The Rich History Of Playing Cards

History Of Playing Cards

The Rich History Of Playing Cards: People have been playing cards almost since the existence of time. These cards might seem like simple creations, but they can be utilized to play a variety of games. Not only this, but they can be used to build replica buildings as well as perform magic tricks. It goes without saying that playing cards are well known and even more widely used, but where did they come from? Over the years there have been a number of individuals or civilizations that have made claim to the invention.

Now to the History of playing cards

The Eastern Origin Theory

Playing cards are a lot like gunpowder, tea, and porcelain. Their birthplaces are shrouded in obscurity, but there is more than a good indication that they almost came from the East. Scholars and historians have debated the subject over the years and many are divided as to the origins, but the majorities agree that they came from the East.

What About China’s Claims

You can do all the research you want, speak with a number of experts, and you will discover that the Chinese always have a claim to the development of the modern day playing card. Scrolls that were discovered from China’s Tang Dynasty show that the Chinese civilization did enjoy a paper tiled game during their early years, but this game really matches dominoes rather than playing cards. A number of European historians have claimed that during the 14th century there was a sudden arrival of a game known as Saracen. However, these historians also suggest that this game came from Arabia rather than China.

In Medieval Europe

Any gambler today knows that they can log into any online casino like agen sbobet and play a number of cards games. However, most players do not really understand where gambling originated. It was suggested that in medieval Europe patrons started playing a number of card games. Not only did they start playing card games, but they associated the practice with gambling and drinking. The activity grew so popular that it drew a plethora of cheats and charlatans. Eventually, card playing became so popular and disruptive that the authorities banned it. One of the earliest bans can be dated back to 1377 where an ordinance forbade card games during the work week. In addition to this, a number of bans were instituted throughout the region of Europe.

The Four Original French Suits

The cards that players play with today were designed based on the four original French suits. This, of course, would be the clubs, diamonds, hearts, and spades. What is most interesting is that these cards bear little resemblance to the items that they actually represent. The creators decided to go with these designs because they were much easier to replicate than the original motifs. Throughout the years, the designs that have appeared on cards varied from geography and culture. Some civilizations liked to use stars, birds, and even goblets. Some civilizations even used sorcerers, which somewhat resembled the trump cards found in the older tarot decks. However, these designs were really meant as more of a distraction.

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