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How Much Does Therapy Cost In Nigeria?

How much does therapy cost?

How much does therapy cost in Nigeria?

Therapists have been called all sorts of names; head checkers, shrinks and the likes. Perhaps the most adorable of these names is the one called “shrinks”. I kind of find it cute.

Come to think of it, the therapist helps you around the hallways of your head, whether they be dark and cavernous, or lighted by yellow, dusty bulbs, blue-winged butterflies fluttering in its warmth.

You get the picture?

Therapy comes along with counseling, scheduling and sometimes it may be recommended you join one of those meetings; Alcoholic Anonymous (AA), even overeaters have theirs too – OA.

Have you ever needed the services of a therapist before?

In today’s fast-paced world, we can not afford to stigmatize many people who have needed to have their minds rummaged, in search of a way to get a grip. On the other hand, it seems there’s a name for every behavior, from the aberrant to the not so awkward.

Hey, even the need to wash your hands compulsively, barring the necessity placed on us on account of COVID19, may point to some health or mental issues requiring the services of a therapist.

Counseling is what a person probably needs if they are having a nervous breakdown, not drugs.

That said, the costs of therapy depend on what you need a therapist for, and what sort of therapy you need.

So who you gon’ call?

Well, it depends on so many factors. Prices may depend on what type of therapy is needed. There are varieties of therapy modalities, including art therapy, talk therapy, hypnotherapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and others. Those that help people with anxiety or stress, depression, anger management, life improvement goals, specific fears or phobias, addictions, weight loss, and other issues.

Further along the lane, a sufferer may need a psychologist, psychiatrist, counselors, psychoanalyst, marriage and family therapists.

What are the rates?

BetterHelp suggests that prospecting citizens in the US to access potential therapists websites so they can see real-time rates. The website further says “While this involves some time and effort, you will get the therapy you need at a price you can afford.”

Therapists typically charge a sizable amount of money per session in private practice.

One more factor that influences price is the mode of therapy. Online counseling at BetterHelp ranges from $35 to 50$ per session and is billed monthly.

BetterHelp says:

You can browse the therapist’s profiles and find one who works for your needs. Once you’ve selected the online counselor for your needs, it’s up to them to determine if you’re a client they can service.

In-person counseling can cost from $50 to $150.

You may not realize it, but counseling can be pricey. The cost of traditional face-to-face therapy varies. There is no specific fee that therapists are required to charge. How much a session cost depends on a variety of factors, including the type of credentials the therapist has and the cost of running their office.

Bidvine puts the UK minimum national cost for therapies at £40, and the maximum cost at £60. And the national average cost is £50.

Furthermore, on the average, psychotherapists charge £55, psychologists charge £91 and counselors generally charge £45 per session.

In the US, rates can vary on account of the location where you live, the proficiency of the therapist or counselor and how many years of work experience they have.

As you can see, psychologists in the UK are usually costlier than the others, with an average of £91 per session.

Therapy cost in Nigeria

How much does therapy cost?

Therapy is not a hot service in Nigeria yet. There are of course a lot of psychologists, psychiatrists, and counselors in the country. However, the profession faces many challenges.


Stigma keeps most people from exploring the services of a therapist. They’d rather keep their problems to themselves or tell their religious leaders about it. Consequently, religious leaders have taken the role of therapists, providing ecclesiastical treatments for physical and mental issues.

Somehow, people do not trust others with information about their mental health for this reason. They’d rather continue to live with it, confide in a friend or clergyman.

There is the Institute of Counselling Nigeria that holds the record of being the first firm to offer psychotherapy and clinical counseling in Africa. They have seasoned professionals in counseling studies and base their tenets on Christian morals and principles. They are non-profit.

As the legal profession, therapists and counselors in Nigeria are pretty much low key. Perhaps it is best in keeping with client confidentiality, and it is so appropriate considering also the problem of shame and stigmatization.

In Nigeria, according to a spokesperson for the counseling organization, Family Health, and Population Action Committee, “Nigerians take their privacy seriously. Most prefer online therapy where the counselor doesn’t see you, and you don’t see him.

If you have a building where a support group for people living with HIV meets, and you are only a counselor coming in to talk with them, you are going to have a hard time convincing your neighbors that you are not HIV positive yourself.”

The organization provides psychosocial support for vulnerable children, and people living with HIV.

They charge a rate of $50 or about twenty thousand naira per session.

This rate is considered moderate by some. However, therapy is usually available in the big cities of Nigeria. The moment you move into the rural areas, the cost is tripled because if you can’t commute to the therapist’s office, and are unable to receive treatment online, it means you’d have to pay the therapist to come to your location.

Lagos in Nigeria is the hub for most businesses. Consequently, there are psychotherapists concentrated there.

Hopefully, in the nearest future, the Nigerian public will have more use for therapists as mental health issues continue to take center stage.

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