Yahoo Boys In Nigeria – Format, Site, Rituals, Dangers

Yahoo Boys In Nigeria

Yahoo Boys In Nigeria – The question, “Who is a yahoo boy?” is a very good question. A yahoo boy is any young man living in Nigeria who dupes and illegally extorts money out of people whether men or women. In here you will find all the yahoo boys format, learning how to be a yahoo boy which i totally wrong, yahoo guys site, yahoo plus rituals, knowing the richest yahoo boy in Lagos, richest yahoo boy in Unilag, yahoo boy meaning, dangers associated with being a yahoo boy and how not to fall prey to yahoo boys in Nigeria.

In Nigeria, Yahoo boys are known to be those young men who are usually with a laptop that use the power of the internet to connect to innocent people both home and abroad and look for ways to dupe them of their money. The yahoo boys have turned this illegal work to a profession and even call their victims, these innocent victims, their “clients”.

Just a quick Google search will enlighten whoever is interested in being one on how to be or start the Yahoo Boy in Nigeria profession. The Nigerian law enforcement agencies are usually after these guys every time. Some innocent guys have been harassed and accused of being Yahoo boys in Nigeria just because they were seen walking with a laptop in a public place. But sadly, due to the sad economic situation of the country, many young boys and men see no other option than to go into the Yahoo boy business, which is sad in its own self. It seems the bad economy in the country is a main causative agent.

The Menace of Yahoo Boys In Nigeria

Yahoo boys have caused lots of problems in the society both in Nigeria and abroad. They have caused lots of havoc that might be very hard to repair. Some of the problems they have caused include:

Damage to National Image

Because of the frequency of fraudulence and duping that originates from Nigeria, other foreigners now see Nigeria and Nigerians in a negative light. The foreigners will tend to believe that all Nigerians swindle and dupe people because the few Nigerians and maybe the only Nigerian they have ever met happens to be a Yahoo boy that duped them greatly. These foreigners will tell their friends of their ordeal and then more people will start to believe that Nigerians are fraudsters.

Poor treatment of Nigerians in foreign countries.

Because there is already national image of the country, this will lead these foreigners to treat any Nigerian they meet, whether good or bad, in a poor way. This is totally normal and natural.

In some countries, Nigerians have complained of the ill treatment they received at the airport of these countries. They have been searched and screened more vigorously than any other country’s citizens. Making one think that Nigerians are undesirable but it is all due to the activities of these Yahoo boys. They have caused the problem that other innocent and moral Nigerians be treated poorly in other countries due to bad representation. Some online stores abroad don’t even allow Nigerians to shop from their sites.

Teaching the younger generation to obtain money illegally.

These boys don’t teach the younger ones coming after them the right things. If they happen to have younger ones who look up to them, they might also follow the foot steps of these Yahoo boys. They might want to be as rich as their elder ones and would happily go into the business they are doing without considering its consequences. If not curbed, this keeps spreading round the generations like that..

Irrational spending and flaunting.

These Yahoo boys are widely known for spending money without remorse. And this is only normal since they did not work for the money but extorted it out of people. Yahoo boys are usually depicted as going to night clubs and bars at night to spend money lavishly on drinks and girls and also they have a tendency to flaunt their riches. They ride in expensive cars, wear designer clothes and watches and flaunt them all both online and in real life. But they also quickly spend all the money they earn hence having nothing left. They unreasonably encourage irrational spending.

Putting other people in distress.

When these Yahoo boys dupe people, they cause these people the menace of pain, worry and distress. They tactfully extort these people’s hard earned money from them which is very cruel.

How do Yahoo boys dupe people?

Yahoo boys dupe any class of people that they feel will have a lot of cash. They dupe people, foreigners, both young and old and also dupe organizations as well. They could use false documents to collect large sums of money from an organization to the organization’s dismay. Most times, Yahoo boys use the weapon of technology and the internet to attack their victims. The most common way they dupe foreigners and anybody else is this;

