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Got married at 24 and now 10 yrs in marriage…it’s not easy at any age cos it’s a relationship and 1 can get fed up anytime but when you stay strong you manage through. You grow together and become best of friends.its not easy but with determination you pull through all the tough moments. Tough times never last but tough people do..😃😄😘😅


You could be 40 and still now be mentally and emotionally matured enough for marriage. Age isn’t a huge factor it is about each individual.


Age is not the necessary criteria, been ready is, even if you are 2 years as long as you are ready, mentally stable,know how to cook,clean up, and nobody is forcing you into it, go ahead.


24 is not too young o! I got married at 22 and we still dey rock am! If you “think” you are ready, then you are, if you have doubts,biko stay in your fathers house.


I laugh in gibberish ooo…this post be making me think like real hard….Yes…yes…yes for a lady it is sooo ok…let me turn your lecturer for few minutes…why should I turn sef take a look at Omotola Jalade..,biko look her look her children the connection they have is marvelous…health wise if a woman is of certain age getting to have babies tend to be a bit difficult…I know of a pastor whose daughter got married at this said age and had her first issue at 26…and guess what he is going to make that a legacy to follow for his family…even sef 24 year old child of now what she knows you might not know a lot…every parent is doing all it takes to prep their female children to be confident n ready for tomorrow…a lot I have to say will be in the comment section to drop more biko….Issa yessssss🤷🏻‍♀️😁


No. Age isn’t maturity.


No, 24 isn’t young at all. I belong to the party that believe maturity has nothing to do with age. If the girl or guy is 24, matured, independent, and READY, why not?

hseofhadassah long she is matured enough to cater to a marriage need..hubby, her kids, inlaws,friends of hubby, friends of hers, friends of families, aunties, uncles, bosses, subordinates and many more..not forgeting working for her sanity..(making money)😊😊😊😊


20 is not too young sef if sense is living with her… Older once gets lesser brain.


In my opinion, 24 is not too young to get married. No one sets rules of when to get married na as far as you’ve over 18. If you think you’re ready at 19 fine, if you’d like to wait till 35, your choice. Marriage is a choice so every lady should just do what makes her happy. I know women who married at 24 and have successful marriages.


I don’t think 24 is too young to get married but it all depends on the individual at the end of the day.

Interesting reactions, you’ll say?

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    March 22, 2018 at 5:19 am

    I totally agreed with some of their comments. It all depends on you. I’m almost 24, and I know I’m not anywhere ready for marriage at all. Both physically, emotionally and financially. No one can even pressure me to be ready, because at the end of the day, I’m the one going to live with that man. If you think you’re ready at 20, please do get married, just do whatever is going to make you happy.

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