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Car crashes tend to be one of the main causes of injury as well as death amongst children.

A crash is able to create much force. If you get the right car seat for your child, you can protect them better from this impact.

Different types of car seats 

Three different types of car seats are available that you can employ with your infant.

An infant car seat

The seat is a small and portable one and possesses a carrying handle along with a separate base which should be left within the car.

It is possible to get additional bases for those who have other vehicles. These car seats are usually made for babies who are around 22 to 40 pounds. This depends on the model.

They should be employed in the rear-facing position. When the baby is 9 to 18 months, they will often outgrow the infant seats.

Convertible car seat

These car seats are able to be utilized for more time in the rear-facing position. They can later be employed in a front-facing position.

These car seats tend to be generally bulkier as well as less travel-friendly in comparison to infant car seats. The fit of this one may be slightly less safe for your newborn.

Therefore, if you decide to get this one, be certain that the baby is able to fit snugly within it.

All-in-one car seat

This one can be transformed from the rear-facing car seat going to the forward-facing one and then a booster seat.

Be sure that the car seat is made to be employed with babies as some are not. These seats often do not possess a carrying handle and separate base.

They are also bigger so you should be sure that the newborn is able to fit properly into them. Also, see the manual to know if the seat will fit in your car.

The ones you can get for toddlers, as well as preschoolers, are:

  • Convertible car seat: It is important that toddlers stay in a rear-facing position of the convertible car seat till they are the maximum height and weight for the model.
  • All-in-one car seat: The toddler who is in the all-in-one model, should be in a rear-facing position as long as possible.

For school-aged children, you can get an all-in-one car seat or a booster seat.

 Tips for buying a car seat

  • Be sure that the car seat is able to fit in the vehicle you have.
  • The seat must be perfect for the child’s present height and weight.
  • Avoid getting a secondhand car seat as it may have been damaged due to an accident. It may have lost some of its parts. Only get the one that is from friends and family who will provide the right history. It should not be very old and should come with instructions.

Look at the different car seats available like child car seat at Maxi-Cosi NZ for instance if you want to get an idea of what is present.

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