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How to kiss a girl

how to kiss a girl

Have you been getting it all wrong when it comes to how to kiss a girl? I can bet that gross look on her face, whenever your mouths meet and lock in a deep kiss. Did she get turned on? Or she just wanted to get it over with?

how to kiss a girl

A lot of you guys feel you own the art of kissing, but by the time you are done reading this post, you would realize that you’ve still got a long way to go when it comes to understanding that art of knowing how to kiss a girl.

I had the opportunity to ask quite a number of girls questions as to whether they felt like having a lingering kiss with some guy! But Hey:

Quite a number of them have been put off and reeling in utter disappointment due to the inability of guys to even know how to kiss a girl.

First step is knowing the different way of kissing your woman which I wrote about and showed in the Adina River’s Art of Seductive Kissing.

Remember that I also mentioned the different types of kissing in my post here, and I am sure a lot of you would not have known about the types I mentioned in this post.

See guys, knowing how to French kiss or kiss a girl on the forehead isn’t just sufficient to term yourself a ‘DON’ and conclude you are very good at kissing.

Truly, is kissing just about you? When did you become the judge in confirming that you know how to kiss a girl? Funny Guy you are!

Why not leave all the judging to the ladies! Huh?

I remember about a year ago when I had a very serious French kiss with a girl in ‘IBADAN’. While I was basking in the euphoria that I had perfected my art, she just smiled and told me I still had a long way to go? I told myself….W….T….??

…..and truly she did have a point, and I did not realize this until later in the year. I will like to ask you the following questions.

How do you see kissing?

Do you just kiss for the sake of it? Or you do this because you intend to establish a deeper connection between you and your woman?

You should understand that kissing is an art, and not an action you just rush in and out. Kissing is just a difficult thing to achieve. Kissing is all about creating the perfect chemistry between you and your woman and the earlier you understand this, the more sensual your kiss would be.

Do I have a very good breathe?

how to kiss a girl

First, you need to clean your mouth. Brush your teeth, floss your gaps and ensure you use mints in between. The greatest turn off for every girl and kiss destroyer is a bad breath.

A lot of guys even claim they are trying weight loss when they just had a bowl of garlic and intend to kiss a girl. Eww!! Who would want to kiss with such breath?

Oh Gosh!

See my basic tips apart from cleaning your teeth very well:

  • Do not eat oily, smelly, acidic, or sugary meal for at least two hours before your kiss time
  • Do not smoke, before you kiss
  • Remember minty gums before you kiss, they help your breath so much.
  • There is nothing as perfect as a clean teeth and a fresh breath.


Understand her body language

Does she want it? Is she flirting with you? Giving you the signs like squeezing your hands softly?

You need to confirm that she is leaning towards you in a provocative way, touching you gently in between moments, is she staring deep into your eyes (soul)?

Then you should know that the best thing to do at that point is to steal a kiss. There are higher chances your kiss will be reciprocated.

Be warned though, and read those tips again. If she doesn’t want ‘NO’ kiss. Don’t be in a rush to give a kiss because you simply know how to kiss a girl.

You are bound to get the greatest shocker of your life when you either get a repulsive behavior that may amount to maybe ‘a slap’ or even the greatest and most unfriendly response of your life.

Read between the lines Brovva!!

Go with your guts

Some guys always want to kiss, but instead of working on learning the art of how to kiss, they want to wait for the girl to make the move, so they focus on getting her to make the move.

Does this make you a better kisser? Don’t play dumb.

Before you kiss a girl, do the following:

How long have you known her?

A week? Month? Months?

What are her true feelings towards you? Is she just a friend or something more is happening between you guys? Is she waiting for the moment? Is she prepared for the kiss?

As much as you intend to be spontaneous and might want to steal a kiss, you need to be sure she is ready for it. A girl might get angry and be turned off if she is not geared up for the kiss. When you hold her hands or you hold her shoulders, does she act uneasy and hesitant? That means she isn’t ready yet.

However, if she feels relaxed and goes red in the face, then go for it. She is so ready for your kiss.

Do not make it awkward

I have seen a lot of kiss happen in secluded places like car parks, cinema houses and even private dates. You know kisses happen here?

These places are private places – A perfect ingredient for intimacy. Does your kiss have to be loud and disturb other love birds or people around you?

While you may want to give me the ‘scary’ eye for advocating an isolated location! It doesn’t have to be totally secluded, however a noiseless place free of onlookers and all sorts of distractions will be very important in leveraging your kiss time.

Note that, this entire art of kissing depends on how long you have known one another!

The atmosphere must be perfect

how to kiss a girl

The moment must be right. I advocate that.

While you may want to steal a kiss, wait for the perfect time and moment to achieve this. Imagine your woman is in a bad mood and you want to kiss her.

