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Happy New Week Prayers to Start the Week Right

happy new week

Happy new week. It is a new week for the new month. Time to start the week with some early morning prayers for the week, prayers to start the week right, good week wishes, and prayer to start the work week.

A New week is a continuation of the past weeks but also a fresh opportunity to get things right or even make new and exciting choices. For those who are not in paid work it can mean the start of another week of loneliness, or coping with caring roles, making ends meet, housekeeping etc.

But Here are some prayers and sms messages to encourage our friends and loved ones with for each new week.

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Happy New Week – Prayer to start the week right

Another week to make ends week is here again. For those that will be going to work, school or any vocation we might just be involved in, now is the perfect time to mouth a word of prayer to start the week. Not just for you, but for family as friends as well.

1 As we rise up today to commence our weekly journey; tired, upbeat, up and about as the case may be. I think of the loads of the week and I reach my out into the heavens to commit all to you. Please keep us safe and guide us from the predators on the road.  Bless with us with the power to be able to work through the week and give us grace to live in you and for you.

2 Take charge of the work of our hands oh Lord! Help us speak honourably to our colleagues, family and friends as we enter into the new week. Give us the grace to live according to your will in this new week. Give us the strength to forge ahead and have a happy new week.

3 For those that are having weekly issues as the week come and go, father bless them through the week and touch the works of their hands. Guide them through this rough terrain and let them land safely to their destination in this new week. Let us come together at the end of the week to glorify your name.

4 As you have started this week, I wish you a happy new week already. Make God bless you and lift you in the midst of life’s thorns. As you work so much and toil so hard, may God cast good harvest on you. As you share and love your neighbours, colleagues, family and friends, may you find love in the sight of all men. happy new week to you.

5 May God lay his hands on your journey in this new week. May he guide your ways and lead you to a safe landing place. May your paths be safe, may peace find its way into your life. May your journey through the week yield beautiful results. Just as you have started the week hale and hearty, may you end the week hale and hearty as well. Happy new week and happy Monday.

6 I pray for you today that the challenges of the week will not break you. May whatever circumstances that occur during the week not terminate your life. May you not encounter any form of discouragement. may you be a light to the paths of so many that are lost in darkness already. May the love of what you do be the fuel that will drive you to your weekly destination. Have a great and fruitful week ahead. May God bless you.

7 All the strangers you meet this week will feel the impact of God in your life. God will use strangers to bless you in a way and manner you never expected. You will be a shining light for those that are already lost in fraud and bad work behaviours. May you find every reason to rejoice in God by the end of the week. May your season be filled with harvest that is bountiful. God has blessed you already. Have an amazing week and a glorious one as well.

8 Help the needy, give to the poor, support the handicapped in whatever way and capacity that you can. God is watching and he will bless you in the new week. It is your time to shine and shine you must. So far you serve the great and living God. He will perfect all the imperfections in your life and make you be the standout champion. happy new week. May God be with you!

9 God will give to you the tenacity to go through the week. When you are tired, weary and almost giving up, he will come to your rescue. God will grant you the ability to remain happy and bubbly even when things don’t seem to go right. He will give you the strength to get things done. Happy new week and have a blessed day ahead.

10 Remember to put God first as you start the new week. Make him number one on your priority list, and he will awaken your soul and bless you in all ways. As you prepare to go on your way to begin the work, you will find favour from all men and in everywhere you go to. Happy blessed week ahead. May God be with you and bless you.

Happy New Week – Wishing you a great week ahead

11 It is a new week, a different kind of hustle, a new work day, the rising of the new week sun, and a new grace on you. Ensure that you commit everything into the hands of God before you start the day. Wishing you a great week ahead. Have a happy week.

12 Focus on what you want this week and not just limit yourself to what you have alone. When you set your eyes on the goal and on the prize, it will be easy to deal with circumstances and trials as they come your way. This way the week will bend itself for you because you have mastered the hustle and known what you need to focus on. Have a happy new week. Enjoy!

