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Love Like A Game | Singles Meet Singles Event

love like a game

Love like a game is a platform where singles meet singles to learn undiluted truth about relationships. We believe the problem of marriage of today started as relationships problem and it is believed that if people know the right thing they will produce the right result. In our society people learn from the wrong source and they produced wrong result.

Feelings or emotions cannot get the job done, individuals need to learn how to make things work. If we can learn how to drive, go to school, then why can’t we learn how to make our relationship work.

Most of our youths are in the wrong relationships with the wrong reason and they don’t know. This platform is to open up certain truth about relationships and also to help young people with broken hearts, single and searching, and engaged.

If you are seeking for direction in your relationship, then the Love Like A Game program is for you.

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Join Us. We will be waiting for you:

love like a game

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