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Love Letter To My Next | Joe Heman

love letter to my next

Dear Next,

The girl they talked about.

To the one on the horizon, even though I can’t see you clearly yet, I want to tell you a few things. I know you will hear me and even though it may be weeks, months before we meet, wherever you are now, please pause for a minute.

You see… I have loved before; enough to know that love brings out the best in me. Yes, I have known love twice, but I was too young for the next step, still chasing my dreams. In the end, two girls who never knew each other said the same thing as they left to get married:

“You are the sweetest guy I have ever known in my life and whoever you marry is the luckiest girl in the world”

They were talking about you.

They were talking about the love I gave them. That love that is like a cloak of armor that protects you, a robe that truly adorns you, covering all flaws, loving all your attributes and any faults.

I hope I live up to these promises and surpass your expectations. I have not failed in my past and I don’t want to fail with the one that matters most. You deserve the best of me. I hope I deserve you.

When I see you I will know you are the one, so don’t be afraid, it’s a gift I have. You will know me, because I will be the short one standing over there, loving you, making you fall in love. You will feel a comfort with me that you have never known. You will be able to tell me anything, confide everything. I will look into your soul and understand you. It is another gift I have.

I have a way of seeing things differently, I hope you will like my perspectives. I hope you are passionate. I hope you can dream or at least understand my dreams. I want to explore different places and try new things with you. I hope you feel safe laying on my chest, telling me about your day, your dreams. I want to talk to you with my eyes. I want to steal glances with you and smile because you see the same jokes that I see. I want you to feel the love that I have to give. You can be who you are with me because who you are is whom I really want. I hope you love music. I want to dance with you forever. Sometimes I lie at night and try to make out your face, but it’s hazy.

I don’t want to be able to reel off reasons why I love you, I feel like I will love you so much that I won’t even be able to put in words just how much.

It’s about loving you wholly and totally. Being the Clyde to your Bonnie sans the criminal element. The Jay to your Bey plus the rocking empire. Pardon me I’m a bit of a romantic. I really and truly want to be your person. I want to be able to see the love in your eyes when you look at me, hear it in your voice when you say my name, feel it in the way you hold me.

Nowadays dating is an annoying, ridiculous process where you have to play games. I DO NOT PLAY GAMES. I feel like I need to say it again, I DON’T DO GAMES. That’s that shit I’ll never do. Acting like I’m unavailable when I am, ignoring phone calls I really want to pick, faking like you don’t care when you do. All that miscommunication, first to apologize etc. I do not want that for us.

I can’t wait to meet you and hear all about you. I can’t wait to catch up on the parts of your life that I missed.

They cried as they left. But you won’t cry. You won’t leave. I have grown, and finally, I am ready for you. When I hold your hands, I will say thank you to those who shaped me for you and made me stronger.

Let’s hurry up and cross paths, I know you will be amazing and I can’t wait to start on the greatest adventure of our lives.

You are the girl they talked about, the luckiest girl in the world. But they were wrong because you see; they failed to see the truth. I am the lucky one. I am the luckiest man in the world to have you.

About the Writer - Joe Heman

Joe Heman is a dynamic being with a multi-faceted personality allowing him juggle his accounting discipline alongside a thirsty passion for the arts, music and writing. With so much to give, he doesn’t just want to be seen, he wants to be heard and by whatever means possible.

Joe Heman blogs at Joeheman.com. You can connect with him on Instagram as well.

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