How to Choose the Right Hair Styling Tools

How to Choose the Right Hair Styling Tools

Nowadays, there’s a myriad of options when it comes to hair styling tools. We can transform our look for a special occasion and give ourselves a hair makeover whenever we need a little pick-me-up.

However, it’s important to understand the different items on the market and how they affect the health of your hair.

So, on that note, read on to learn how to choose the right hair styling tools that suit your hair, your budget, and your needs.


Consider the Texture of Your Hair

Texture is not to be confused with density. You can have thin and dense hair, and you can similarly have thick, low-density hair where you can easily see your scalp.

So, before you purchase any tool, you need to consider the texture and condition of your hair. The thicker the hair is, the higher the heat it can tolerate.

If you have thin or frizzy hair, then you’ll need to take that into account when buying a styling tool; ceramic is best for thin hair. On the other hand, opting for a straightening iron made of titanium is best for thick hair.

Contemplate the Size of a Tool

Styling instruments come in different sizes and you’ll need to contemplate the right size for you. Too big or too small a tool can make it very difficult for you to get the desired result.

For instance, if you have thin, fine hair, small sizes are easier to use, whereas these small sizes would be time-consuming for someone with thick, long hair.

Review the Features

Depending on your hair and what tool you want, you’ll need to know what features to look for. It’s best to look for more info about the features that each tool supplies because you don’t want to waste money on a costly device that does not meet your requirements.

For instance, if you can’t adjust the temperature, this might be too damaging for your hair type, and some hair straighteners do not have this feature.

That said, you should find out if features like the plates are replaceable after overuse, or if you have to purchase a replacement altogether.

Furthermore, some tools have dual features such as curling systems and straightening systems, which might be better suited to your budget.

Consider the Material

As mentioned above, titanium is best for thick hair. This is why you ought to pay attention to the material the tool is made of. Some materials have great warmth retaining properties whereas others might take longer to adjust the temperature.

Make sure you browse multiple options before you decide which one is best for you. The material used for a hair styling tool is typically ceramic, but there are plenty of titanium hair styling tools in the market.

There are also the options of silicone and Teflon and tourmaline.

How to Choose based on Type

Hair Straighteners

You need to be most picky when looking for a flat iron. The latest ones have advanced features and plate materials to prevent hair damage.

Some straighteners have dual-styling features, so some curl hair as well if you’re looking for soft beach waves. They always give your hair a nice, salon-like finish.

Curling Irons

A curling iron creates various looks from big curls to small curls, the loose, wavy look, or everyone’s favorite, Kate Hudson bouncy ringlets.

The higher heating temperatures are what to look for in a curling iron as this ensures the style is long-lasting.

Curling Wands

Curling wands are very effective and don’t make you spend too much time on styling. However, they don’t have a clamp, so if you don’t have any upper-arm strength, you will.

This wand is more beneficial if you’re looking to create curls on loose strands of hair, rather than a full-fledged curly look.


Take yourself back to the 80s for this retro look. You might not use your crimper every day, but it sure is a fun tool to have at your disposal when you want to spruce it up for a day.

Heated Hair Rollers

The classic hair roller does not go out of style and the heated upgrade is just as good. This is effective in creating big, bold, and luscious curls.

Hot Air Brushes

If you want to save time or maybe aren’t confident enough with your styling skills, this hot air brush will save the day. With one hand, you can create the look you want quickly and efficiently.


Old is gold, so if you’re pretty handy, then you can always stick to the good old hairdryer. Just learn the tips and tricks to switch up a hairstyle.

When it comes to purchasing the right styling instrument, there are two factors to consider: your individual needs and your type of hair.

Just remember to always protect your hair from any kind of hot styling tool as these do damage your hair if you don’t maintain your hair’s condition.

Always invest in quality hair care treatment and use products such as heat-defense or heat-protection sprays and lotions.

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