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When Emeka Smith, the popular comedian dropped the post on Facebook yesterday that a groom cancelled out his celebrity wedding yesterday in Lagos, a lot of comments followed suit as to some people blasting the guy stating that he has destroyed the lady, she has lost the happiest day in her life…and so on and so forth. It really got me thinking. Why do most people term the happiest moment in a lady’s life as the day she gets married?

I have in many cases seen ladies very happy when they are getting married. The joy that clouds that pretty face is one that is priceless. I have also had the opportunity to be in a hospital to capture that emotional moment when a woman gives birth.

Sister Funmi, My neighbor’s wife gave birth last week at the General Hospital at Surulere. I had to rush her to the hospital because her husband was out of the country and was therefore not available.

Pacing up and down at the sitting area of the hospital, I couldn’t help but mutter a word or two of prayer, as if na me give the woman belle..LOL!

Anyway, at the first cry of the baby, I rushed to the ward window to have a sneak peek and I couldn’t help but marvel at the look of love and happiness on the face of sister Funmi! It was so priceless.

Yesterday, I was with a couple of my friends and someone started the argument that the wedding day is the happiest day in a woman’s life. Well, in my inquisitive and ‘ready for argument’ state completely objected to that premise by saying the day a woman gives birth should be the happiest day and not her wedding day. This argument continued way into the night, till we slept off like that. No answers to that statement of tact.

You want to know why I rejected marriage as being the happiest day. Let me explain: I am sure many people are of the opinion that a woman’s happiest day is the day she gets married, I say a complete No to that. Young ladies have cravings, dreams… of a prince charming coming to sweep them off their feet and they live happily ever after, what about the day you bring out your first seed into the world. Isn’t that a memorable moment also?

But wait first! Should it even be about these two situations, should it even be about these two situations should getting married and having kids be the high points in a lady’s life? Besides, does happiness have a degree? Looking at these variants objectively I’d rather say that, a woman can be happiest on the day she gets married married, happiest the day of her first delivery, or even the days she gets promoted.

Let us dwell a little on our comparative thoughts and argue things out a little….Marriage and First Delivery!..Which should be the woman’s happiest day?

Your comments are welcome, let us put this matter to bed…

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    June 16, 2016 at 12:26 am

    To me, the happiest day is not the wedding day. The wedding day is minute compared to the day she is delivered of her first baby.

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