The moment you stop, that moment you lose it all. You have to continue hitting the nail.

The moment you decide to give it a break you lose the precious years of toiling.

Just maybe your breakthrough is at the corner. Don’t give up, you have come a long way down.

I know it doesn’t look like it, infact it looks more like you are losing than winning.

I see your friends all doing well and you can’t help but wonder, why you?

I know you are wondering if you are not crazy, sticking to your determination. I know but I say patience my friend.

I know the news is making you despair, it is like you can’t go forth or back either. Be patient my friend, don’t lose all that you have been working on all this while.

You have been going about doing things, putting in all eFforts, all the trails are there for us to see.

A blacksmith that keeps hammering on a particular spot knows what he is doing. He gets tired too and sometimes wants to stop but because he knows the end result, he keeps hammering on the same spot just to produce the desired result.

One thing is sure, keep doing the little you can, keep hitting that nail and one day he will drive in through completely. Keep your head up high, and go all over again.

Success happens first in your head, you birth it. You believe things first before the manifestation, likewise failure.

Don’t give up on yourself before the chance. I know you are upset about some aspect of your life right now. I know you are concerned about your finances, I know about that situation at work is unjust.

But my friend,you can’t allow that situation rule you on the inside. Day after day, it weighs on you, draining your joy, your energy and your enthusiasm. You have let the storm get on the inside and you need to make some changes.

Let me tell you about what an eagle does when the animal meets opposition in form of a prey.

When the eagle is out flying, often a crow will come up right behind him and start to pester him, annoying him. Due to the fact that the eagle is much larger, it cannot manoeuvre quickly.

To get rid of his pest, the eagle simply stretches out his huge wings and catches some of the thermal currents and he rises up higher and higher. Eventually he gets to an altitude where no other bird can live. The crow can’t even breathe up there.

Dear friend, tough times don’t last, tough people do.

Don’t give up, keep hitting that nail, keep doing what you know how to do best, one day the nail will drive through completely.

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