How I Became A Notorious Yahoo Boy – Shocking Story Of An Ex Yahoo Boy

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An ex- yahoo boy saw the yahoo content on the blog and decided to share his personal story of how he became a notorious yahoo boy. This will lead us into the Yahoo-Yahoo world with a view at understanding how explicit things work with the G-boys.  Read this shocking story below:

I never thought I would be doing this anytime soon but after reading your Yahoo story, I think it is necessary to share my exploits while living in the world in order to serve as an eye opener for the unsuspecting public who are being swindled as you read through this page and as a deterrent to the young bloods scattered all over the world engaged in this very act I am about to delve into.

Internet scam popularly referred to as Yahoo Yahoo down here in Nigeria is nothing more than obtaining under false pretense and you know what they said about early retirements and benefits, nah, that doesn’t apply to me. I came in with a bucket load of cash and left the trade empty handed, the reason why is the motivating factor behind pushing this content to the world.

As a kid, growing up for me wasn’t tough as my parents are well to do and it was in the early 2000s when technology was just finding its way into Nigeria, I had always been a “get inside” kid because my parents with their status don’t want me and my siblings to mingle with the wrong crowd, all they want for us is to go to school, exercise, sleep well, watch TV and eat as much as we can to get chubby.

I was a promising kid, I still am but back then, I was a more promising kid, all the teachers love me because I was brilliant, always on top of my class and representing the school in one quiz or the other. All of that went into the wind when I was in my third term in primary four, bubbling with ideas and ready to go experience what it feels like to be a secondary school student with a different uniform an even bigger bag and more challenging topics to undertake as a new bred, my teachers convinced my parents to allow me take the common entrance examination and I smashed the exam.

Yeah, I got in!

My teacher was all mushy with me, we were both overjoyed even though I knew nothing about what being joyous meant at that little stage, still I felt better within myself for doing my teacher proud, never even taught about my parents for a minute.

Let me give you a peep into my family structure, my dad is a traditional man, polygamous in nature and with many children, still, he was doing well financially because his kind of business has no season, every year is boom time, being the sole provider automatically makes him the person with the final say in every family matter, as my mom brings so little to the table, the head of the family remains unchallenged in the way his authority was being asserted.

Back to the story about my common entrance, I got home that summer and it was a long and heated debate about why I should go start my secondary school education at such a tender age and why I should not, in the end the people supporting the motion about me starting that early were made to see reasons why I shouldn’t with the main point being me being affected educationally in the long run as what they teach in secondary schools might evolve to be bigger than my understanding.

That was it, I was made to stay an extra year in primary school and I lost faith in both my parents and the education system. I became less interested in what was being taught in class and my grades dropped rapidly, when I was finally of age and considered matured enough to transition into secondary school, I was already a shadow of my former self, I became a truant and raided classroom with a little crew of mine I gathered by then, we stole money, pens, phone etc.

I started taking money from home too and because the money at home doesn’t even have a record, my parents barely noticed and it continued for a long time, where my journey into the dreaded Yahoo Yahoo world began was when all these sim-less phones came around; MultiLinks, Starcomms and the likes, the more these phones were produced, the more I persuaded my parents to get me one so I can feel among.

When I got a Nokia 2700 from my dad was when the real journey into the internet world began.

For geeks like me who still remembered that era, it was one to relinquish, I met the elder brother of a friend who taught me how to operate “handler applications”, tweak them to browse for free on all networks, how to create access points, edit java applications and customize them to my liking with class editor, I was a mini god in my area and school back then because those skill sets were new and I became friends with everyone as I helped solve one phone problem or the other.

Throughout my secondary school years, I was notorious for changing phones and intervals and never running out of cash, you already know I got the endless cash by pilfering from my parents and colleagues. I graduated with an impressive scorecard to the amazement of my teachers and everyone who cared to ask about my WAEC and NECO results, the comments back then was “they always knew I had it in me”, had what?

Excuse me, I was bold, my never failing guts got me here, while others were reading away their lives, I was in one game house or the other watching adult rated contents and playing either rumble racing, pro evolution soccer or god of war, I passed by taking my phone into the exam hall, outsmarting my teachers and getting to check the answer to every question on my phone.

Back then,  was never ashamed of it and all the students knew me for that but, none will ever speak of it as without the phone and the checking of answers on my phone, I would still perform better than them.

Not to bore you with the story of how my childhood went, let’s delve right into the many tactics yahoo boys have in their book;



Yeah, I typed it right, phishing.

This act for me dates back to late 2010 when I never even knew when I was getting into and that what I was doing had a term for it. Back then, in the days of 2go dating platform when everybody was crazy about getting the largest collection of 2go credits so we can chat away in 2go rooms and get to meet new people without the worry of being kicked out for not having enough 2go credits to chat, yeah, that time we could kill to get the highest rank, “master”, yeah, that was when phishing all started for me.

Then, having a top level domain to perpetrate this act will cost a fortune and where could a secondary school student like me get that kind of money from? Even if I have it, I’ll prefer to spend it on food and some other thing, never on an internet asset I won’t get to touch or feel who’s got time for that, innit? But there was an even better alternative that will cost you no money, the wapka forum, for those who are in the know, there was a tutorial through which if followed carefully, you can clone the original download page of 2go, after the page is ready, you’ll have access to a backdoor to check everything that’s going on with the platform, it was more like having a register, when people come, ink their details on it, you can go back after they have left to check their details and lift off the ones that interest you.

