We love beautiful wedding stories, don’t we? This is the amazing story of Faith and Toyin who met under unusual circumstances, fell in love and are getting married this weekend. This Naija Wedding Story was a case of a lady shooting her shot with the intention to live happily ever after.

This story is all you need to fall in love with LOVE.

Read on.

naija wedding story


On the first of November 2014, I was in church with a family friend and brother Tuyi Omolafe, and we talked generally about news and digital media. He then told me he has a friend who is into media…Faith Olaniran. I thought Faith was a lady and asked Tuyi? He said No, a guy. The name got stuck in my mind and I couldn’t get my mind off it.

Out of curiosity, I searched for him on Facebook and I viewed his profile.

I started doing it often – checking his profile, but I didn’t send a friend request.

Fast forward to January 15, 2015, I got a broadcast message to add Faith Olaniran for news and update I was like wow, this is cool

As happy I was then, I was calm and I didn’t send a request immediately. February 7, 2015, came and I sent a request to Faith.

Then on the 8th of February, I got a broadcast message from him around 4 in the morning, I was traveling to Port Harcourt City that morning so I was up. I replied “at last”  and almost immediately we started talking.

We didn’t see for the first four months, but we were already dating.

naija wedding story

First impressions

I already like Faith before I saw him. I was attracted to his name.

Was it love at first sight?

No, it wasn’t. At first, I was first attracted to his name and then later, his social values.

Did he ask you out?

It was the other way round, I told him I liked him and I wanted it last forever.

Relationship challenges

Yes. But we always talk about it and avoided third party.

Faith is God fearing, He has command, he is inventive, he is hardworking. Above all, he is a good man. When I heard his name, something told me he is the one.

On Proposal

naija wedding story

I said yes right from the start, and it was worth the wait.

Faith said he knew it was Toyin right from the beginning. Isn’t love just beautiful?

I knew it was her from the very start but had to build up our friendship. We are the best of friends before we even started courting. I had to wait till when it was right on my mind.

I proposed to her April 15, 2018, after dating since February 2015.

On his definition of LOVE

naija wedding story

Love is very a strong word…love is when you can’t stop thinking about  someone and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it

What advice do you have for ongoing relationship and lovebirds?

When you love someone, do not hesitate… Do not procrastinate….say it out loud and then you can go from there

This is indeed a beautiful love story, and on behalf of the Dee Weddings Team, Congratulations on your togetherness and may God lay his hands of blessings on your home. We dedicate this beautiful ‘T Classic ft Mayorkun’s song Fall in Love to your family:

Say your prayers to this beautiful family.

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