  • They get a laptop or a quality smart phone that can do everything a P.C can do. Then they open fake accounts on Facebook, Whatsapp and other social media platforms that they wish to use to perpetuate their evil acts.
  • They use a random white person’s picture as their display picture. The sex of the person in the picture will depend on whether they want to disguise as a man or woman.
  • If the victim is a male, they might present themselves as a white female or a black female living in South Africa or any other country apart from Nigeria. This is so that they can use the power of sexual urge to get the man to release his money. They might send him naked pictures or photos and videos (some women agree to do this) and the man would believe that he could get the girl which is just a trick they are playing on him.
  • As the relationship between the disguised yahoo boy and the victim progresses, the yahoo boy will start to ask for money in stylish ways. He might say he feels sick and she needs money for treatment. The white man might send the money just to assist her since she is ailing. Then the Yahoo boy who is disguising cashes out the money and drops the victim or may even decide to keep playing him if he can still be tricked. These Yahoo boys have no respect and dignity for the hard work these people have put into earning their money. All they want to do is to extort money whichever way it is possible.
  • Some Yahoo boys also use other diabolical means to carry out their actions. Some ask for powers from traditional priests that will make it easy to dupe their victims.
  • The Yahoo boys also forge documents and use it as a way to pump money out of an organization.
  • They also dupe people of their money by advertising the sale of properties, land or anything online and tell the victim to pay before sending the items they have bought. This way, the victims never gets the items they paid for and the Yahoo boy (or boys) run away with the money.
  • But it can be seen that the main ingredient that these Yahoo boys use to perpetuate their gruesome acts is the Internet. Basically, Yahoo boys are using the Internet to destroy and harm. The Yahoo boys have the term “yahoo” in their name because they use the Yahoo social network most times when duping their victims but the main target of the Yahoo boys are foreigners and big institutions like banks. This is because they get paid in hard currency by the foreigners which when converted to Naira will make a huge chunk of money. These Yahoo boys look for foreigners online who might fall into their trap and start trying to dupe them. The sad part about the Yahoo boys’ crime is that once a yahoo boy hits it big in duping, other innocent youth will also want to join so as to have a taste.

Why the sudden increase in Yahoo boys?

There are several reasons why Yahoo boys have become so rampant. All of these reasons are all valid. They include:

1. Laziness

Nowadays, a lot of young chaps out there are looking for easy money. They don’t want to work hard for their money. Being a Yahoo boy helps them to make money easily off others and this is what draws them in. The ease of the process, the fact that they don’t have to work hard to earn a lot of money. Just a little of the Internet use and their brain is just good and sufficient to make significant sums of money off others. So one of the reasons for the increase in the crime is laziness.

2. Bad Leadership

In Nigeria, it is well known both home and abroad, that Nigeria as a country has suffered a lot from bad leadership. When the leaders refuse to do the right thing that they are voted in to do, as a result, crime rates go high. They sky rocket! When the government doesn’t do the needful ,there will be lack of jobs in the society. This lack of jobs is what pushes the youth into “Yahooing”.

Since there is no job, then duping others should at least be a means of making a living. If the leaders put down the right policy that will call in investors, then the investors will set up companies in the country that will then provide jobs for the masses and then from there, youth unemployment rate will reduce and crime rate will also reduce. So the main reason why Yahoo boys indulge in it is due to lack of responsibility on the part of the leaders.

3. Greed

Greed is wanting something at the expense of another person. Most of these Yahoo boys are greedy and so they want lots of money any how it is possible and that is why they go into the Yahooing business so as to satisfy their hunger and thirst for money.

4. Poor moral values.

Due to the fact that Nigeria has been experiencing moral decadence for some time now, it is only normal that the youths will also be affected. Lack of moral values is one of the leading reasons why these boys go into the business.

Why Yahoo boys in Nigeria won’t stop anytime soon

These yahoo boys in Nigria might not stop their antics soon as everybody is expecting. Some of these reasons include:

1. Poor Crime Control

Because the country’s police departments are not very well funded, then the police can’t do their job effectively. And what this leads to is poor crime control and so because the police force can’t effectively bring to book, perpetrators of criminal acts, the Yahoo boys and other criminals go scot free and this encourages them to continue.

2. Bad leadership

When the leaders are not being good role models to the younger ones, they are encouraged to engage in criminal acts. After all, the rulers and top government officials also engage in criminal acts like embezzlement of allocated funds. So these Yahoo boys are basically looking up to their leaders and since the leaders don’t feel any remorse about duping the general masses, the Yahoo boys also dupe other people mercilessly.

3. It is becoming a trend.

Most young guys and men in Nigeria know about the ins and outs of the Yahoo boy business. It is fast becoming a trend for almost all young men in Nigeria to be a Yahoo boy. Coupled with the fact that society doesn’t negatively criticize them or sanction them on it. A lot of young guys are seeing that other guys have gone into it and are making a lot of money out of it. So why shouldn’t they join too? Lots of guys are going into it now and this is a dangerous trend that would continually impact the country negatively.

4. Large chunks of money are usually made.

The Yahoo boy trend might not stop anytime soon since they make large amounts of money from these victims even when the Yahoo boy wants to leave it. When he compares the average salary he could earn from a job in Nigeria to his earnings from the scam, he decides not to quit the fraudulent business.

