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love never dies

Love never dies. Every second of every day people utter the phrase “I love you” to a lover, spouse, child, parent or sibling and every second of each day people also say the opposite, “I don’t love you anymore” or “I used to love you” some might even go as far as saying “I hate you” granted that most of these opposite phrase to “I love you” is usually directed to a lover or spouse but it begs the question, does love actually die?

Does love expire?

love never dies

The evidence seem to point to YES, it does. I mean why else will the same mouth that said “I love you” also be the one to say “I don’t love you anymore” unless something has died within the period those phrases were uttered, but that is not actually true; love does not die or expire, what dies is attraction, infatuation and lust.

These 3 are very easy to confuse with love especially when they merge with our emotions, they tend to give the same feeling as love but the difference is that attraction, infatuation, and lust has an expiry date, no matter how long it takes while love on the other hand doesn’t die it rather evolves and become something new.

If you love someone you are bound to do things that makes them happy, it doesn’t matter if the love is reciprocated or not, doesn’t matter how many years has passed the affection will still be there even though it might be in a new form. This is what I’m saying, just because you have a crush on someone and you told him/her and they didn’t feel the same doesn’t mean you start hating them.

If you love him/her the Eros love will turn to deep friendship(platonic love) with the person with hopes that one day they feel the same and if that doesn’t happen and you’re able to move on and be with someone else then that doesn’t mean you hate that person for not loving you back. If you love them you’ll still wish them well, you might not communicate like before for obvious reasons but you won’t wish them bad just because your feelings of love wasn’t returned.

Same goes for ex-lovers, many ex-lovers nowadays can’t stand each other. It’s like breakup means the love between them turns into hate, which is not supposed to be. If truly there was love in the relationship and not something else that looks like love. A lot of people even wish their ex should die as if at one time they weren’t holding hands, sharing feelings and even bodies.

I understand that breakups could be messy and cheating is often times the cause but despite the anger and anguish when it happens, after your heart has had time to heal, the anger shouldn’t be in your heart anymore, if you loved that person you would still wish them well despite what they’ve done to you.

I know it sounds silly but that is what love is; it is indescribable.

So if you ever had a crush, a friend, an ex that you hated and did not wish well then you need to check your heart very well, you never loved them. So, stop the hate and move on with life! Love never dies!

– Makinde ‘Brainac’ Teniola

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    August 7, 2017 at 3:38 pm

    Love dies,but True Love never dies.
    TRUE LOVE. This is what it has….
    Everything…… You ‘gerrit’

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      August 7, 2017 at 9:34 pm


      I gerrit. Thanks. 🙂

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