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Do you think love prayers don’t work or you are looking for the best collection of love prayers that work? Then you should check all that we have for you here out.

Great Love Prayers for someone you love

1. Lord, you are the owner of true love, the creator of everything that exists, please bless me with a good husband that will stand by me at the time of joy and difficulty.

2. Lord, I need you in my love life; let my happiness rise and my sadness die. I want t to be loved by my husband forever.

3. May the love that exists between you and your husband last forever; may the Lord in His infinite mercy bless you abundantly and make things easy for you.

4. Love will be yours forever. You will not lack the caring of your spouse and the difference that exists between you will not in any way, destroy your marriage.

5. O Lord, the blazing fire of our love, never let it die. Bless our home with peace and harmony and rain your blessing in our relationship.

6. We are imperfect, but you are perfect. We make mistakes, but you don’t make. Lord, we beseech your mercy upon our marriage; prevent it from the plans of the devil.

7. There is no true love except the one approved by you O Lord. There is no sincerity but of yours and your might. I beseech your holy name to bestow upon me, a man that will love me with a true heart.

8. Only you can give true love. Grant me true love that will be merciful to me; a man that will have pity and love for me now and forever.

9. My heart needs a woman that will love me the way I am and will be patient with me when things are not too ok. Lord, I pray that you grant such woman to me as a wife.

10. May the precious Lord bless us with the kind of spouse we desire. A spouse that will take good care of us and make us happy all the time.

11. O Lord the most gracious the most merciful, bless our home with love and tolerance, peace and harmony to live together.

12. To you belong all that exists, show us the way to strengthen the love that exists between us and bless us we children that will love us.

13. Lord, let your holiness reign in our relationship and make this marriage a means to gain your salvation.

14. May we find no reason to separate, may we live long together as husband and a wife. May we be blessed in our marriage until eternity.

15. Give us the privilege to praise you and bless our home with a passion that never ends, a pure bliss to live with each other in peace.

16. Lord, open the door of abundant love, salvation, and success in our life; I beseech you for all the good things if life.

17. When love exists between two couples, it means the Lord is always with them. Lord, please keep making our relationship work forever.

18. Do not forsake my hobby. Set not the fire of hatred in our home and prevent our relationship from the evil suggestions of the devil.

19. Lord, I beseech you to make me happy in my marital home through the perfect love only you can put in the heart of my spouse.

20. Bless my life with true love, and give me the best of homes here and the hereafter. Forgive my sins and that of my households.

Strong Prayers of Love That Work

21. To you belongs to every aspect of life, I ask you to join us together in love so that we shall live in peace and harmony together.

22. May your holiness count in this family, may your grace continue to reign forever and ever in my relationship with my husband.

23. No one can make things good but you; Lord, I stand here before you to bless my hustle and give me everything I need to be happy all my life.

24. God, you alone I worship, you alone I direct my life affairs too. Please, handle my love life for me so that I can succeed as I desire.

25. Let your light shine in our heart for us to accept each other as one. Every evil spirit that separate husband and wife should be set far away from us.

26. May your name be glorified O Lord, you in and out shall forever be blessed as you wish and you shall be protected all your life.

27. Every single of my life, I shall worship you O Lord, I beg of you to continue to strengthen my marriage and never let any evil to befall it.

28. May this light of love that never off continues to dwell in our home; may His mercy shine in the life of our children all their life.]

29. The cherisher of love and honor shall not separate you; every symptom of divorce that come your way shall be driven away by His grace.

30. Joy and success shall be yours in your marriage and all your heart desires shall be fulfilled for you. I wish you a good atmosphere in your marital home.

31. May the peace and blessing of the Lord dwell in your home every time, may the grace and bliss of joy and success be your companion all your days.

32. I ask the omnipotent, the creator and the cherisher of love and life to bless you and never to forsake you for any reason.

33. Blessed is the name of the highest who keeps the best of records; may your record with God be of blessing that will affect your marriage positively.

34. Every day and night shall favor your marriage and every afternoon and evening will bring peace and harmony to your home.

35. I beseech the Lord in His infinite mercy to shower love between you and your wife and give you a permanent reason to love each other forever.

36. There is no marriage without love, I pray that the Lord should protect you against anything that will ruin your love for each other.

