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How To Use The Law of Attraction for Love?

How to use the Law of Attraction for love

How to use the Law of Attraction for love?: A lot of things are possible using the Law of Attraction. You can completely change your own reality with its power. Whoever you are, whatever your situation is, you can benefit from the Law of Attraction.

According to this law, we invite just those things in our lives on which we focus the most. This means that we all have the choice to change our realities by focusing on the things that we want the most. If someone allows negative thoughts to fill their world, then their reality will be manifested accordingly. While someone focusing on positive thoughts will always bring in positive changes in their lives.

Likewise, attracting love in your life depends on no-one else but yourself. If you are ready to change within, then there is no reason why you can’t attract true love in your life. It is in your power to find your soulmate if you are willing to change a little.

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Why people can’t find love?

The reasons why people can’t find love often lie within them. Therefore, they need to remove the hindrances in their way first and then they can hope for true love. Below are some of those reasons:

⦁    Some have been looking for a long time to find their soul-mates but they haven’t been successful. Therefore, they have lost faith and so no longer believe in the concept of a ‘soulmate’. Such people are more likely to settle for a functional relationship only.

⦁    There are people who have suffered a huge disappointment and pain in their previous relationships. Therefore, they are very cautious now and want to avoid going through such an intense emotional experience again. Such people are very protective of themselves but this protective behavior also means that they are shutting themselves off from future love.

⦁    It is very difficult for those people to attract love who haven’t got over their past relationship. These people are still stuck in their past and they won’t attract love unless they close the chapter of their past relationship and move on in their life.

We have included 5 important tips that you can use to find love in your life.

1. Impact of physical items

People tend to ignore the impact of physical items on themselves. However, they also play a role in how they make a person feel on a particular day. Physical items could be aids to painful memories and so a pleasant mode could easily be ruined with the visual impact of an object.

If you are still surrounded by items of your previous partner, then it means that you are still stuck in your past. To move on and start a new life demands that you get rid of all such items. Books, clothing, gifts, anything that has the power to evoke emotions about your ex-partner should necessarily be removed from your surroundings. You should try to return those items to your ex-partner, and if that is not possible then try to make good use of them in some other way. You could sell those articles and donate the money to someone. You may also give those things to someone in your circle.

It is understandable that some items could be very hard to part with. For example, past love letters or memorable photographs could not be discarded like other items. So if you can’t get rid of them, you should employ other ways to reduce their effect on you. You could put all those articles in a large box and keep that box somewhere you can’t see.

If you want to move on and attract true love, then it is absolutely important that you remove those physical blocks. Still keeping those objects means that you are still looking for your past love. That means that you still need work to do before you accept a new love.

2. Become a loving person

Only a loving person can attract true love quickly. That is what the Law of Attraction teaches us. You can become a loving person by caring about the little things in your daily life. Helping your neighbor in lifting a large box is spreading love and so is giving money for a charitable cause. Even complimenting someone on their new dress is a gesture of love.

Only by spreading love can you expect to receive love. If you send loving vibes in the universe, you will also get love in return. Therefore, engage yourself in such activities for giving something to the universe. You could volunteer for some social activity or be part of an awareness campaign.

3. Visualization

According to the Law of Attraction, visualization of the thing that you desire the most can help you in getting that thing. So if you want to attract love, then you will have to visualize your partner. Focus on things that you would find attractive in your partner or the things you would like to do if you were together. Would you love to exchange hot love messages with your partner or would you want to discuss having children with your partner? What would you do and how would that make you feel?

It is not necessary here that you think about all the minor details of your partner. You don’t have to focus on the color of his hair, the tone of his voice or the style of his walk etc. This is because you will never find someone in the real world who would fit all these categories.

4. Connection with yourself

The Law of Attraction teaches us to work on our ‘self’ in order to change our outside reality. You can’t attract true love in your life unless you form a deeper connection with yourself. If you have the love for yourself, then you can spread love to others as well. Otherwise, you won’t find it in you to give love to others.

If you don’t have faith in yourself and are always self-criticizing, then you will only attract such people who won’t appreciate your worth and treat you poorly. You should think of yourself as special and treat yourself as special. No-one will treat you well unless you treat yourself well. Therefore, try to make a stronger, deeper connection with yourself in order to attract love in your life.

­­Besides completing all the important works of daily life, you should take an hour or two every day just for yourself. You could devote that time to a hobby that you like very much. If shopping makes you feel good, then you should go do that. And if taking a solitary walk you desire most, then you should take it by all means.

5. Let the universe know you are ready

Set a clear intention and let the universe know that you are ready. You can say those words out loud to yourself or you can write them down on a paper. You can repeat those words to yourself when you look in the mirror. In order to rid yourself of self-doubts and set a very clear intention, it is important that you continue repeating those words to yourself.

Visualizing your partner is also very helpful in strengthening your belief. You could think about how your partner would look or how it would be like to get married and have children together with your partner.



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