What is Yahoo Plus in Nigeria?

Yahoo plus is like advanced Yahoo scam.

It is the version of the Yahoo scam that has voodoo or help from the spiritual realm in it. This is why it is called a yahoo “plus”. The plus in it means something extra, something additional to the original thing. Yahoo plus is like advanced Yahoo – Yahoo.

Some Yahoo plus guys use voodoo on their unsuspecting victim and then use their star or destiny for rituals. In this case, they don’t even collect any money. Some of them also use voodoo to hypnotize their victims. They claim to do this because the ordinary Yahoo doesn’t work and pay well again so they now employ the use of voodoo to trap their victims by force.

The original Yahoo method is not working again because there has been a lot of awareness lately about the existence of Yahoo boys and their frauds, so people have become cautious and rarely fall for such scams. So these Yahoo boys have gone looking for more effective methods and they have decided that they will employ voodoo.

Those that don’t use voodoo, ask for prayer support from their religious leaders to be able to successfully scam their victims. The most common powers they prefer to use is the herbalist’s power. These herbalists prepare different types of concoctions for them to use whether by eating or wearing, some Yahoo boys have confessed that some herbalists they consulted used human body parts in making some of these concoctions.

It is very easy to know the people who engage in these fraudulent Yahoo plus activities. Their lifestyles most times tend to speak it. They spend the money they extort from people exorbitantly and without caution, flaunting their wealth, they spend almost all of their money at night clubs, bars and on girls. And also most times, the source of their riches cannot be traced to any source. Anybody can engage in Yahoo plus irrespective of gender so it would be very smart of you to be wary of them and be more cautious.

Yahoo plus is very real!

How to know whether you have been used for money rituals.

Yahoo plus involves rituals since it involves voodoo. Most of the time, the herbalists that want to help these fraudsters to make money, tell them to bring human parts. It could range from urine to vagin*l discharge after s*x to even human body parts and blood!

How do you know if you’ve fallen victim of these Yahoo plus rituals before. Yes, I know nobody prays for such things but it is possible. Below are some of the signs that indicates so;

1. You gave out a large sum of money out online that when in your right state of mind would never have done so.

2. If someone you haven’t met before and are chatting with suddenly asks you for a huge sum of money and you gave it to them, then you have been a victim of Yahoo plus, my friend.

It is highly probable that they used voodoo charms and incantations on you to get you to pay the money and also cloud your thinking. Because if you are in your right state of mind, you would not give it out, would you? So, how come someone online had the power to convince you to pay some large amount of money under some flimsy excuse of his? If you have ever done this, then you have been a victim of Yahoo plus. How to prevent this is to never give out large sums of money to any online stranger again.

3. A guy has asked for your blood, vaginal discharge or pictures to do “something”.

This is because, for most of their money making rituals and spells, the herbalist that want to do their charms ask for “something” from a human being. If a guy has ever asked for your blood or your discharge from your vagina after sex, then the guy has probably taken from you to do money rituals. They would even use your picture for such rituals so you have to be very careful while giving your personal things out.

Dating a Yahoo boy – The dangers of it.

If you are a lady dating a Yahoo boy, you are advised to tell the Yahoo boy to turnover a new leaf and get a legal and decent job. If he is unwilling to drop the fraudulent business, it is advised that you leave such a relationship. This type of relationship is toxic to you and even your unborn children. So you are advised to stay clear of having any relationship with Yahoo boys. The dangers you will be exposing yourself to when dating a Yahoo boy includes;

1. There is a chance you will be implicated.

If the Yahoo boy ever gets caught, you might be implicated in the whole drama because the law enforcement will ask for information about his relationships and spouse or girlfriend. Because they will expect that you know about his fraudulent business. They might not detain you but they will definitely invite you to their custody for questioning and you don’t know for sure what could happen in that process. What if they detain you? What if your boyfriend used your personal information or even your photos in one of his deals. Just like that, you will get implicated and the criminal sentencing for people caught doing 419 which also covers yahoo-yahoo is “years” in prison and you surely and definitely don’t want that, I am sure.

2. Your kids might pick up his bad behavior.

There is a high probability that your children will pick up on his bad habits and morales in the future. Why? Because children tend to follow their parents’ steps. After all, you are their earthly guardian that God chose to teach and guide them. The effect of your kids copying his bad behavior is that they might end up engaging in these fraudulent activities and may be even worse. Try to make sure that your kids have a good father image/ role model.

