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How to Not Become a Victim of Online Dating

How to Not Become a Victim of Online Dating

How to Not Become a Victim of Online Dating- When online dating first arrived, it seemed like the solution of the problems that romance was facing with how time-consuming the age we were entering was. Online dating destroyed the boundaries in the world. No longer we were bound to date someone from our country. With the rapidly growing number of online dating services, you can allow yourself to pick a partner, literally, from every country in the world. Online primedating allows getting to know each other mentally, thus your choice won’t be based solely on the appearance of the prospective partner. You no longer have to carve out time to have more dates with your prospective partner to get to know him or her better, as your first acquaintance had already happened online, and you go on your first offline date only if you feel that the chemistry between you is quite strong.

But whenever there is the bright side, there is a dark side. It is easy to become a victim of online dating, and online dating scams is not the only danger that waits for you online. Let’s have a look at the main dangers of online dating and evaluate how to not become a victim of them.

1. Online Dating Scams

Whenever you talk about online dating, online dating scam stories are going to pop-up. In case if you didn’t know how dating sites scams work, let us explain you. Online swindlers use con artists that pretend to be single women from other countries or even from your homeland. Sooner or later your fake chat-mate is going to ask you either to lend her some money or to continue communicating via other sources, mainly your email. As soon as you transfer money or give your email address – boom! You are scammed. You will never get your money back, and if you have given your personal email, most likely your computer and your bank account are going to be hacked and robbed.

How to avoid becoming a victim of online dating scam? Simple, stick with reputable online dating services that allow reporting on the suspicious accounts. Always try to dig some information about your chat-mate online. And never ever lend money and give your chat-mate your personal email address.

2. Multiple Choice

While online dating scam is a danger that comes from outside, multiple choice is something that comes from within, as multiple choice becomes a problem when you don’t know how to control yourself. The uncountable number of girls on online dating sites gives you an illusion that you can always pick another one. As a result, you cannot focus on chatting with one girl. Instead, you are chatting with five or more girls, and the invitation for the first offline date is nowhere near.

How to avoid becoming victim of multiple choice? Remember what brought you to online dating. It was the desire to find your perfect match, so focus on finding that perfect match, instead of spreading your attention all over the place.

3. Unrealistic Expectations

 Another problem that comes from within is having unrealistic expectations about online dating. A lot of people think that online dating guarantees finding your perfect match. No, it doesn’t. Online dating is just a tool to find a prospective partner. It doesn’t mean that everyone you are chatting with is obliged to date with you. You must remember that that dating, regardless of whether it is online or offline, is an art and if you don’t want to make any efforts to attract people you are most likely to stay alone.

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