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Lagos Wedding: Pictures And all Round Fun At Ikotun Wedding

Lagos wedding

You better not miss a Lagos wedding for anything in the world. Especially when you are a special invited guest. It is just the place to be on a Saturday.

So we were at a Friend cousin’s wedding the last weekend and had amazing fun shooting and of course had fun checking out and eating the cuisines of local dishes on ground for us! Who doesn’t love a Lagos wedding and a Lagos party! Not me obviously!!

One noticeable trait about Lagos weddings are just the beautiful display of various aso-ebis. The colours and the happy look on guests faces are what drives me to continue to shoot till I run out of memory on the DSLR.

I also take time to check the look on the bride’s face and I have come up with a THEORY though. The happier the Bride at a Lagos wedding, the more beautiful the wedding reception will turn out to be. You don’t believe? Try to make that observation when you have a Lagos Wedding Party to attend!

Love is a beautiful thing. It is important to preach the message of love everywhere we go because this is the gist God has given us and we need to share with people around us.

Remember to always mouth one or two words of prayers for couples getting wedded. Who knows whether it your turn or that of anyone related to you. The more prayers you mouth for amazing couples getting married out there? The more the blessings of marriage will come to you.

It is usually fun to be at at Lagos wedding and the video below will show why we just love Lagos Weddings.

Like the beautiful collection above? Feel free to drop your comments below! It is all about Lagos Weddings.

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