How to Write an Album Review

How to Write an Album Review

How to Write an Album Review: Truth be told, writing an album review isn’t a task which is as simple as being mentioned. There is absolutely more to its cake. Basically, to write an album review, one needs to be crudely subjective in his or her sayings.

This applies irrespective of the kind of label – perhaps the artist is your favorite, or otherwise. All you’ve got to do is do your job, and ensure to be as fair as possible.

Fairness is key, honesty is also a crucial tool while reviewing. Reviewing requires your attention to even the slightest detail, getting as descriptive enough as possible, yet without sounding too rude, or demoralizing; albeit, you still need to say the truth. The main point of a reader reading a review is to have a basic yet truthful perception of the album they are about to purchase, or that which they have purchased already.

The task you’re trying to accomplish, or the problem you aim at solving when writing an album review, is making your readers get a well-informed cum true impression of the piece of art you reviewed. You get?

Oops…I seem to be rushing things. Err, let’s reduce our pace, please. So, I just don’t shove every of the information I want to pass to you down your throat all at the same time. You might eventually choke on them, you know?

So, Firstly, Who Should Write an Album Review?

Just like every other field, the entertainment industry has their own jargons too. Their terminologies, and all. Hence, tandem to this, it is much more advisable cum preferable if an album review is written by a musician. Not just any musician actually, but one who understands to a point of satisfaction, the music theory, styles, and every other jargon attached to it.

In other words, to write an album review, you need to be a person who has an in-depth understanding, as well as an appreciation of good music.

Do You Beat All of These Criteria? Then Let’s Delve Right into How to Write an Album Review!

Below, are 7 major ways that would help you write a beautifully insightful, and intriguing album review;

1. Listen to The Album

Just as you can’t tell the taste of food without tasting it, it is totally impossible to review an album without having to listen carefully to the album.

This should be your first step…

Download the full album from top music sites, such as Vibbidi,  or whether you want to review Christian songs on Gospel Redefined, etc. then begin to listen to the album painstakingly; reading and jotting down any noticed enclosed line, the song titles (important), your basic impression of each song, and other basics you noticed during the course of listening to the song.

See, reviewing albums ties you to the need of listening to it over and over again, until it becomes part and parcel of you. The cheat here is; the more you listen to a song, the more you get energized to write even more about the song.

So, firstly, just keep listening.

2. Write Your Introduction

You wouldn’t want to write a love proposal, or do you. Hence the need of a straightforward introduction.

For an album review generally, you do not need catch introduction. The review is the main point. So, just get it as brief as possible, and delve right into your main content – the review!

3. Be Honest with Your Review

In other words, be as crude as possible. Don’t sugarcoat words. Be plain.

However, it is quite imperative for you to note, that a very thin line exists between being honest, and being rude. You know, right. Hence the need to get extra careful. Avoid being rude in any part of your album review.

Find something nice to say. This, however, doesn’t mean you should say the truth – strike a balance! Don’t muddle your emotions with the album when writing its review – you would miss everything this way.

4. Introduce Comparison in Your Review

This is another important step to take in times you need to write an album review for a client, or perhaps for yourself. Compare and contrast that album with others’. Don’t just be an isolated island – there have been a lot of albums similar to that particular album, compare them.

It drives readers gaga, makes them make a clearer decision, and also makes your review void of obscurity.

Although this doesn’t depict professionality, it makes your readers know you know what you are doing. It works mostly when the singer is new.

5. Honorary Mentions

In every field you venture into in life, there are several others who must have succeeded in that field, who are worthy of being tagged legends, role models, and all. Mention them in your album review!

Aside from the big names, there are also a few other important things to mention;

  • The name of the artist and/or artists. This shouldn’t be overlooked, especially if the album was curated by a band, or if the artist belongs to a band. Don’t forget to mention the name of the band to in such cases.
  • If you would be reviewing the album before its release, it is imperative of you to mention the release date of the album. And if it would be launched as well, please do well to mention that too.
  • Finally, mention the producer behind the production of such album.

6. Proof Read And Edit Your Review

Now, this for me, happens to be the most crucial part of writing an album review. I would almost want to throw up each time I get to read any article whatsoever which appears to not have been well edited.

Before you publish or perhaps send to your client, edit thoroughly. Check out for punctuation errors, capitalization errors, grammatical mistakes, typographical error, and all.

Be on the lookout also for slangs and/or colloquial words. Avoid them like a plaque.

Conclusion on How to Write an Album Review

…and that would be all on how to write an album review!

The truth is, its tenacious to actually write a perfect album review. Hence the need for more work, more learning, more research.

Over time, I have realized that the best way to up one’s game in album reviews writing, is studying what various music magazines are accepting for publication under the review section. Digest critically and creatively, and with time, you would realize how much you’ve actually grown!

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