13 I wish you a beautiful week with great opportunities, wonderful ideas, new burst of energy. I wish you a week of optimum success in all that you do. I wish you the best of the new week. May all your efforts turn into great success. Wishing you the best of the week. God bless your hustle.

14 Eat well, don’t overstress yourself. Have a positive mindset and before you know it, everything will become easy for you. Your week has been set aside to come with its challenges and bustle, and that is why you are made specially to tackle all the problems of the new week. Your new lease to life is here. May God bless your week.

15 You will find happiness in all you do. Just think about how far you have come if the week stands to be too stressful. God will guide you in everything you lay your hands on. Prosperity is yours already, so far you believe in what God can do! Yes believe! Happy new week. May God be with you!

16 Wishing you the best of the week. May your week be filled with happiness, laughter and good vibes as you go about your way in the new week. May your surpass and exceed all expectations as you commence the week, May God bless you more than you can every imagine. Have a great week ahead.

17 Remember to care more about others than yourself in this new week. When you place more attention and value on others. God will place more attention and values on you as well. Happy new week. The joy of the lord is your strength.

18 It’s the beginning of the new week again. May God bless you abundantly, May you be filled with new strength and may you be perfectly healthy. May the angels of God protect you as you commence your week journey. May your soul find peace that will make you relax and bask in God’s glory. Happy new week.

19 No matter what you are going through right now, no matter what is going on in your life. Remember that God’s got you and he will bless you in his own time. Keep having faith and keep believing. Happy new week to you.

20 I wish you a great commencement to Monday, an hitch-free Tuesday, A stressless Wednesday, A cool Thursday and a beautiful Friday to cap your week and usher you into the weekend. Happy new week.

Happy new week quotes

21 Determination is all you need to pull you through the week. You just have to get up and stop procrastinating. If you are going to WIN, then you’ve got to double your work hustle. Happy new week.

21 Try to jump as high as you can go, If you limit your opportunities, you will not be able to see the future. Happy new week to you.

22 Talent is what determines the what, motivation is what determines your will, attitude is what give you how well you can achieve all what you have set out to achieve. Amazing talent, motivation and positive attitude is the clincher for a great life and career. Happy new week to you.

23 If you think it is not possible, just get out of the way and sit in a corner, you will be shocked at what people can achieve. People can achieve the most unthinkable. Don’t limit your abilities. Happy new week.

24 Move steadily towards you dreams, don’t rush, don’t be too in a haste. Stay on your grind and work twice as hard. Your time of success will come and you willbe surprised at what you can achieve. Happy new week.

25 Remember, when someone say no to you on a job, it doesn’t mean that you cannot achieve or get the job done, it only gives you the insight that you can’t achieve the set objectives with negative minded people.

26 Get down to build your life now, or else you will be hired to build someone else life.

27 Ignite the fire of tomorrow today and you will never regret it. Those that never started wished they had. The ball is in your court. Have a great week.

28 Do not give upon a dream because of the time to get it done. Whether you do it or not, the time will pass. Work hard and work smart. Happy new week.

29 Make each day the best of the previous day. Happy new week.

30 It is not your duty to count the day, leave that to God. What you need to do is to make your days on this earth count. What value are you adding to those around you? Happy new week.

Happy new week prayer

31 Dear God< I give you all the glory for the opportunity to be among the living. Thank you for a new week of grace and days of exciting promises from you. Lead me through the days of the week oh God. Let me see the things as you want me to see them. Guide me through my thoughts, effort and decisions this new week. Thank you for everything.

32 I bless your name today oh Lord, for making me alive to see another new week. I am happy, contented, healthy and truly really blessed. I am sincerely sorry for my grudge and complaints. I really truly appreciate you for all you have done in my life. Thank you king of glory.

33 I thank God for my occupation. Sometimes I feel too busy and overwhelmed but I still get the job done. Please help me to remain focus ion you and bless my path with your grace.

34 Create in me a new heart, and renew the right spirit in me. You have brought me thus far and I know you will never leave me here. Please forgive my errors of the past week and make me rise above my enemies. Grant me success in this new week, and be with me all through my days.

