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When the blog was created in 2016, there were a total number of 30 damaged and broken relationships/ lovers that I spoke with.
In 2017, the number doubled.
In 2018, I’ve had 20 already. This made me ask the question. What is wrong with our relationships? Is there something we are doing wrong? Are the things we want to do right?

No one is perfect I agree and we can’t all find our happily ever after without learning some life lessons. But I personally feel that whether your relationship is going right or wrong, there are certain triggers you would notice that you feel you need to talk to someone about, yet you keep it to yourself or you feel you can handle on your own.
Personally love is seriously complicated nowadays that things you feel you can handle are things that actually destroy what you have built in LOVE.
NOW TO MY QUESTION. What do you think about relationship counseling? Do we need this in Nigeria? Should we wait for pre-marriage to do marriage counseling? Is relationship counseling really necessary?

These interesting Instagram reactions are a must read for you. Check out the responses from blog readers and followers:


Extremely! GOOD* ones only. Some are really not helpful esp in Nigeria where we are so religious to the point that we forget that we are real human beings.


@deedeesblog It can be a great way of bringing issues out into the light so you and your partner can examine them together and work on yourselves . You could even decide to see the counselor alone, talk bout confidential things and from there you can decide if you still wanna stay in the relationship or not, even your counselor can help you with the best way to go about it.


No matter the counselling…a devil will always be a devil but at the same time it’s important.


It all boils down to handling differences I think. For where that might come in difficult, maybe to adopt a change or be it dropping a habit, humans can just flare up or burst out of tolerance. So instead of giving up on the misunderstanding of that moment, a counsellor should rather be the intervener. A counsellor makes you see the costly little details you’ve been ignoring. The story goes forth sha.


I don’t think so I know it is crucial; a short brief about myself before I got certified as a relationship coach I noticed I was having serious heartbreak from one relationship to the other and I felt the guys were the problem until I came across a coach who I poured all the issues to and he made me see a lot that was wrong in me I needed to work out all of it; it was difficult trying to move from what wasn’t right for me into what was good but I got determined and now I can tell you how much my life has changed; despite I coach others I still listen when I hear anyone speak about relationship or marriage because you ought to learn something new to grow your relationship; when it’s stagnant then it becomes uninteresting… so do have a certified coach.


Well I don’t know about relationship counselling, I’ll rather we focus on personal development, if our head is correct as individuals, our relationships won’t suffer. Otherwise how many relationship counselling will one individual have? Some people have had over 20 relationships.


This should be imbibed into our school curriculum from secondary school. So apart from guidance and counseling units that schools have there should also be relationship units. I believe in catching them young.

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