How to Choose Best Earrings for Your Face Type

Best Earrings for Your Face Type

Finding the Best Earrings for Your Face Type

Shopping for earrings goes beyond your favorite styles and designs. While it’s important to consider characteristics like color and type, when picking the perfect set of earrings, it’s also necessary to choose a pair that will fit your face shape the best. Since certain earrings look better with different shapes, it’s important to consider what earrings will look best on you. Read on for a guide to finding the best earrings for your face.

1. Diamond-Shaped Face: Long Earrings

If you have incredible cheekbones, chances are your face is diamond-shaped. As diamond-shaped faces are a bit longer, they pair well with sleek dangling earrings. Since your cheekbones are wider than the width of your forehead and chin, you should wear earrings that stop above your chin.

The best earrings for your face are any with a shape and curve that add movement to your look and help to balance out your face shape. Whether you choose round studs or other geometric shapes, the idea is to add even out the more angular features of your face.

2. Heart Face: Heart Drop Earrings

Heart-shaped faces feature a wider forehead with a narrow chin, as it resembles a heart. If you have a pointed chin with a jawline that tapers towards it, you likely have a heart-shaped face. If you have a heart-shaped face, you’ll look best with teardrop style earrings and should avoid slim drop earrings to keep the attention away from your chin.

When searching for the right earrings for you, consider decorative drop or chandelier styles as this design is very flattering for a heart-shaped face. The best type of long earrings are those that are rounded towards the bottom. These types of earrings will reduce the angles of your chin by making it appear more rounded.

3. Narrow Face: Studs and Longer Earrings

A narrow face is one that is slender and long. The best style to consider with a long face are those that help to add curves and roundness to the shape. If you have a narrow face, you’ll be able to pull off a variety of different earring styles and designs. From long styles to clusters and studs, any earrings that are able to fill out the shape of your face is a great choice for you.

4. Round Face: Long Chains and Teardrop Earrings

Round faces need to avoid any earrings and styles that are perfect circles as this will only serve to widen the face. If you have a round face, it’s best to wear longer lab diamond earrings that will also balance out your face shape. Whether you choose a teardrop style or long and sleek designs, these earrings will create a tapering effect for your face.

5. Oval Face: Long or Wide Earrings

Oval faces can wear almost any kind of earring and pull each style off. Styles like teardrop earrings or other large and decorative styles all look fantastic with oval faces. If you have an oval face, chances are that whatever you choose to wear will look great on you.

Keep in mind that oval faces tend to have a rounder jawline with a slightly pointed chin and a forehead that is slightly wider than the chin. Wear pearls or round earrings to broaden or accentuate your facial structure or choose long dangling earrings to balance your face’s contours.

6. Square Face: Hoop Earrings and Studs

Square-shaped faces feature a jawline and cheekbones that are roughly the same width. Not sure if you have a square face? The width of your jawline and forehead will be similar and your forehead should be straight along the hairline. The best type of earrings for this face shape are simple styles that help to add to the look without clashing with the shape of your face.

If you’re shopping for a square-shaped face, studs and hoop earrings are all fair game. Stay away from any square or especially clunky earrings to avoid widening your face.

Look your best with the right earrings that perfectly fit your face. Use this guide when shopping to find the best earrings for you.

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