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Viral Naija Wedding Story: From JAMB Lesson To Love Lessons

viral naija wedding story

Viral Naija wedding story: Beautiful Favour Ezugwu recently took to her Facebook page to announce her wedding with an amazing love story that did not seem to go by us. A post which has since gone viral which popular news blog; picked it up and friends and well-wishers thronged her page to congratulate her.

viral naija wedding story

Check out the viral wedding story on her Facebook page:

It also went on NaijaDotNG website:

In the middle of beautiful love stories, there are beautiful life and love lessons to learn. So we caught up with Favour and her Beau, Chibuzor Nwabueze to share their love lessons. Love is indeed a beautiful thing.


viral naija wedding story

We met in a lesson centre in 2012. He was the government teacher where I did my Jamb lessons.  Nothing happened after we met. It was just a normal teacher-student relationship. We hardly talked throughout the lesson period.

I was wowed by his intelligence and the way he carried himself. I liked the physique of the person I saw. Tall dark and handsome embellished with intelligence but I was scared of meeting or talking to him because I perceived him as being arrogant and harsh because of some I don’t care attitude he was displaying.

I don’t know if I should cal how I felt love at first sight. I saw him and liked him but I’m not sure if I can call that love. It might be infatuation or an I don’t know but what I can surely call love came after we got talking and knew each other very well.

He asked me out first during a star trek event in Nsukka. He asked that we went together. I accepted. After that, we went on many more dates before he asked me to be his girlfriend and I accepted in March. I think some weeks after the first date.

Dealing with relationship challenges

viral naija wedding strory

Aaaah.  We had plenty of issues. Many serious fights that were capable of wrecking a relationship no matter how wonderful. But at the beginning of the relationship, we reached a resolution that we will trash out every issue we have before going to bed. It worked. Sometimes it didn’t, depending on the offence. But we always answered each other call no matter what. Then at some point, we decided to take 2 weeks break as we were getting choked up. The break didn’t work because we reconciled the next day.

We have had challenges but we were always ready to forgive and look on what brought us thus far instead of focusing on the offence.

What excited me about him

In everything he does I come first. Like everything. He’s so hardworking and someone that is always ready to bring solutions to all challenges I tell him I have. He’s very domesticated too. Wait until you eat eat his food. He’s very playful too.

The feeling of Proposal

viral naija wedding story

We dated for an amazing 4 years and 7 months and he proposed to me November 2017. It was one of the happiest days of my life.

Spending my life with him is the best thing that can happen to me. It’s a dream come through for I know that with him, I’m complete. I have never had a double mind about it.

Love is patience, kind, faithful and truthful. It’s not just by saying I love you a hundred times a day. Saying it is important but living it out is so important. Love is sacrifice.

Relationship Advice

If you see the things you want in a partner, please stick to them.

It might not be all rosy at the beginning but it will definitely come through. Most importantly make sure his/her visions align with yours. You can’t be in a relationship with someone who has a contrary view of everything in life.

You must not agree on all things but you have to disagree to agree at all points. It’s not always about the money. If they have a hustling spirit all will be fine. Don’t go into a relationship focusing on what you will gain. Focus on how you both will make each other better.

Lastly, your mind should not be focused on marriage. One month after you start a relationship you are asking the guy when he’s going to pop the question. No. Let things unfold. Love, love and allow life to happen at the appropriate time. But in all, know when to take a walk and when to stay.

Check out this sweet love poem she wrote to Chibuzor on his birthday.


viral naija wedding story

My first impression of Favour when we met at the lesson center was that of a lovely lady, beautiful personality and focused young woman.

Love at first sight?

No, it wasn’t actually love at first sight. We had seen over and over again before we started dating. I was attracted to her beautiful personality, her beauty, and her focus.

Relationship challenges?

We have in the last over 4 years had a lot of challenges actually. Some necessary, some not and some being the defining challenges of the forming stage of relationships.

One singular factor has helped us overcome all this while: openness and willingness to dialogue.

I must also use this opportunity to state expressly that in my over 2 decades of existence I have never come across someone as open and understanding as FavourShe is open, trustworthy, beautiful inside and out, supportive and very playful. Even her female friends will tell you this. These virtues, as well as a commitment to be resilient in the face of these challenges, has helped us scale through always.

When did you know it was the right time to propose?

viral naija wedding story

Within the first year of the relationship, I knew I was going to marry her and I made this known from the onset.

There were doubts even from her side, but I had seen treasure and I wasn’t going to allow another man to take it. So when I felt that the conditions were right, I proposed. Suffice this to note that there was no formal proposal as is with what is mainstream these days (the kneeling, the rings, flowers, surprises, and paparazzi).

Our everyday discussions were filled with plans for our future together, especially in the last 3 years and 8 months. What happened in November 2017 was that we firmed our marital decision, fixed tentative dates, commenced initial meeting with both families, developed a budget, drew up a resource mobilization strategy and fixed timelines.

There was no surprise, we knew right from time. I also feel I should point out here that the decision on who to marry and spend the rest of your life with has nothing to do with surprises. It should be a well thought out process, highly consultative between the two partners and a PRE-PLANNED DECISION.

Love is:

Openness, understanding, forgiveness, togetherness, sacrifice patience and maybe emotions.

Advice do you have for ongoing relationship and lovebirds?

viral naija wedding story

I think the biggest challenge with relationships of today is lack of a clear goal, commitment, unseriousness, and immaturity. My advice to people in ongoing relationships would be:

  • Define the goal of the relationship. If its sex, then go for it and maximize it. If its friendship the same principle would apply. If you are in it for trial and error, let it be defined so that in the case where the trial fails, the partners are convinced of what it was from the onset.
  • Be committed to what you share and cherish. That bond needs the lubricant of commitment maybe more than anything else.
  • Be very willing and open to making mistakes. Learn from the mistakes and become better in the relationship.
  • Be serious, sincere and trustworthy as individuals in the relationship.

This is indeed a beautiful love story, and on behalf of the Dee Weddings Team, Congratulations on your togetherness and may God lay his hands of blessings on your home. We dedicate this beautiful ‘Lucas Graham’s song – Love Someone to your family:

Say your prayers for this family and share this viral naija wedding story with family and friends.

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