That’s just nonsense, you know?

To know the right moment, you need to:

  • Ensure you are cuddled up somewhere
  • You are out there spending quality time together
  • You must have created a connection and level of anticipation between both of you

Don’t talk about it

Every smart guy at some point would have discussed kissing with his girl; either while on dates, chatting on social media apps, or over calls.

One key thing you need to know is that you should ‘NOT’ mention anything about wanting to kiss her there and then. She is already aware as you both have discussed about kissing. Allow it to be sensual and heat up the moment by your actions. Don’t make the situation awkward by talking her into a kiss.

A lot of guys do this and I have never been a fan.

Do not ask her if you can kiss her? For real? Why would you do that? It just kills the vibe.

If you want to ask her if you can kiss, then you must have kissed her gently at first, then stare deep into her eyes and act flirty and sensually if you can kiss her.

There you have it, but other than this? It is so WRONG to ask a girl if you can kiss her!

Sensual steps on how to kiss a girl:

Hold her hands

She is walking by your side or sitting close to you? Hold her hands in a relaxed and deliberate way.

You can also throw your arms around her shoulders, and if she likes it she would nuzzle in close and drag your arms in romantically.

Build the connection by holding her hands.

Lock her eyes into yours

This gives her the clear signal that you are into her and thinking about kissing her. Do not tell her you want to.

Move slowly

Push your face closer to her in a slow pace, and try to fathom if she will back away. If she doesn’t, move loser such that your nose is touching the tip of hers and then stop.

If she moves her face away from you, good stuff. She doesn’t want your kiss yet! But if she stares back at you and doesn’t even flinch that you are just a breath away, then fantastic!

Go in for the kill. Kiss her right.

Don’t go limp on her

You are kissing her right? Then make use of your hands to make your kiss more physical and passionate.

You can cup her face between your hands like you are holding a cup of coffee….Hehe! Nice!

You can hold her shoulders to draw her into you.

You can hold the back of her head and pull her into you.

Keep it light

Lightly nibble her lips, making it soft and not necessarily deep so that it doesn’t end in pains for your woman. If you are now ready to make your kiss more passionate, then you can now attempt the French kissing.

Before you dig in deep, first bite the lower lips gently and if she is ready to welcome you then she would open her mouth wider to accommodate your tongue.

Control your tongue

When you control your tongue, you control your saliva. No one needs a heavy loads of drool down down their throats. No one wants an entire tongue filling their mouths up. You need to learn how to use your tongue magically to get your babe all over you.

Filling the girl’s mouth with your tongue does not make you a good kisser. Watch it!

Finally you need to understand what category of kiss you are getting into. Before you decide to move your face close to her. Knowing how to kiss a girl does not just end at kissing her very well and enjoying her sensuality. It also balls down to what you intend to achieve with the kiss. Is it the:

Spontaneous kiss

The type that catches her unawares? A lot of girls do not like this kiss and gets your lady offended slighted. There fore you need to be careful when trying this kiss out. You should be very sure she wants to be kissed before you attempt to kiss her spontaneously. See an example of a spontaneous kiss.

You are in the middle of a movie, and after seeing a scene of a couple kissing. You grab her, and kiss her passionately. After doing that you can then grin and ask her, “what scene did we stop” in a cheerful way.

The sexual kiss

how to kiss a girl

You are both horny right? Let’s assume you just got back from a night party, and you have been all over each other, tipsy and ready to rock and roll, and you are thinking of how to kiss a girl. Then you can just head in for the game changer, kiss her passionately with the ultimate intention of bedding her!

That is the aim of the kiss isn’t it? This is a kiss that is quite different from the Spontaneous Kiss.


The romantic kiss

You both are just new in a relationship and you might want to try kissing out. This kiss is perfect for new relationships and lovers with the intent of starting something very serious with their friendship. In this kiss, leaning in closely and pulling her slowly to you for a wet kiss is just perfect as a romantic kiss.

Finally, remember that it just does not end there. If you want your woman wanting more, do not see every kiss ending up as a sexual kiss. When you realize that the kiss is getting hot and more engaging, just stop the kiss abruptly.

The major reason for this is the fact that you might want to build up sexual feelings in her. Feeling that would make her craving for more.

I see that look on your face, why will you stop kissing when it is getting ‘HOT’. Huh?

Believe me, this will pay off on the long run. The next time you are thinking of how to kiss a girl, get ready to go in for a kiss, you will find her waiting to kiss you as passionately as you want. This gives you the opportunity to take it further and make of it what you WISH!

Now I see you smiling! Nice!

Now that you have read how to kiss a girl. Do you have additions or comments? Feel free to drop in the comment section below. We will be excited to have it.







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