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An Instagram handle @divinebirthstories share inspiring birth stories and amazing testimonies of women before and after childbirth, and this particular story got to me that I had no choice but to share. Are you a Nigerian woman or any woman anywhere in the world looking for the fruit of the womb, you need to read this story of Dolapo Adebisi and be inspired that as long as God lives, he’s got you covered. Read the story below:

In order to fully understand a story, one should know the beginning.

I was 25 years old when I found out I was pregnant. My stomach literally just started to swell one day, I assumed I was constipated so I just let it be. A few days later, my husband was like “ahah why is your stomach so big”. It felt hard and I was extremely comfortable and in pain. We went to the hospital that evening and as soon as the doctor saw me he ordered a pregnancy test. Of-course it came out positive..but I was just about a week pregnant. My doctor told me I would be fine and my stomach was probably just swelling because my ovaries were reacting late to pregnancy and secreting fluid. 

When I was 6 weeks pregnant, I went for my first ultrasound. At this point the pregnancy was already hitting me hard. I was literally always hungry or sleepy. The doctor put the probe in and when he looked at the monitor, I could see the sheer shock on his face. I remember actually asking him ahah what is it. He said “there are 3 babies in there”. I immediately started to cry.

How!? I called out to my husband who was in the next room waiting…. He rushed in and so did 3 nurses. My husband took it really well, he was actually happy. I just kept crying…. the nurses tried to console me saying things like “it’s a blessing, don’t worry u will be fine”.

My pregnancy was certainly no walk in the park. At 11 weeks, my doctor said I have to have a procedure called a cerclage where they basically sew your cervix shut. They give you an epidural to numb you from the waist down and you’re awake. Thankfully the surgery went without a hitch. I couldn’t keep anything down for 7 months, everything I ate, drank came back up. I couldn’t even successfully take my prenatal vitamins.

Every two weeks, I would go to the hospital for ultrasounds, the would check the babies’ heartbeats and say “they are doing well”.

My mum and I traveled to Atlanta, Georgia when I was 29 weeks. Because of the nature of my pregnancy I was referred to a high risk specialist. They did a very thorough check on each of the babies one at at time (the whole process took atleast an hour and a half if not more).

The doctor told me that baby B was just in the 16th percentile of growth and the fluid in her sac was really small (the other two were 60th and 49th percentile). I did not see this coming at all, I thought they were all fine and growing well. I was extremely depressed and cried and cried, I couldn’t even bring myself to pray. I was emotionally, mentally and physically drained. We were told there wasn’t cause for alarm yet and that we should go home.

My mum simply said to me “my dear don’t worry, I told God that it’s 5 of us that will go back to Lagos and so shall it be”. Every night she would go to the basement and do vigil, praying for me and my children. I don’t know what I would have done without her. We went back to the hospital the next week and were told baby B’s fluid had increased a bit so we can still go. The next week (at 32 weeks 6 days) the doctor showed me their growth chart, my precious lil baby B had not grown an inch in two whole weeks.

It was clear that her placenta was not feeding her and they needed to bring all of them out so she could be fed through tubes. I was admitted immediately and my C-section was scheduled for the next day. The birth went smoothly and we were all out of the operating room in about 30 mins. All babies cried on cue as they brought them out one by one. I was overjoyed. My mum went up to NICU with the babies so they could be admitted while I was in recovery.

I wasn’t allowed to see them till later the next day. The first time I saw them I was truly shocked. I had never seen tinier babies in my whole life. With their oxygen tubes and feeding tubes… they were hooked on to at least a dozen machines each. Baby A and C were small but baby B….. wow….I could literally see her ribs every time she breathed. Thinking back, I probably should have cried or something, but I just found an inner strength that can not describe. I knew I had to be strong for them, especially her.

I was discharged 3 days after my surgery and even though I was still recovering, I would go back forth to see them every other day.

My husband and I named our children:
Baby A: Tiwalola Leila
Baby B: Tiwadayo Liyana
Baby C: Tiwadire Rayyan.

One of their doctors told me they performed a test on Tiwadayo and there was something wrong with her legs. I freaked out!!! Again my mum said “ko si nkan nkan to se Omo mi”. (Nothing is wrong with my daughter)

I spoke to another doctor and she said the other doctor should not have told me that, babies that size hardly pass that test and she’s fine. I was relieved. Tiwadire was discharged two weeks later and Tiwalola followed shortly. Just before Tiwadayo was discharged, the doctor told me I would have to take her to an eye specialist because children born below 1.2kg might not be able to see.

Again, I freaked out, but I took her to the specialist and to God Be the Glory her eyes were perfectly fine. She had severe reflux as well, her food will just come out of her nose making it difficult for her to breathe…. with time she outgrew that as well. The child that I feared I might lose was the first of the three to sit, crawl and walk. 

My journey to becoming a mom of triplets was not an easy one in any way but I am incredibly grateful that they chose me to be their mother. God has been with us and continues to be with us every step of the way. My lil angels are 16 months old now. They are incredibly big for their age and they are hitting every milestone. 
I am grateful to God for giving me the kind of mother that I have. She has been a huge support, from the beginning pregnancy till now. My siblings, especially my sisters who helped make those first few months a lot less overwhelming…. thank you.

To my babies……Tiwalola, Tiwadayo & Tiwadire Adebisi I love you so very much, thank you for choosing me to be you mummy. And to my Babyboy- Baba3 I love u!
This experience has changed me in every way… and I am grateful for every part of it, it’s made me a better and stronger person. I know I am capable so much more than I thought myself to be.

Inspired by this birth story? Surely God is good all the time. Just in case you want to read more amazing and inspiring birth stories, you can head over to @divinebirthstories on Instagram and be inspired! 

And if you’re newly pregnant or hoping to be, learn more about what will happen to your body and growing baby during the various stages of pregnancy.


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