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‘I never repeated one outfit in the University’ – Denola Grey

Gisting with bloggers and media enthusiasts at the Samantha Bistro ‘3 bloggers 1 night event’ on Sunday 6th March 2016, Denola Grey spoke about his struggles and hustles while in the University, during service year and then moving to Nigeria.

A graduate of Media business from Baylor University, Texas, having worked in New York as a fashion PR, and moved to Nigeria for his National Youth Service, Denola Grey has grown in leaps and bounds in the men’s fashion scene in Nigeria.

Known for his slaying slayer outfits, bespoke look and trying to improve Nigerian men’s fashion upgrade in Nigeria, Denola Grey has become a force to reckon with in the Nigerian fashion scene.

He said ‘I never really dressed how I felt on the inside, so whenever I go shopping, I always shop based on how I feel. I will go out and buy stuffs, but then i started putting them together. In my senior year in the University, I won an award as the best dressed, that was when I started having confidence in my fashion sense. To be honest, I never repeated one outfit in the University’ ( Awesome)

I learnt a lot about the fashion industry, I understood that the fashion industry can be very unforgiving, but there are loads of benefits in there, based on the creativity.


Denola Grey started out on June 14 2014 after coining the Grey to his name from Christian grey, writer of the book, 50 shades of grey. He is also a bi-monthly contributor to Bellanaija, on Fashion tips for Men.

Zina Anumudu of the popular Anumudu dynasty; billionaire daughter of Chief Willie and Nkiru Anumudu started out as a photographer, taking pictures of clothing and anything fashion. The Masters degrees holder in Communications was quick to add that blogging is all about passion and creativity and then the need to keep going, until that blogging enables you become a force to be reckoned with in your niche.

Asides the fact that she is blogger and a fashion enthusiast, she is also own a brand consulting company and is also a brand consultant having branded for the likes of Coca Cola amongst others.


She enthused ‘Brand started approaching me not to only blog, but to also assist them restrategise and all that’

With respect to collaboration, Zina recently shot a video with Denola on their lives and it would be aired soon. She said that she met Denola two weeks after coming back to Nigeria from France and they clicked immediately, being very good friends till now.

‘Fashion blogging is very important because it gives you a voice, because brands do not need to advertise with celebrities and bill boards alone, they also advertise with bloggers with a voice. Brands believe that the Zina brand is target specific and as such would prefer advertising with a blogger who has a target specific market. on identifying your niche market and making an income from it, i think i am on the right part.’

Oge Agu is the Content Lead at, an online fashion and lifestyle magazine that is currently trending and gaining massive followership in Nigeria and beyond. The Physiology Graduate of the College of Medicine, University of Lagos single handedly increased the followership of Kamdora from just 5000 in 2012 to over 400,000 in 2016 and the number keeps increasing.

Oge in her story talked about her passion for fashion blogging based on the fact that fashion relates to her everyday life.

She added that Kamdora was formerly an e-commerce website that folded up and subsequently became the blog that it is today. She single handedly managed the blog for years before adding other editors to the blog.


Oge advised on the significance of the Search Engine Optimization plugin for bloggers to increase visibility and improve on Google ranking and finally added that ‘You can do whatever you want to do, if you put your mind’

It was a wonderful evening filled with food and drinks from the popular Samantha Bistro & Grills as the invitees; bloggers and fashion enthusiasts alike all has a great evening to remember for time to come. The event is expected to be a monthly event. We can’t wait for the next Bloggers’ evening.

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Both again


















Oge and her crew




Samantha Bistro


The 3 bloggers


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