What Does the Church Say About Oral S*x?

church say about oral sex

What is your church? What is your doctrine? What does the church say about oral s*x? What does the bible say?

Just before we really take a dig into this, I’d like to define a few terms in oral s*x.

Oral s*x is described as fellatio when done on males and said to be cunnilingus when performed on females. A certain category of humans also argue that ‘anal s*x’ is also a kind of ORAL S*X. How true this is, I would want us to discuss in the comment section.

While there have been increasing participation of couples in oral s*x in recent times; a situation that we can deem to arise from the involvement of the art of love making. It is important that we confirm the biblical and spiritual implications of couples engaging in oral coital activity.

It has become so prevalent nowadays that infact a lot of couples cannot enjoy active s*x life without engaging in this art of or*l s*x, as it is said that, it is possibly more enjoyable than love making itself.

I understand that the bible has given us our various body organs for various reasons, but then I’d have to ask, is there more to using the mouth and tongue to eat and talk. While there is a clear distinction between the organs of speech and eating and that of procreation and offspring bearing. Do we have other biblical inferences that dictates whether or now we should engage in this oral coital activity?

These and more were the questions I raised with a friend and colleague sometimes back and she infused that:

Although there is no direct inference from the bible to ascertain or disprove whether oral s*x is sacrilegious or now, but then she stated that, are our organs meant to be used for other activities rather than its natural use? She inferred from Romans 1:26 that oral s*x is sin. She further argued that God has given us the power to discern and understandably evaluate all our actions and infact use wisdom to make reasonable conclusions. She also argued that oral s*x is indecent.


The following question arose to my mind from my discussion with her.

  • What is the natural use of my mouth and tongue infact?
  • What if I decide to use my individual judgement to argue as well that oral s*x if great as it is a s*xual activity as well
  • What if oral s*x is not indecent?

This led me to another friend  and confidant who stated a contrary opinion, which further confused me in my quest to find answers to my question:

Oral s*x is a s*xual activity and it is an expression of love between ‘married couples’. God gave us s*x whether through the intertwining of genitals or through the oral activity. It is within the powers of the couples to decide how they intend to enjoy their marital life.

There is no law of God anywhere prohibiting oral activity between couples. Neither do we even have a law against masturbation (this is infact a topic for another day). Therefore, oral is not/ never a sin!

Humans that we are try to create additional rules to what the bible states, and that is where we all get things all wrong, and we tend to make ourselves and others feel unnecessary guilty. Since there is no law in the bible where it states explicitly that oral s*x is a sin, then there is no SIN.

He added a further twist to this whole scenario to say that as marriage age, love making reduces drastically and couples attempt to look for ways to improve the quality of their love life, hence oral s*x is seriously considered. Can we then say this is a SIN?

While trying to evaluate these arguments by both parties, I realized that cultural backgrounds, and various places of worship has a role to play in their conclusions and this further confused me to say, if various churches and places of christian worship keep interpreting oral s*x in different ways, then how do we even arrive at a clear understanding of whether or now oral s*x is right or wrong, physically and spiritually?

The following questions also need answers?

  • Have you been convicted in your hearts of hearts that oral s*x is wrong?
  • Does your partner agree to engaging in this kind of coital activity with you?
  • What does your church say about oral activity and where did they draw biblical inferences from?
  • Does oral s*x edify you and serve as a form of s*xual and romantic fulfillment for you and your spouse?
  • Is oral s*x pornography?

I know this is a very sensitive topic and a bit controversial but it is important that it is discussed so we can truly understand and discern physically and spiritually what is morally and spiritually right or wrong! I await your comments.

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  • Reply
    Oluwatunmise Orimayede
    October 14, 2017 at 8:21 pm

    While it is good to discuss sex and sex education, we should not forget that the sex should be between husband and wife and not gf and bf. Anything outside this is sin.
    And as for oral sex.. i dont think husband and wife needs church input as regards how dey do things on their bed, sitting room, kitchen or anywhere in d house. As long as dey enjoy what dey do.

  • Reply
    Tayo Knights
    October 14, 2017 at 8:41 pm

    Oral sex is sexual perversion and it’s borne out of man’s depraved desires. My pain in all of this is that we have left weightier matters of marriage responsibilities: fidelity, commitment, sacrificial giving, love, raising of children and condescend to discussing this dirty sexual practice

  • Reply
    la bonkz
    October 14, 2017 at 9:28 pm

    I love oral sex..thank you

  • Reply
    Fatunwase Adesina
    October 15, 2017 at 4:49 pm

    First, I thank God that the writer of this blog categorically stated “between married couples” so if you’re not married, you have no business having sex..

    Secondly, God is a God of order. He has put the sexual organs in their positions to best carry out their purposes… Oral sex as it is being called is a perversion (turning sex which is a good thing into bad). All these ideas are not from God. They are the devil’s way of introducing perversion into our world. This is same thing with masturbation, child marriage and other perverse sexual acts. Thanks.

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