Guest Post: 5 Easy Ways to Save Money for Travel in 2017

Ever nursed the dream of traveling the world but have no funds to bring it to a reality? You are not alone. A good number of travelers confessed to not having sufficient funds for travel at the beginning of their “travel career”. However, after learning some tricks on how to cut down expenses while traveling, getting funds for traveling became a walk in the park. Below are a few tips to help you save up for wandering the world if you are just a regular, hardworking individual that does not have so much money to splurge on traveling:

  1. Search the Web for Cheap Hotel Accommodation: One of the best ways to cut down expenses while traveling is to search the web for cheap and affordable hotel accommodation prior to your travel date. This will help you reduce the amount you spend on hotel accommodation to a great deal, thereby making more money available for other things you might need during your trip.
  1. Ask for Cash Instead of Gifts When Celebrating Special Occasions: It is commonplace for friends and family members to present one with gift items during special occasions such as birthdays, weddings, graduation as well as engagements. Next time, you have any of such celebrations, tell anyone that wants to give you a present to monetize it instead; by this I mean they should give you the money they would have spent buying the presents. This will enable you get extra funds to stow away against your next trip.
  1. Open a Dedicated Savings Account: It is important to open a dedicated savings account for your travel. While saving, you can get interests on your funds by putting it in a high-yield online savings account. Although interest rates are pretty low, you are sure to get 1 – 2% interest on your initial capital. This money can go a long way during your next trip.
  1. Learn to Cook your Own Meals: Is eating out affecting your purse negatively? Then that is a sign that you need to start cooking your meals. To keep your food bill low, you have to cook more often. Food is a necessity and restaurants are becoming quite expensive these days. You don’t necessarily have to be a whiz in the kitchen, knowing how to prepare basic meals to keep body and soul going will suffice. More so, there are several cooking websites where you can learn how to cook fast and healthy meals. In the end, you will find out that you have saved a great amount of the money you used to spend on eating in restaurants. This savings can be diverted to your travel funds in the future.
  1. Find a Side Hustle: The importance of having a side hustle cannot be overemphasized. Apart from the fact that you will have more disposable income, it also gives you the opportunity to save more. As such, enabling you to have extra funds to save towards your next trip. Having a side hustle is also your ticket to financial freedom, as Arese Ugwu, one of the money experts of our time rightly said in her book “Smart Money Woman”. So, what are you waiting for? Find a side hustle today. And remember to keep the income from your side hustle for travel purposes.

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