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Inspirational Short Prayers To Start The Day

short prayers to start the day

Looking for amazing inspirational short prayers to start the day? Then we have got loads of short prayers to start the day for you on here. The idea of starting your day with short prayers have been since time immemorial and wanting to commence a day with a short prayer to God is just a norm. Remember that this can also serve as short inspirational prayers, beautiful morning prayers, positive morning prayers, powerful morning prayers, good morning prayer messages, good morning prayer for a friend, simple prayers, morning prayer before work.

A short morning prayer is a magnificent way to lift your voice to God’s to properly arrange your day for you. Regardless of whether you require support, peace, or rest, God can meet you at the point of your needs if you walk up to him in a clean heart and in the most prayerful manner. It is quite important that you seek the face of God every morning before stepping out to start your daily activities for the day. You would agree that this is a very good thing to do.

Looking for short prayers to mouth to God or to share with family and friends? You are on the right page.

Let’s get to it, shall we?

Lovely Short Prayers to Start the day

My Lord and my Savior, I pray this day that nothing will take me away from you. Show me the way Dear God to always work in your path and in your presence, and lead me onto progression in spirit and in truth. Give me the grace oh King of Glory to find grace in the truthfulness of your word. Help me to keep my heart unadulterated and unified. Shield me from my own imprudent musings, words, and activities. What’s more, shield me from being diverted by MY needs. I know you have done it. Oh God. May your name be praised forever. Amen.

2. Help me to grasp what comes my way as an open door… as opposed to an individual burden. Help me to rest in reality of Psalm 86:13, ‘Awesome is your affection toward me.’ You as of now observe the ways I will miss the mark and disappoint. However, at the present time, I intentionally walk in you and will do all I can to make sure that I obey all the commandments that you have laid for me. Deliver my soul this day oh God and help me through the rest of the week. May your name be praised today and forever. Amen.

3. Dear Almighty Father, I am not sure of what or what will cross my path today, but I know that you are the only one who knows what will happen before I get there. I pray that you give me strength and fortify me today and always. Help me dear God to hold onto you the best way that I can and shield me from all the terrible things that may come my way this week. Show me how to remain steadfast in you and let me walk in your light oh God.

4. Show me your undiluted love, give me the grace to get onto whatever it is you have prepared for me. Let my living soul praise your name, and love me for who I am today and forever. Give me your protection oh heavenly father and make me a minister of your word. Lead me not into temptation mighty God because you are the one Great God that delivers from evil. Let me live in your glory oh God and let your name be praised in my life forever. You are the God who never changes and I know that you are preparing me for greater days ahead. Thank you precious Father. May your name be praised forever. Amen.

5. Almighty father, please give me the strength and courage to go through this difficult day. When I am enticed to surrender, help me to continue onward into the path you have set for me. Give to me a lively soul when things don’t go the way I have planned them to. Finally give me the strength to conclude whatever should be finished. In Jesus’ name, Amen.”

6. Father, I feel weak and tired. I feel like this load is too heavy for me to carry. Words like overpowered, distressed, depleted appear to depict where I am. I don’t know how to give to convey my overwhelming burden that is weighing me down, so please help me dear Lord. Take it from me. Give me a chance to rest and be invigorated so that I can have the power to start again from where I have stopped. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

7. Dear King of glory, please help me see what amazing difference it makes to set aside a few minutes of my time with you every morning. Stir me in the body and soul everyday to want to meet with you and help me through my issues. Help me with the ability to make profound statements into my life and stay with me from now till forever. In Jesus name. Amen.

8. Father Lord, my heart is riled with confusion and fear. I feel as though I am suffocating in my mind and my heart is loaded with terrible thoughts and sadness. I truly require the peace that no one but You can give. At this moment, I rest in You. In Jesus’ Name I ask, Amen.

9. My God my father, my heart is broken and I know you can see it. My soul is smashed, but I know you are the God my rescuer. Your word of affirmation is my expectation. It restores me and keeps me at peace with myself. My spirit shakes, but I know you are the breath of life inside me. You are my assistance, the Lord who manages me. I am powerless yet You are solid. You favor the individuals who grieve, and I believe You to favor me and my family with all that we require. You will protect me from this shallows of depression since You savor the experience of me. In Jesus’ Name.

10. Heavenly father, thank you for your help and support. I pray today that you assist me in moving past the obstacles that come my way and give me the grace and ability to look up to you with the expectation that I am on the right path of righteousness. Thank you Lord for everything. Amen!


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