarkable week.



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