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Thursday Prayers that are Just for You

thursday prayers

Whether you are looking at Thursday prayers in the form of thursday morning prayer blessing, prayer for thursday morning, thursday prayer quotes, thursday hindu prayer, thursday prayer images, prayer for holy thursday morning, thursday prayer islam, thursday morning prayer quotes. All that is important is that you want to do your regular Thursday prayers and in here is where you will find them.

Happy Thursday to you and your family.

A Prayer on Thursday

1. Dear Lord, Thursday is here again. Help me to think of family and friends today. Give me the grace to help as much people as I can help. Let me be a blessing to myself and to others, and give me the strength to carry on with what’s left at the end of the week. Your grace is all I ask for, grant me the grace. Thank you Lord for answered prayers. I love you Lord. Amen.

2. Lord give me the strength to be of more service unto others and the ability to be more of you and to work in your path. Give me the grace to live above today and many more years on earth. Amen.

Thursday Prayer from me to God

3. On this Thursday oh Lord, I pray that you lead me, go before me king of glory and prepare me for the blessings that are coming my way. I appreciate and thank you lord because I know you are going with me. I know you will protect and watch over me, so I commit all my worries and cast all my fears to you. I put all the tension and stress that comes with the week unto your hands. I know that you have taken charge already, please take charge dear Lord and bless me more than I can ever imagine. Bring the freedom, hope, love and joy that you have always promised and let me the son that you have always loved and will continue to love. Thank you for everything, as you take charge of my Thursday and the remaining days in this amazing week. Amen.

4. My Thursday is going to be filled with lots of hope, that will make all my darkness open up to light. A day that is filled with fears will turn to a day that is filled with strength. This Thursday will be the beginning of greater things happening in my life. So are the promises of the Lord, and so will it be today and forever. Amen!

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