Importance Of Online Advertising To New Businesses

importance of online advertising

The importance of online advertising can never be overemphasized. In a world where there is insane usage of the internet, there is a complete shift from traditional marketing and advertising to online business marketing and advertising. On this post you will see why there is the need to shift completely from traditional advertising to the growing trend of online advertising, and when you are done reading this post, you will drop your comments of thanks on the post below.

You need to understand the reason why online market and advertising is important. Asides the fact that it gives your business new exposures and guarantees new leads, online advertising provides wide array of benefits that you will sincerely appreciate when you commence the process.

Now my first question to you is?

Do you remember waking up every morning and the first thing you check is your phone? Do you remember having to search for anything online and you resort to using google? Have you thought about having to make purchases all from the comfort of your home and your phone or laptop provides you with the speed, convenience and comfort with making the transactions?

There you have it!

Now as a small and modern business, the importance of online advertising should not be cast under the stone. You will notice a lot of blue chip companies develop huge budgets for marketing and advertising, and of late there have been tremendous amount spent on digital media and online advertising. This is to tell you that the big brands are beginning to leverage digital media and the internet to give their brands the depth it desires.

While we can not totally diminish the effect of traditional advertising and its importance to businesses over the years. It is time we realized that there is complete move away from traditional to online. Give it 3-5 years in Nigeria and everywhere in the world, 90% percent of daily business activities will be consummated online. Who says the timing isn’t now for your BUSINESS?

Advertising helps you to expand your reach to not only existing customers but also potential customers as well, which ultimately culminates into increased sales in the short term. What is the essence of whispering to a lady in the dark, when you know that she can neither see nor hear you. You know what your intentions are though, but the lady or anyone around her does not. That is the meaning of running a business without adequate structures in place for advertisement.


What is the importance of online advertising for your business?

1 You attract and consequently win new leads

When you advertise your product to internet users, albeit in a totally creative way with intention, you not only create an impression in their minds as to what your business and product is all about but also win them over to your side. As earlier mentioned, advertising does not only show your competitiveness as a business, it also creates the potential to win new customers who will be tempted to try out your product.

So what do you say? You are still thinking twice about the importance if online advertising? Okay, let’s move forward.

2 Online advertising helps you create an online awareness and consciousness

As a small and modern business, when you advertise your business online, you are trying to create that online consciousness that may cover certain demographic. In the past years, online advertising has not only helped to create tremendous awareness for new or existing products, but also assisted businesses in winning new customers and also geeting a lot of referrals not only from those that need the business or product but also from those who came in touch with the advert online.

So you see? Online advertising not only helps you create lasting impression, but also helps you generate and gain referrals.

3 Online advertising helps you retain customers

Online advertising does only convince potential customers to use your servive or product but also try to retain them as well. Remember new leads, customers gives you loyal and dedicated customers.

Having a fantastic product or service is simply not enough to retain customers. While I can agree that it is easy to win new customers with good products, retaining them is usually more difficult.

Why, you ask me?

Simply because there are a million and 1 compettive products ou there, so you need to stay on their faces and minds so that they will come back for more and that automatically leads to an increased bottomline for your product or service and consequently increased profit for your business.

Still not convinced  on the importance of online advertising yet?….Let’s ride on!

4 Online advertising helps you to gain traction and remain competitive

Online advertising helps you to achieve online traction for your business and helps you stay competitive and a step ahead of competitiors.

I will explain further!

While a lot of new and modern business are still focused on developing the traditional mode of promulgating their business, online advertising put you a step ahead of others by getting an online grip of your business ontime and real time. While it will suffice to say that the shift is gradually affecting the traditional mode of consummating business transactions, it is discouraging to say a lot of modern businesses still spend a lot of time fine-tuning their traditional business settings while equal time should have been divided on both traditional and online. Even infact, I would expect that more time and resources is expensed on online advertising instead of wasting a lot of time and losing the competitiveness that comes with taking the first real and consistent step to be above others in your business category.

Online advertising helps you to compete favourable, not just because your customers make use of your product or service. But they see that you are always within their sights and on their minds by your consistent online advertisement and branding. You will be able to compete excellently with other brands/ businesses within your category.

Let me let you in on a little trick, See perception is everything. Not only am I saying that your product or service has to be top notch but you must always remain in the face and minds of your customers, so that they can value your service and product more and this helps you stay competitive.

Got it?

Why place your adverts on Nigeria’s best relationship and lifestyle Photoblog?

Imagine if you have your business on an online platform where Nigerians targeting queries, questions and requests can immediately jump on a landing page where your ADs are spread for all to see.

Let us use an example of Deedeesblog, the best relationship and lifestyle photoblog. In recent times, Deedeesblog have gotten over 80% organic searches from Internet users looking for solutions to relationship issues, trying to find the most perfect and best text messages to suit their daily needs and also on the look out for pictures of events happening around them. These numbers keep increasing everyday, and I will not be surprised as a blogger if the daily numbers increase by thousands before the end of the third quarter.

Further tests have shown the demography of internet users that spend quality time on Deedeesblog are Nigerians that have their age distribution between the ages of 18-35 years. This shows the current trend for users on the Internet; the hippy and savvy populace who are on the look out for the latest and trending matters online. On the push of a search of query related to my niche, they find Deedeesblog sitting on top of their searches.

That is what organic traffic can do to a blog and a business.

Now imagine, you are a small business who intends to generate leads for your product that is related to what Deedeesblog stands for, the best place to market these products asides the numerous social marketing that we have online will be Deedeesblog where your users will be visiting every second, every minute of the day.

One last important take away from me

No matter how great you think your business is, no matter how lean you think your advert budget is, if people do not know about your business or product, you are so ON YOUR OWN!

Isn’t it time you leverage these for your online advertising, or you need more convincing on the importance of online advertising. Feel free to contact DeeDee on +2348067484109 or push an email to, if you require further enquires or need me to push you online adverts on the blog.


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