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Infatuation Symptoms you should know

infatuation symptoms

Before you can understand infatuation symptoms, you need to also know what love is before you are able to define infatuation. You want to know the various infatuation symptoms? Then jump right in.

Infatuation is an intense emotion as love is. There is this intense feeling that overwhelms you when you are infatuated with someone else, so intense that you think you are in love with that person.

While I would not berate you for being in love with another, you need to understand through these signs of infatuation that you are not in love with that person.

Infatuation is a powerful feeling. You feel your emotions so all over the place that it chokes you. Usually, many people have at one stage of the other gone through infatuation without even knowing infatuation symptoms that may allow them step out before going too deep into a romantic relationship.

As part of infatuation symptoms, you are deeply carried away with your emotions, passion and some sort of addicted loving feeling. Infatuation usually occurs at the beginning of the relationship, and it is a major usher of sexual attraction.

Look at it this way, Do you always have this lingering thoughts about another person? Do you always feel so passionate about him/ her to the point of obsession? Do you feel these gush of adrenaline in your heart, to the point of panic and anxiety?

Do you always imagine how awesome your life will be with someone you just commenced a romantic relationship with? You only met a few weeks ago and already you have started fantasizing about your future and thinking of how strong your romantic bond is and will be.

Do you daydream about sex whenever you are with him or her? Do you see him/her as a love/sex object? Someone that can help you bring your sexual fantasies to fore whenever both of you are together?

It is very possible you are infatuated with him/ her.

Okay just before you think things through and conclude. I will share the following infatuation symptoms with you and all you need do is read through them and tick all boxes as applicable.

Infatuation makes you lost in unreasonable desire and longing for him/ her. All you want is to have sex with that person.

Being impatient is another infatuation symptom.

In whichever case or circumstance, you are in a rush in building a lasting relationship with the partner. Love does not rush. Love is patient.
When you consider these symptoms and compare with the symptoms of love then you will realize that you have been infatuated with her all along.

The butterflies in your tummy are going haywire

This is another critical infatuation symptom. You emotions has reached that height that it has touched certain nerves in your body. As such the ability to eat or even sleep becomes a mirage.

When you are now on a proposed date with him/ her. Your stomach is on royal rumble with itself and you won’t be able to count the number of somersaults and rumbles in your tummy!

That somersaults though! Bad Ass infatuation symptom!

He or she is always the subject of discussion

You always want to talk about him/ her. With friends you will always talk about that person. With family he/ she is the one person you want to discuss. Even in between crucial talks, you will not fail to mention him/ her. You think this is love? This heightened emotion? It is a weird infatuation symptom.

You seem jealous and insecure

Well, to a reasonable degree jealousy is an acceptable relationship propellant. However when your level of jealously is now so intolerable and out of control. Then this is not love, it is one of the infatuation symptoms you need to know.

If you always have the intention of finding out who he/ she is talking and the reason for the discussion. Ignoring the fact that when you met him/ her, they were not traveling from heaven alone. They will sure have family and friends as humans that they are.

However your intense feeling of infatuation has made you blind to all these, and you seem to want the partner all to yourself. My dear, this is a serious infatuation symptom. If you think this type of jealousy is okay? Then you are wrong! It isn’t.

You are just too suspicious

True love is never suspicious, it trusts. If you ever feel suspicion for your partner’s movements then this is not love at all. If you cannot learn to trust or take your partner’s words for it, then you are infatuated and not in love with him/ her.

You are selfish

You only want to be the right person. You want things your way. The wants and wishes of others do not bother you. You want everyone to understand your perspective yet you do not care about how others feel. You are always angry whenever your partner disagrees with your proposition. This is not love, it is one of the infatuation symptoms you should look out for.

It dies down

Infatuation fades away over time. Over time, it weakens out! Most especially when both partners are not close to the one another. You feel withdrawn, the butterflies dies down and all the somersaults in your tummy goes off the way it came. This is a critical symptom of infatuation and if you notice this, then you are not in love.

You are his/ her number one stalker

Whether on Facebook, Instagram or twitter, you are his number one follower. You like all the posts your partner makes. Ask him/ him why he/ she comments on a friend’s post.

You can spend hours reading up his posts online, and checking out his pictures many times over and over. This is an infatuation symptom you need to consider as well.


Since all you do is talk about the person you are infatuated with. Anytime you think about them which is usually every-time you are infatuated, there is weird and silly smile always lurking at the side of your lips never wanting to go away. That silly smile can remain on your face for a long period of time to the extent that your friends know who you are thinking about that brought about that smile.

Focus is lost

You lose focus of everything. Your mind is not coordinated, wandering off and on. Whatever it is you are doing, your level of concentration is really low because you are focused on something else and not the activity you are working on. You are letting the thoughts of someone else affect your focus. Isn’t this an infatuation symptom?

You think of perfection

Whether you met in just a short while or a long time. Infatuation makes it seem like he/ she is perfect in your eyes. You can only see his strengths, and your eyes are already blind to his weaknesses. This is a serious infatuation symptom and the reason is because love will give you the opportunity to see both the strength and the weakness in your partner.

As soon as you realize that you are not seeing in any weakness in your partner. Al you see are his accomplishments and abilities, you are just so infatuated.

Infatuation breeds distance

If all of sudden, you realise you are beginning to distance yourself from your friends to focus more on him/ her. Then it is possible you are infatuated.  Infatuation makes you see friends as imperfect and your partner as the perfect person.

And because you are overwhelmed with intense feelings that had clouded your sense of reasoning, you only think about your partner and feel you are doing the right thing by shutting friends out.

So so wrong to do! You are infatuated!

The effect of infatuation is always heartbreaks and hurt, except in some few exceptional cases that infatuations turns into love. If you look at all the symptoms stated above and that they apply to you then you need to take a chill pill and think things through.

When you love truly, it is easy to understand the imperfections of your other half and crave for further learning from them. If your feelings isn’t love, then trust me. It is not worth all the ‘gra gra’.

Get out there, out of your comfort zone and know people. Know the real and true them and not someone you have built up fantasies for.

Not someone you have created your world for, instead of getting into his/ her word; trying to know and understand his/ her personality. While it is allowed to fall in love and create new fantasies about your partner, allowing this to overwhelm you such that you become lonely, selfish, and inconsiderate is so wrong and unreasonable.

Find your true love and see whether all these symptoms are what you feel or not. What is important is you get all the infatuation symptoms above and see how you can love for what is.

Find our infatuations symptoms post interesting, and you really want to add more infatuation symptoms to the number stated above. Feel free to drop your comments in the comments section below.

Else you can share this post with your friends. Let the love go round.


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