How to Keep Your Hands Moisturized During Winter

How to Keep Your Hands Moisturized During Winter

Lots of people complain about how dry their hands get when winter comes around, and that’s mostly due to how dry the wind is during that season.

People also consume a lot less water while producing less moisture throughout their body during winter, making it the perfect time for your hands to get dry.

Staying moisturized can be very easy if you know what you need to do to prepare for the incoming cold weather.

Keep Your Hands Warm

The cold winter breeze is one of the main culprits behind drying skin all over your body. Exposing your hands to the icy cold wind for too long can lead to them getting dry and blistered.

Wearing gloves during the winter helps your hands stay warm and retain all their moisture, making it much easier to keep your hands soft during the cold months.

If you find yourself outdoors in the cold without a pair of gloves, keep your hands tucked in your pockets or anywhere that doesn’t directly expose them to the cold air.

Don’t Wash Your Hands Too Often

Soap naturally dries your skin by removing oils from it, making it another leading cause behind dry skin.

If you want to keep your hands moisturized this winter, try washing your hands less often to prevent losing these precious oils.

You could also try using soaps that have a moisturizing effect if you can’t stand not washing your hands, however, skin experts still recommend applying hand cream directly after using any type of soap.

Help Your Hands Recover While You Sleep

If your hands start to feel dry, try utilizing the time in which you’re sleeping to help your hands recover their moisture by applying either an overnight cream or a simple homemade remedy of olive oil right before you go to bed.

Cover your hands with a pair of thin cotton gloves after you apply the ointment to prevent yourself from making a mess while you sleep.

The difference is noticeable immediately after you wake up as your skin will feel a lot softer to the touch.

Only Use Certain Hand-Sanitizers

Hand Sanitizers with very high alcohol percentages tend to have a strong drying effect on the skin. Most people prefer higher alcohol percentages because they believe that it does a better job of killing bacteria, but the difference is mostly too small to notice.

Health experts at www.totallypure.com recommend using a hand sanitizer with an alcohol percentage of over 70%, while also making sure that it contains skin-friendly ingredients.

There are a lot of different hand sanitizers available so you don’t have to settle for one that damages your skin. Do some extra research and purchase one that has the ingredients necessary to keep your hands from losing any moisture.

How to Keep Your Hands Moisturized During Winter

Remove Dead Skin From Your Hands Regularly

Having a lot of dead skin sitting on your hands can slowly lead to your skin developing dry patches so getting rid of this excess skin is quite important. An easy way to get rid of the dead skin is to exfoliate with specific remedies like sugar and coconut oil all over your palms, in between your fingers, and near the tips.

Removing dead skin also allows essential oils to have easier access to moisturize your skin.

Always Carry Around a Moisturizer

This can come off as a no-brainer but you’d be surprised how often people forget to apply moisturizer. During the colder months of the year, you should always carry around a moisturizer to prevent your hands from drying, especially if you’re going to be spending a lot of time outdoors.

Hand Dryers Dry Your Hands Too Much

Using the dryers available in public bathrooms may seem like a good way to dry your hands after washing them until you learn that they might not be doing their job all too well.

These dryers blow out air that dries out your hands quickly, which isn’t that helpful during winter. Sticking with paper towels can be a much better alternative until summer comes around, but if you still want to use hand-dryers during winter, remember to moisturize directly after.

Never Wash Dishes Without Rubber Gloves

Washing your dishes requires the use of a lot of dishwashing soap, which dries your hands pretty fast. People might not notice the effect of washing dishes without protecting their hands right away, but when winter comes around, they notice that their hands are getting a lot dryer than usual.

Always wear rubber gloves while washing dishes to avoid the harmful effects of the dishwashing soap.

Staying moisturized during winter mainly boils down to prevention since it’s a lot easier to prevent your skin from getting dry rather than having to treat it.

Pampering yourself by purchasing some lotions helps you stay moisturized at all times while also giving your skin a pleasant fragrance. Just remember that the colder it is, the more attention you need to give to your skin to keep it from drying.

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