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Best Way for A Woman to Orgasm

Best Way for A Woman to Orgasm

What is the best way for a woman to orgasm?

It has long been known that women usually have a tougher time with reaching their orgasm than men. Men could finish everything within seconds if they really wanted to. However, even men know that if they don’t bring any pleasure to their partner, then they will just be incredibly unhappy together.

Not only that but if a man doesn’t try hard enough to get a woman to reach her orgasm, it might come off as him not caring about her at all. So, naturally, men should figure out how to get women to reach climax.

The first thing men think about when trying new things in this regard is the g spot. It’s not all about the g spot and you don’t need to hit it in order to get a woman to orgasm. To women, sexual encounters are a lot more sensual, emotional, and they want to have the foreplay to support this idea.

Now, this doesn’t mean that you have to have physical foreplay for half an hour before you get down to business, it can be something completely different. For example, mental foreplay with a sensual atmosphere can really get a woman going nuts.

When women watch porn, the best porn sites for them involve passionate and sensual sex. If you want to mimic that in your sex life, then you need to know how to get a woman in the mood. She needs to lust for sex if she is going to reach that orgasm easily.

Working with her kinks or fantasies can do a lot to make her horny and aroused. If you can, try to include things that make her horny in the foreplay, such as certain ideas and dirty words that get her wet as soon as you mention them.

However, if you’re not the creative type, not all is lost. There are many physical things that you can do to lay the groundwork for female orgasms. For example, you should use the positions that she finds pleasurable from time to time.

These are usually positions such as cowgirl, doggy style, and any other position where her bottom is lifted up. And yes, trying to elongate the encounter can certainly help. The longer and the better you’re going at it will do wonders to help her reach climax.

If that fails, then you can always use your mouth and fingers. Chicks really love oral sex, and when you’re down there you can really stimulate that clitoris with both your tongue and fingers. If you can, you can also try this during sex.

If you’ve ever been to Chaturbate then you probably noticed that all of the babes masturbating are working the hell out of that clitoris in order to get their orgasm. The clitoris is a very sensitive part of her and stimulating it is pretty much essential in order for her to cum and reach that level of sexual pleasure that she has always wanted.

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