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Thank You Lord for Allowing Me to See Another Birthday

thank you lord for allowing me to see another birthday

I thank you lord for allowing me to see another  birthday. If I were you and your birthday is today? Then you should read this birthday prayer immediately.

I thank you great lord for giving me another shot at life
I thank you almighty God for adding another year to my life
I thank you great God for people who sent me messages and wishes to me today
I pray that as you have blessed me today that you bless them as well

I thank you for all the days of our future past
I thank you for experiences that has shaped me to be a better person
I thank you for the successes
I thank you for the failures
All have come together to make beautiful and amazing memories
Memories that have helped me grow as your son/ daughter

I beg for forgiveness from you king of glory
For the grace that you have given me within the hours that I wasted
Fr the great opportunities that you brought my way and I ignored
That will never repeat itself again

Help me in the future days to see you and make the best decision for myself
Let me be a shining light to my family
And let your glory continue to radiate in everything that I do
Help me to believe in you more and accept you as my lord and father



You have given me eyes to see, ears to hear and nose to breathe. Without you I am nothing and for this I appreciate you for another amazing birthday. Thank you for everything dear God, as I am sure this is the beginning of greater things to come in my life.

Dear Lord, please continue to answer my prayers and bless me with mercy and grace to follow your ways.

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