35 Give me the chance and grace to walk with  and in you oh Lord. Shine in me and through me so that everyone can see that you are the all powerful God directing my ways and my paths.

36 Create in me a clean heart so that the words of my mouth will be filled with love and honesty.

37 God will give you a kind heart to forgive those that step on your toes this coming week. God will give you the confidence to tackle employers who are bent on demeaning your efforts. God will spill his love over you so that you can stand tall and walk in his grace and glory. God will grant you strength to deal with the rigours of life.

38 Your frustrations will be taken away from you and you will find peace in return. Your life will be made beautiful with peace love and joy. The God will give your night the dreams it deserves so that you can have a glimpse of how beautiful your life will be this week. Have a great week from me to you!

39 Trust in the Lord your God and you will never be afraid of anything, Believe in him and he will make you trample on everything that might want to hamper your safety.

40 In this new week, you will not be disheartened, you will not be riled with anxiety. In this new week, peace and joy will be yours because that is what God is going to give you in the new week and beyond. Happy new week to you.

Happy new week greetings

41 So far you believe in God, nothing evil will happen to you today, and forever. Your week is blessed already. Happy new week to you.

42 God will give you the strength to differentiate wrong from right. he will help you find your way if you seem lost and he will provide the support for you whenever you need one or whenever you feel lonely. Happy new week to you.

43 Since God is in you, failure will never be your portion. Happy new week. God’s blessings.

44 In this new week, draw closer to God. He will transform you completely and make your faith increase. God will calm your heart and and show you how to deal with your insecurities. He will send his angels to guide you whenever you need his guidance in this new week. These are my prayers and new week blessings that I have prophesied into your life. happy new week.

45 Just as you have started the brand new day, bubbly and happy, so will the rest of your week. God will give you all week and all round happiness to deal with challenges, such that when trials come, you will happily deal with them and conquer all trials. Happy new week,

46 Whenever you are afraid in the new week. Call on Jesus and he will answer you and give you strength to d eal with fear. Happy new week.

47 This week, God will bring someone into your life to add more faith into you. He is such an amazing God and he will send someone to challenge to take ownership of your faith. He is a great God. Happy new week.

48 As long as you are aware that God is for you, then whoever is against you does not count because God will fight for you.

49 God will enlighten you, he will strengthen you, he will support and mend you. He will provide the succour you need when you are tired and weary. God will do all this for you in this new week and beyond. Have a great one.

50 Relax, the week is yours for the taking. God has taken charge of everything you ever need for you. Rejoice and be glad, you are a special being. Happy new week.

Good week wishes

51 The beginning of the week is here again. I wish for you a perfect start to all the plans for your day. Happy new week.

52 I am wishing you the perfect week to be inspired and motivated to work. God is your strength, have a great week.

53 You need to work hard and SMART to be successful. Remember that always. Happy new week.

54 I wish you a very productive morning that will make your week meaningful. You just do what you have to do. God has got you already. Happy new week. God is with you!

55 I wish that you have less problems this week. I pray that grace follows you everywhere you go. It is your week to shine. Sine on dear. Happy new week.

56 Trust in God alone and he will walk the mile with you. Move in God this new week and he will move with you. Stay with God and he will stay with you. Follow God and he will follow you in this new week. Happy new week.

57 You cannot bring back the last week occurrence, but you should take one or two lessons from it. Stay happy this new week and let your positivity reflect in whatever you do. happy new week to you!

58 I wish that things around for you positively this new week, I pray all your problems find its solutions this new week. God is with you dear. Happy new week.

59 Make sure you go with all your mind this week,  let there be a shine of affection and excellence in all that you do. Go with God, your week is great already. Have a blissful week.

60 Step out into greatness and awesomeness as the week has started. Happy new week.

Wishing you a great week ahead

61 Always be happy and wear a beautiful smile everywhere you go. Life is amazing so live it this wonderful week. Happy new week.

