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My heart was beating rapidly. I was more like a lamb in a lion’s den; I couldn’t foretell what could happen. I was scared out of my wits, faint-hearted and panicky.

My head pounded heavily from the hang-over of the alcohol I took.

Mr. Mark prepared a dinner of noodles and some beverages for me. I ate the little I could and left the rest.

My mind was fuzzy. He went away for a few minutes to prepare the guest room where I was would sleep in.

Tade called my phone all evening but I wouldn’t answer.

Where would I tell him I was? If I pretended to be in my room, he could quickly catch me because he could be calling because he was at my place.

He wouldn’t assume that I slept off if he was in my place because he would have seen the lock in my door. I searched my mind for what excuse to give for not answering the phone; none came to mind so I picked up reluctantly.

I prayed silently that Mr. Mark wouldn’t say anything all of a sudden when answering the phone or something funny happening.

If he did, I wouldn’t know how to explain where I was at that time of the night.

I lied that I fell sick and went to a friend’s house; he explained that he was by my house and was been worried that I wasn’t answering his calls.

I’m sure he knew I was lying about being in a friend’s place because I usually don’t spend the night at anybody’s house; besides, I could have told him when we spoke earlier.

It was obvious I told a lie but he didn’t fuss about it for peace sake.  I knew the lie was unacceptable but that was the only thing I could think of at that moment, I kept quiet afterwards and he said “good night”

Mr. Mark asked me to come inside the guest room he had prepared for me and I did. It was a simple medium sized beautifully painted room.

The well laid bed was inviting. It looked like an hotel room. Mr. Mark asked me feel at home and loosen up. I lay quietly on the bed while he pulled a chair close to the bed and we got talking.

He talked about how he had married his wife and how they had moved into that apartment about five years into their marriage. We talked into the early hours of the next morning.

One thing led to the other and we started cuddling. Fright took the better of me because I knew being at his house means I was unprotected and cannot control whatever happens.

I asked him to stop but he wouldn’t until we were lying on the bed. While his eyes were filled with lust and desire, my eyes were filled with fear and dread.

He noticed how pressured I was and asked me to relax. He removed my top and kissed my neck in a way I couldn’t resist. He asked if I was a virgin, I affirmed it and I added that I planned remaining a virgin until my wedding night with my husband. He didn’t say anything. He continued to kiss and cuddle me.

I pleaded with him to stop, he replied that he wanted to but has found me so irresistible. Tears form in my eyes, not because of the sensation I felt from his touch but because of the fear that he might have sex.

YES! He had sex with me. I screamed in pain. What I felt was a mixture of pleasure and pain and regret. I cried all night softly but uncontrollably.

I had messed things up and things got complicated from there……….

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