How Texas Sex Crime Accusations Can Permanently Change Your Life

In Texas, the court looks at sex crimes seriously. If you do something out of line sexually, a judge might issue the maximum sentence. If that happens, your life can change, and not for the better.

In this article, we’ll discuss ways your life might change following sex crime accusations or a conviction.

What Are Sex Crimes?

Sex crimes include several offenses, such as child pornography possession. In this country, child pornography sentences increased by 500% in 15 years.

That doesn’t necessarily mean more people have produced child porn or watched it. Instead, it indicates the police have been more successful in finding and arresting child porn creators, purveyors, or watchers.

Child sexual assault happens too, and that’s a sex crime. Indecency with a child is another possibility. If the police catch you doing any of this, they will regard the matter harshly.

You Can’t Find Employment

If the police accuse you or a judge convicts you, that sex crime might haunt you for years afterward. If you look for work, a potential employer will do a background check. They should find any prior criminal convictions. However, they might discover allegations as well.

Hopefully, in that instance, they will still consider you if you have the skill set the job requires. Maybe they’ll let you speak on your behalf. If you received a criminal sex conviction, though, you might struggle finding work, even if you have considerable talents.

You Might Struggle Finding a Romantic Interest

Maybe you become active on a dating app, and you match with some people. They may look into your background if you chat with them.

They might find out you have a prior sex crime conviction, or maybe they learn the police accused you at some point. They may cut off contact right then without letting you explain.

You Probably Can’t Adopt Children

Maybe you’re with someone, and you two want a child. Perhaps you can’t conceive naturally, though. Maybe you consider fostering a child or adopting one.

If you have a prior sex crime offense on your record or even just an accusation, you probably can’t ever adopt or foster a child. You will have too much scrutiny, and the court system will feel they can’t trust you around a young person.

How Can You Avoid These Situations?

If you start dating someone, and they look or seem young, make sure to ID them. Ensure they are not underage. Don’t hang out around school playgrounds or anywhere else where parents or teachers might get the wrong idea.

You can also avoid situations where you’re alone with underage kids. If you always have another parent or some other adult around, the children can never accuse you.

It’s sad that you must take these precautions if you have no bad intentions, but that’s where we are as a society. You must protect yourself and avoid damaging your life and reputation, or the possibilities we’ve mentioned might arise.

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