62 Yesterday is past, so keep it as memories. Today is for the future that you will start tomorrow. Have a pleasant week. God is with you.

63 Welcome the new week with a smile. Embrace the peace and happiness, as you live your day to the fullest. happy new week dear. Stay glorious.

64 I hope your week will be as bright as your smile. Happy new week.

65 Wake up this new week with the statement that you can achieve all you want to achieve.

66 Waking up is a gift from God to you. Appreciate it every single day of your life. Happy new week.

67 This week will bring the biggest grin and smile to your face, just as the rest of the month will fill you with surprises. Have an amazing week.

68 Do not judge everyone so that you can stay happy. Forgive everyone and your life will be filled with more happiness. Love everyone and you will be the happiest person on earth. Wishing you a great week ahead.

69 Remember to set that goal that will make you rise quickly out of bed every morning.

70 God has added another week to your life, appreciate it and thank for him for the addition. Happy new week.

Have a good week messages

71 A good week usually bring its vibes along with it. But you can ignore the vibe that the new week brings and create your own vibe. Spend your day and week listening to your vibe because that is what will take you through a tumultuous week. Have a good week ahead.

72 I send you all my love as you start a new week. Have a good week ahead.

73 I was just thinking about you and I wish you the very best of the week. Have a good week ahead.

74 I am ending my happy new week wishes full of love and happiness. Commence the week with the brightness that can only be felt from the Sun. I love you, have a good week.

75 Hey dear, I just wanted you to start this week by knowing that you are my perfection and that you make everything in me so great and cool. Know that I will be there for you in thick and thin. Have a good week dear. May God be with you!

76 As I woke up this morning I thought of you, and I muttered a word of prayer to God to guide and protect you in this new week. Go into the world and shine. have a good week my dear.

77 Good morning my love, the new day is here. Let the week be as special as your smile. Let the week feel the impact of the best person in the world. Have an awesome week ahead. May God be with you.

78 I just wanted to drop this and let you know that you are the most beautiful person in the world and I wish you the best week of your life this week. Let your mood be great and live your week to the brim. have a good week ahead.

79 Please accept all my prayers this week, that you will grow beyond what people think, that you will find love in the midst of adversities, that your path will be cleared from all failures and that God will bless you in the way you have never imagined.

80 May your days be bright and special, and may your week be amazing and different from the other week.


Happy New Week Prayer SMS for Boyfriend

81. It’s a new week honey, time to crush new goals.  I pray lines fall in pleasant places for you this new week. I pray this new week turns out to be everything you need it to be. May the Good Lord strengthen you this beautiful week.

82. Have a blessed and fruitful week Mr handsome. Hey boo, continue to win in this new week. Happy new week, my love. May the end of this new week be better than its beginning. Prosper in all that you do this new week. xoxo.

83. keep your eyes on the prize honey, have an amazing week. Receive the grace for financial exploits and breakthroughs this new week. Love you. I pray you have the right motivation to get through this new week successfully. Love from your girl. New week, a better you, Amen. Have a good week. It’s all love from my end.

84.  May God reward all your efforts this brand new week and always. Let each day usher in bigger and better opportunities for you, Amen. Kisses.

85. Be filled with the right vibes for this new week. Your baby girl loves you. The lord shall bless the works of your hands this new week and always. I’m thinking of you all week long by the way.

86.  Hey handsome, have yourself a fruitful week. This is just me asking God to be with you all the days of this new week. May you rise above all your challenges and gain access to God’s favour in this new week. Let this new week be everything you hope for and more, happy new week darling.

Happy New Week Prayer SMS for Girlfriend

87. Let this new week bring lots of laughter to your beautiful face. In this new week, shine like the star you are. Good vibes only for my girl this new week. Happy new week to you, my love.

88. You can do anything you put your mind to, don’t let anyone tell you any different. Have a beautiful new week. start this new week with a smile and end it with so much Joy. You should always remember this, I’m here for you. Have a fulfilled new week.

89. May this new week be as perfect as your beautiful smile. Day after day, may this new week spring forth blessings to you my love.

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