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5 Shocking Things to Know About Your Relationship

Shocking Things to Know About Your Relationship

5 Shocking Things to Know About Your Relationship – Finding the right partner takes more than just physical attributes and characteristics. If you therefore think that you got your man/ woman because your physical relationship game is on, then you need to really have a serious re-think.

There are some shocking things you need to know about your relationship and I have them listed below:

1. S*x is not enough:

Whether you know all the different s*x style, you can make a man come over and over again. You are acrobatic and your s*xual dexterity is high on a 10, your man will still dump your sorry ass.

Your ability to have fiery and passionate s*x will not still make you keep your man. He will dump you like there’s no tomorrow.

2. A woman won with Cash will only follow the Cash

You think because you are rich, you can buy LOVE? You are such a joker. Hey wait a minute, money can buy you companionship, but will never buy you the love you crave for in the relationship. She will dump you as soon as the next richer guy comes flying past.

Real men don;t hook up with money who love money, trust me. They can enjoy you romantically and passionately, but they will not end up with you because you are just an ordinary slay queen with nothing to offer!

3. Character does it all

You are s*xy and so what? You think being s*xy will get a man? Nah! It will only get you a boy. Being s*xy will only get you a boyfriend but not a husband. So think twice in that relationship you are in, and you believe you’ve gotten yourself a real man because you are S*XY!

You are such a JOKER!

Your character is what gets you the best out of your relationship.

4. S*x should be a product of LOVE

When LOVE is a product of S*X, then you are going downhill, cascading into the abyss of emotional rejection and breakup. You got into a relationship because of s*x and you hope you will find LOVE? Oh blimey!

You will find the pleasure you crave for in your relationship because of s*x, but it will never be upgraded to LOVE. Think about this!

5. The way you dress is the way you will be addressed

The first impression matters a lot. I know this may be a bit controversial to some people, but trust me, a real man will be conscious about how his lady dresses. You dress like a slay queen, you will be addressed like slay queen!

You want to be appreciated for your character and morals, then watch how you dress. A lot can be said about dressing especially in the world and culture we find ourselves.

Do you agree to the facts above? Share your comments and opinion below.

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    Bamgboye kolawole
    November 1, 2017 at 12:08 pm

    Nice one there. More of this to keep reminding our youth of our to choose and keep their relationship.

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    SmileBoy Omosola
    November 1, 2017 at 2:22 pm

    Wonderful piece.

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