That was the modus operandi then, when I knew nothing about how grievous the offense I was committing was. To make this work, a really enticing message was to be composed, one where the readers will be made to believe they can have thousands of 2go credits if only they would login to their account from a browser, you then end the message with a link to your phishing page, who doesn’t want some extra 2go credits with no charge at all, it was a hotcake back then, users will follow the link, provide their details, the person behind the phishing page will access the submitted details, login with it, get himself on the friend list of the newly hijacked account and transfer all the available 2go credits therein, he can decide to go further by changing the login details of the account and this only happened for a reason back then, if the account has climbed through the 2go ranks to a respectable rank, letting go of such an account was never an easy decision to make but the smart ones understood the logic, get the loot and get the hell out without no clues leading back to you.

Unfortunately, this scam is still in operation till this day.

It is now being carried out with big companies like Facebook, eBay and PayPal. For eBay and PayPal, the reason for hijacking these accounts is crystal clear, you have access to assets that are not even yours to begin with and you have a short moment of great adrenaline rush to decide whatever it is you want to do with the account.

I will give detailed explanation later in this article!


No, this is not about catfish pepper soup!

This is the heart of Yahoo Yahoo and most internet fraud and if I will earnestly write about this without holding back, it will take pages upon pages to fully express the concept of this act in a detailed manner.

Catfishing as it is, is all about finesse in the act of pretense, not just any pretense, this is the grandfather of all pretense, you need to forget about who you are and pretend to be somebody else and this act is one you have to keep up for as long as you are getting paid via it.

As a yahoo boy, I do spend hours scrolling away on Instagram, not just for the fun aspect of it, the memes and the comedy skits, no, that won’t enrich my pocket, I was always scrolling away and burning a lot of data just maybe I will be lucky to come across an attractive profile regardless of the gender just be attractive, have a lot of pictures and not stay in the United States, then you are game.

Once you get a profile that suits your preference, the next thing for people like me who are neck deep into fraudulent acts is to head to all major social media websites, create a make believe account and stuff it strategically with the pictures gotten off Instagram and from there, you start chatting up with people who seem interested in your profile but, that is the long process. The shortest and quickest route to go about this is to head over to dating platforms like POF, Match, Cupid etc and create a profile, being an instant messaging platform, you start getting the needed attention hours after you have created a flawless profile, what you do with the attention is up to you.

This section will lead us right into the one below it – carding.


As a yahoo boy, I catfish both American men and women with low self esteem for so many reasons and the ultimate of them all is to get them to trust me enough to send me cash and aid my career as a carder. What carding basically entails for me as a fraudulent individual is buying and selling.

For carding, I don’t get to do the hard part, someone else does, we call them spammers, what they do is advanced phishing and if you have been following keenly, you would have sensed that all these things are intertwined.

Carding is basically heading over to an e-commerce website to buy expensive stuffs with another person’s credit card details with the aim of using the purchased items or selling them off for money. This is why Yahoo Yahoo boys mostly catfish, there is no carding without earning the trust of an unsuspecting American who thinks you are out of town for business and when you come back, you hit it off right from where you stopped on the internet.

They never get to see their beloved online darling as we keep up coming with one flimsy excuse or the other as to why we wouldn’t be able to make it into the states and some times, the procrastination period might take years for the maga to realize he’s being played and even at that, you can calm him down and make him trust you again if you know the right type of words to use.

What we need from these guys in order to successfully card our items is to ask for their correct house address with the guise that a distant uncle is sending over some goods and being that you are not around to receive them, he should on your behalf and you will pick the gifts up when you set food in America.

Again, its another blatant lie, once the supposed loverboy confirms receipt of the goods, story arises again as to why you don’t want to keep the goods and its your innermost desire to help the less privilege with it and as such, you are donating it to kids in Africa through a foundation that’s already helping in the fight against hunger and starvation in Africa.

An average American believes Africans survive on just one square meal a day, LOL! Despite the many available resources to check up on the situation of things, most of them will just swallow up the lie because they are in “love”, yeah, in love with all those faceless nudes you pull of the internet and send to them, the free pizzas, the drinks and the occasional flowers they get that makes them feel special and loved.

That’s the bait and they always sink their mouth right into it. Carding requires investment, as you buy bitcoin, head to websites that sell debit and credit card details pulled off of unsuspecting victims, pay in bitcoin and you get any credit card details of your choice without the fear of being trailed to your bedroom by the FBI, after the purchase of the credit card details, to test if its working the way it should, you head up to any email provider like gmail and yahoo, create an account with the card details you just bought, head to any online mall of your choice, Walmart and office depot.

Signup for an account with the credit card details in your possession, find whatever it is you want to buy, checkout, enter the credit card details and buy, if the payment processing is successful, you are in luck, if its not, its either one of two things, you just bought yourself an invalid card or the card is low on funds, whatever reason it is, you just wasted your money buying the card and you have to start the process all over again.

However, if the payment processing goes through, the cat-fished individuals house address will be in the checkout page and the item will be delivered to him/her. As a Nigerian, with the strict rules and fellow corrupt individuals in the various consignment sector, we avoid there like a plague.

To get my goods, I personally walk into DHL, request for my goods to be picked from my sister that’s in the states, I pay the charge and within a couple days, the items are already in Nigeria. That was how I lived an extravagant life through other peoples sweat, it could have been better if they are only losing their cash, some get into more deeper troubles, they get jailed and asked to pay back every kobo that was siphoned through their account by the perpetrator that’s in the wind.

From here, the next right thing to do is to talk about carting.



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