3. He might start practicing his yahoo-yahoo skills on you.

Yes, you may want to ask that what yahoo-yahoo skills are we talking about here? Well the skills include lying, deceiving, being cunny and duping people. Since you are dating a yahoo-yahoo guy, you should not be surprised if he starts acting deceptive later on in the relationship. After all, that is what he does for a living right?

4. By dating a yahoo boy, you are encouraging moral decadence in the society.

By dating or being in a relationship with a fraudster, it means you approve of the person’s morales. Being in a relationship with a person means that you are happy being with the person and you approve of their ways and behaviors. Which means that if you are dating a Yahoo boy, you approve of their lying and deceptive behaviors. You also risk absorbing some of their bad behaviors as your own since you will be spending a lot of time with them hence imitating them.

Confession of some Nabbed yahoo boys found online.

The confession on Pulse.ng

Sometimes late last year, some suspected Yahoo plus fraudsters were nabbed by the police in Lagos. These suspects were arrested for the allegation of indulging in fraudulent activities like Yahoo plus. They confessed that they used different types of voodoo on their victims. They do incisions on their hands before chatting with their victims and another method is to place their legs on a tortoise while duping or trying to dupe their clients or victims. And they also take their victim’s name to a native doctor or cleric to help in performing rituals so that the person falls for their trap. They also said that they take their phones and computers to the native doctor’s shrine.

One of the suspects named Lanre who was twenty five years old, said his mum took he and his brother to her personal native doctor and that they wouldn’t have made that much money if not for his mother’s assistance.

One man of about 28 years old called Sir Cash, said that there are different types of Yahoo plus called “Oshole” and “Irapada”.

He said Oshole compels the victim to pay money to them quite often out of their own will. He also said that they use the glory of innocent people like ladies, by rubbing some kind of oil from a native doctor on their vagina before sleeping with them. This is so that they can take their glory and that such girls would never be able to achieve anything in life since their glory has been taken. This is according to the man named Sir cash that was caught.

Whether the above confessions are totally true or not, one cannot say but a sure conclusion is that people should be very vigilant. Ladies especially should be very wary of the guys they sleep with since they also use this method to take and perform rituals. Avoid sleeping with men you don’t trust or know casually.

Another Confession similar to the above is by a nabbed Yahoo boy a 37 year old fraudster who duped a white woman of a whooping $267,000.

The woman from New Zealand was duped by the fraudster through false pretense. He met her on a dating site and according to him, the woman fell in love with him.

He claimed to be one Christopher Williams from the U.K who was in possession of a gemstone worth $18,050,000. He managed to dupe the woman of her hard earned money by lying to her that he was coming to New Zealand to settle down and marry her.

Many people have fallen for these fraudsters’ schemes both home and abroad. But the best way to tackle this problem is to arm yourself with knowledge on how they carry out their activities so that you don’t fall.

Guidelines on how to avoid falling into the Yahoo boy’s trap

You have read all the stories, the confessions, the methods they use to perpetuate their evil acts. Very good!

Now it is time to grab relevant knowledge and know the precautions to take to avoid falling into the hands of these criminals. You really do not want to lose your hard earned money, your sweat into the hands of some lazy chaps who aren’t ready to work but to dupe. What precautions should you take to avoid falling for their game? Check them out!

1. Never send your money out to a person who you met while “chatting online”.

Say for example, you met a lady online and after about two weeks of getting to know each other through chats, the lady suddenly tells you she is sick and needs money to get her drugs.

Don’t ever send such money if you know you are not ready to lose it. If it is convenient for you and it wouldn’t hurt your bank account, you can send it. But in a situation like this, it is most likely that the person you are chatting with is a yahoo boy or girl. You should be 90% more sure if the person says she does not stay in your country.

They are most likely a yahoo boy or girl trying to dupe you of your money by using the excuse of a sickness to pump or extort money out of you. So to avoid this type of problem, never send out money to a person you haven’t met face to face before because you dont know who they are. There is a high probability of scammers. To be on the safer side, only have financial transaction with people that you’ve met before or at least know and trust. Play safe.

2. Don’t have casual sex with people you don’t trust or know well.

Since these guys get some of their ritual materials from ladies, you will do very well to only engage in vaginal intercourse with a man that you trust and have known well enough. Also a person’s  picture or blood or any other personal belongings could be used for rituals. So only share your personal stuffs with someone you totally trust and don’t be too desperate to have sex because it can lead you to the wrong person just to satisfy your hunger or desire. Always play safe and smart.

To conclude it all, it is obvious that these guys are out there. Looking for who to sink their fraudulent claws in. Looking for who to prey upon. Be smart, arm yourself with knowledge and be careful on the Internet.






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