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How Important is S*x in Marriage

How important is s*x in marriage

How important is s*x in marriage?

 Is s*x important in marriage? Which is more important? Companionship or s*x?

These are some of the questions people about to get married, or newly wedded couples often ask and it’s a question many have given different answers to. Some are correct, while a couple of others, not exactly, but really who is to say which is the right answer after all there is no authority to decide. This is why I decided to break down my response into different categories because I believe the importance of s*x in marriage depends on what kind of individuals the couples are.

The following are the categories:

The virgin : How important is s*x to a couple if one or both of them is a virgin?

A virgin in this time and age is rarely a newbie when it comes to s*x, even though such a person might not have been involved in s*x yet, they might have heard it from friends, seen it movies, and pretty much everywhere in the society. This means they’ve already built something in their mind, an idea of what they want it to be like, they probably have been looking forward to experiencing what all the fuss is about and after holding on for several years to do it.

Well, don’t blame them if they wanna experience it in all its joy.

Verdict: Very important.

The expert: How important is s*x in marriage if one of the couples is an expert?

Before I answer that let me explain what I mean by expert.

These are the kind of people that started having s*x probably very early and has continually and constantly been doing it all their adult life. I’m talking about the kind of lady that can’t stay without a boyfriend and as they had a boyfriend in school they also have one at home in case of holidays because they can’t just do without s*x.

These are the ladies whose pants and bra are usually found very early in the morning on the parade ground in an NYSC camp (if you’ve been to CAMP you’ll get the

The kind of guy that keeps a fleet of girlfriends just to have someone to call over at any time for s*x. If you’re married to someone like this I don’t think you need a crystal ball to know how important s*x is going to be in your marriage.

Verdict: Extremely important

The Experienced: This group of people are similar to the experts mentioned above, they were probably introduced to s*x early and have experienced pretty much everything. Some of the ladies might have even dabbled into “runs” at one time or the other and now see nothing new in s*x, they’ve enjoyed and seen it all so it doesn’t really move them anymore.

So, if you’re married to someone like this know that s*x might always be on their own terms and not whenever you want it.

Verdict: Not important

The inexperienced: These are the group of people that has only experienced s*x just a couple of times before marriage, which means they’ve tasted the goods and they know what it feels like and therefore have expectations about how it should be when they’re married. These expectations are based on what they’ve experienced, but this might change when they eventually have a taste of it inside wedlock. These group are basically a wild card.

Verdict: Important

The career driven:  These group of people are the type of people that are driven by an objective, goal or aim they wish to accomplish, their mind is only set on one thing until that task is completed. They are usually scientists or entrepreneurs.  If you’re married to someone like this know that s*x will be whenever you get it (kinda like Sheldon and Amy in the Big Bang

Verdict: Not important.


Well, there you have it.

The answer to the question on how important s*x is in marriage? All you have to do is identify where your spouse/partner falls and you should be able to determine how s*x should be in your marriage.

Basically, it’s all about communication with your partner. Opening up to him/her even your deepest darkest shades of grey, that’s how you gauge the importance.

To wrap it all up experts have noticed that less communication / no communication between spouses s*x life is another sign that can tell if a marriage is in trouble, that is, if the frequency reduces for no apparent reason that must mean the couples are probably not attracted to each other again or sick of each other. Also if the passion and intensity isn’t there anymore without the excuse of old age then something might be wrong.

– Makinde ‘Brainac’ Teniola.

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