I love you letters to the one I love

1.Being in love with you coupled with the fact that I don’t get to see you every time has not been the most easiest of things. There are moments when I was willing to trade anything in this world just have a few memories  with you. The feeling of being incomplete has always found it’s way around me as I feel a part of me is missing everytime you are away from me. I quite understand that this is how it will be for a couple more months but that reality has not made coping any easier. Everyday you spend away from me reminds me of how much joy your presence gives me. Never forget that I truly love you and I am having my own personal countdown until the very minute we are going to meet again.

2. I am still uncertain about where life will take us. I do not even yet know if we can tolerate, compromise and be together forever. The only certain thing is me standing by your side no matter the challenges and hardship life has got in stock for us. Even though you are far away from me and we only communicate on phone and connected by mutual thoughts, I am more than willing to walk through hot coals barefooted for you simply because I never fell in love with you because I was lost or lonely, I got crazy about loving you till the end because the first time I saw you was the first time ever I felt like I needed to make you a part of my world permanently.

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3. I was never the one cut out for adventure but getting to know you was the most beautiful of all the adventures I will ever have. It was like discovering a total package of the love of my life and an inseparable best friend all in one. Those moments, I had to check again to make sure I was not dreaming or in a trance because it felt too good to be true with the believe that a person that embodies your personality could not have been real. The concept of wholesome and perfection seems like a fallacy until I met you, you are just too flawless without a fault, we getting along really well like a piece of furniture put together is just so amazing  and unreal.

4. I had no other choice than to succumb to the feeling even though it felt like the love in the cinema, I surrendered in a bid to know more about you,  got to now more about myself instead because you are the other half that completes me. With you, memories come gushing like a faulty tap with unending supply of water, your ability to laugh loudly like a child that has just been handed a packet of sweet, your toddler-like joy and love that is rooted deeply into the depth of your heart reminds me everyday of the kind of person I am when I was just a kid.In a bid to find fulfillment and be happy in life, I have tried my hands on things that are meant to bring me joy but those are not as complete as the joy that comes along with finding you, it is an incomparable joy and every blessed day that I wake up and realize you are still mine, I can not just thank the universe enough for deeming me worthy of all the 7 billion people on the planet, he made our path cross and turn us into lovers.

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5. I can go on and on from morning till night then the ext day about how much I love you, others will see me as crazy but I am sure you will understand how I feel this way, the transformation your presence and the love you showered me brought into my once miserable life is a gift nothing in this world can replicate and that is why I am holding on to you as my happily ever after, my best friend, soul mate, dream come true, my one and only, my shoulder to lean on, my anchor, my life, my love. You are the only one who can make me go through the night without blinking an eye to catch a glimpse of sleep, the only person I never get tired of talking to and the only one who crosses my heart throughout the day. I love you.

6. Right from the moment the sweet scent of your fragrance caught the attention of my nose to the moment I took my time to search you out amidst the crowd in the banking hall right to the moment I lifted my head to see your beautiful smile, flawlessly white set of teeth, a beautiful face and a curvy figure that is just a perfect fit, my troubled heart could not get a hold of itself as the stress that has been building in me all these while melted off and there was this sudden urge to talk to you on a casual note. Right there and then, there was nothing in my head that I wanted to say to you, I was simply starstruck that having something to say was completely out of it. I have been around a lot of crowded places and I have seen a lot of beautiful faces complimented with nice bodily features but something about you aroused my interest in getting to know you better. I took my time to arrange myself, plan my steps in order not to look awkward and the top of it all was an appropriate ice breaker that would not make the conversation stop at hello. You got to the counter as it was your turn, the cashier attended to you and you left without even knowing you have got yourself a new admirer, I tried to make it through the crowd in order to get to you and have a decent conversation about whatever it is you wanted to talk about, me getting your phone number and the chances of us hanging out sometimes later but I could not do any of these because the crowd was not just moving and you were far gone by now. I gave up, felt dejected and depressed, I thought to myself, I did not try hard enough to get through to you, there will never be a next time to get the chance of meeting you.

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I got home, had a cold shower and for a moment it was as if my nose had stopped functioning as your fragrance was everywhere, it was like my nose now had a mind of it’s own, I just could not get that smell out and God, the picture of that gorgeous smile of your kept on replaying in my head like a faulty dvd player. There was work the next day, I had to sleep early in order to get up just in time and meetup with my early morning train, I had a light dinner, my phone was in hand and I was surfing the internet in order to catch up with business news I have missed. Up until the moment we met again at the  train station, I never, not for a minute believed in fate, I had trouble sleeping that night for reasons unknown to me. My alarm went off at exactly 5am and I was lowkey cursing under my breath because to me, I barely had an hour of sleep, I felt the night passed away in a jiffy, the alarm already woke me and getting out of bed, having my morning prayer and going about my normal daily routine seemed like the best thing to do. I got dressed, looking my best, I headed straight for the train station and there you were, a beautiful damsel standing and concentrating on the screen of her tiny mobile, I looked in your direction, stared for a few seconds, maybe a minute or two, I do not know, the time seemed to have stopped then, I was staring to check over and over again if it was really you, the beautiful girl from the banking hall I did not get a chance to meet and have a conversation with.  If my memory serves me right, you were backing me and I had to tap your shoulders lightly in order to get your attention and get you to remove the earpods you plugged in your ears, you turned with a sheepish smile that was a mixture of both “how can I help you” and “who in the heavens do you think you are to disturb my time alone”. We got talking, it seemed  we had interest in almost the same things and getting the conversation to last for a reasonable amount of time was not a problem at all, your train was here and getting your number so I can put calls through to you seemed like the best thing to do, though you we reluctant, I did get your number and we bade ourselves goodbye.

The joy that was in me after getting your number was indescribeable and I think that was the beginning of our love story. Everybody at work noticed a change in me that morning, it was not like I was a moody guy or anything, colleagyes just figured I was overly excited and the players among them already knew it was because of a girl, oh my gosh, the satisfaction of getting to meet someone you get along with feels like heaven. That day, I just coukd not wait for the office hours to be over so that I can finally get a free time at the comfort of my bed to call and discuss extensively with you. A call turned into series of calls and before we knew what was happening, we were always having constant conversations over call and it was like a honey bee which just discovered a flower with the sweetest nectar. I took the bold step of asking you out on a date and before I could even finish making my sentence, you had already agreed,  we picked a restaurant we mutually liked and that date waas the beginning of our happiky ever after. Do you still remember how the nervousness of the waiter who attended to us got the best part of her because it was her first day of the job? She spilled the coffee we ordered on you and here is the most interesting part of that evening, how you acted calm even though the coffee was devilish hot is still a mystery to me. After the date, things started getting pretty serious between us and we no longer consider dating or courtship because it seemed we have found what we were both lacking and that is love in an hopeless place.

7. Today is our 25th year anniversary and what started as a simple hello escalated to us making the decision of spending our whole lives together. Thank you for making cute and beautiful babies with me and sticking with me through it all. I love you.

8. Having to cuddle with you all night long after long hours of work is the best part and highlight of my day. You came into my life at a time when I was down and my world seemed to be falling apart, just like an angel, you appeared from nowhere and lifted my spirit with your soft words that soothes my aching soul whenever I hear them, I am intoxicated by your love and I am helplessly falling for you over and over again. My day had always been gloomy until I started waking up to your perfectly shaped face resting peacefully on my chest. You have always been the love of my life right from the time I was still nurturing the thoughts of asking you out, without mincing words, you are the best thing that has ever happened to me on this planet. If there is a next life, I will still want you as my significant other.

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