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How Weddings Have Been Watered Down Nowadays

how weddings have been watered down

How Weddings Have Been Watered Down Nowadays: It is the malady of the beautiful woman to be wanted by all the men. How does she know who to chose? And you know how men can get when they want a woman, a beautiful woman. You can almost never tell how truly sincere he is when he says he loves you, will love you forever and put no one above you. Or even when he doesn’t say those words but acts them.

A beautiful girl wonders if the man only wants a beautiful woman by his side. She wonders if he wants her because she is beautiful. At times it is easy to tell, whereas most men can hide their true intentions.

There are even those guys who do not know why they love her until they are close enough to see beyond the beauty of their lady. The lady is then shocked by the jarring realization that her beauty is not going to cut anything in the relationship. Especially if she has been relying on her looks all the while and had not developed herself.

It is such a conundrum for a sincere beautiful lady who doesn’t want to be wanted just for her looks alone. Sometimes she wants a man who is beautiful too. But a beautiful man is not necessarily a suitable man for her, neither is a rich man.

It is partly for this reason that a wedding I and Edafe, my friend was supposed to attend yesterday was canceled.

She is an extremely beautiful girl, tall, dark-skinned, shapely and brainy. She even speaks with a strange accent. I have seen her several times on the street and thought to myself like, did a woman born this one?
That’s how fine she is.

The girl probably suddenly realized she didn’t want to marry the guy from abroad after all. What she thought was love wasn’t anything like it. Maybe it was all just an affinity for glamour that most ladies experience.

You know, sitting by a handsome rich guy on the high stage, two beautiful people, the pictures coming out unforgettably cute.

Do you know how beautiful the photos would look like on Instagram?

Sometimes, some people are in love with the idea of being a particular person spouse, they love the idea of being married to that fine guy or pretty babe. For them, it is simply the concept that attracts them.

Most people prepare for their wedding day, not the days of marriage that follows. Whereas people will soon forget your photos before the next weekend when they shall be attending another one.

Friends said that the night before, she had been pensive and talked less about the wedding. She had refused to eat. Then in the morning, she had gone to soak her wedding gown in hot water.

They had called the rich guy and he had simply asked his friends to find another girl for him. They couldn’t.

But by 12pm yesterday homeboy was married to a long time friend of his, some girl whom he had been friends with for many years before money fell on him. Turns out they both actually loved each other. But of course, she wasn’t anywhere near the other lady in looks.

Me I thought things like this only happened in the movies on Africa Magic. But no, folks have to go and do a reality show for us and fulfill prophecy.

So I told Edafe to let us still go to the girl’s place.
He asked, “Why?”
I said, “All the chicken meat they fried yesterday night till this morning, who will eat them?”

He saw reasons with me. We went there. There were canopies but nobody sat under them. I and Edafe exchanged apprehensive looks, like, what’s happening.

We were told the guys people came to hurl all the chicken meat away to the new wedding. But why?!?
Because it was his money!
“Where’s the venue?” Edafe inquired.
They said it was the same place. The only change is the bride. So we went there.

Can you believe that this two people, the couple I mean, they talked and laughed all through the time they were sitting on that stage?
That is, you would think that they have been married for years before. I made this observation to Edafe.
He said, “them be friends before na.”
“Why e no marry am before e dey go disturb that other girl life?”
“Go ask am.” Said Edafe.

Soon the food flowed. The chicken meat was so sweet, ha! I knew we weren’t going to miss it.
Now I m thinking that you see, marriage arrangement has become casual for most people. Some were even saying that the guy may have been cheating on the fine girl with the one he eventually married. I disagreed.

But it was obvious that those two loved each other. Not the kind senseless loving these young people do. I don’t know how to explain it sef.

Later in the evening, I heard that our dear beautiful former bride was having a good time. Some said she looked relieved like some heavy burden had been taken off her shoulder.

I just wonder if it isn’t the case that this beautiful girl has done herself a big fat favour by not marrying the guy.

I just wonder.

Samuel Otareri

Samuel is a creative writer who likes to talk about love and social issues using his creative writing to trigger emotional consciousness in Nigerians. A lover of his woman, Samuel believes in using one's creativity as a tool for social change.

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