37. Let the blessing of the Lord bring love to your heart so that you can share with your family and friends.

38. I pray that your success in this marriage will have no limit and your happiness will continue to reign until the end of time.

39. May your heart feel peace and your eyes see the impact of the power of love existing between you and your husband

40. Grace will not lack in your home, peace will not be hard for you and children will be seen running around your home.

Short Prayers of love that work

41. The fulfillment of your love dream shall come to pass and you shall live to smile. You will forever be blessed until eternity.

42. I ask God, the general, the generous and the head of the entire universe to look into your marriage and bless it with love, joy, happiness, success, and prosperity.

43. The cherisher of heavens and the owner of the entire universe shall intervene in your love life and provide a solution for your problems.

44. God Almighty, the generous who gives without hesitations, the one who blessed without demand, please bless this marriage and let it last until infinity.

45. You have possessed the infinite power O Lord, you have got everything it takes to control the whole world; please control this love and home with your blessing.

46. Without you O Lord, nothing is possible. The impossibility that hinders good home can be made possible to release more love in our homes.

47. Your presence is needed in this home the great and the greatest. The designer of destiny and the giver of success. I beseech you to let us succeed in this relationship.

48. We rely on you for everything so that you may protect us against all evils; evils that destroy life and marriage, Lord prevent us from them.

49. You are the shield that shields the whole world. Let your power Hands cover my family and protect it against the agents of evils.

50. Our Lord, you dwell in the place that suits your majesty. Bless me and give me the freedom to be happy in my home. Bless me with kids that have the sympathy of their mother.

51. To you belong my heart and that of my spouse, Lord, blend them together so that they will become one in sincere love, peace, and success.

52. May you bless my daily life and give me the assurance to receive the love of my husband as I desire, make him the type that remembers his family.

53. Do not make my spouse and kids trials upon me, make them the best of lovers in the world and inherent in them the softest heart ever.

54. Guide my way in this marriage and teach me patience, love, passion, caring and special feelings that put a smile on my husband’s cheeks.

55. Answer my prayers; bless my heart with passionate feelings that bring joy to the heart. I ask you to protect me against all evils.

56. May your holiness shine upon my life; may your success never end as you grow up together in love, sweetness and harmonious moments.

57. May the Lord in His blessed ability make your marriage last with love for each other and may you find rest of mind dwelling together.

58. Love that normally exists between husband and wife shall reign forever in your home. Nothing will separate you all your life.

59. No one shall be able to intimidate you in any way and you shall be blessed in every single way you aspire to take your love to the next level.

60. You will live to be protected and you shall be blessed in every single way of your success. You will live together until your old age.

61. May this day favor your home and give you the endless success that has no end. I pray that you are protected for the rest of your life.

62. Lord, put a smile on my face once more and open my heart to see the love of my life. Protect my thinking and guide my thoughts to see good in everything.

63. Make me a generous person so that I can attract good people to myself. Bless me with a good husband so that we can change the world together.

64. Your seat of love that you created in our heart shall forever work to favor us as a spouse; you are the omniscience and the best to run upon at the time of difficulties.

65. Only you can answer my prayers, I come right now before you and pray that you bless me with everything I need.

66. May your holiness enhance the passion that brings us together; may your protection never lack in our home and your peace and harmony dwell in our hearts until the end of time.

67. Yours is the success that continues until infinity, to you will direct all our affairs so that you may put them aright and expose our heart to love that never ends.

68. We beseech your Mighty Name upon our marriage that you may take care of every affair that exists between us. We call your holy presence in our decision that you may guide us to do the right thing.

69. Only you can make a relationship work, we are calling upon you from henceforth to protect our interest so that we can love and care for each other forever.

70. Bless us abundantly and put mercy in our heart for each other. Give us all the best we need to take our love to the highest level of peace and coexistence.

71. May we find joy in anything we are doing; may our joy never be destroyed my marital violence. I beseech the mercy of the Lord upon us as a means to guide our heart from all evils.

72. May we live to teach our children to love each other and humanity at large; may we be named the legacy of love and leadership.

73. We shall be blessed with abundant love; you are the most interesting man in this world so I ask the Lord to keep us together forever.

74. Our love for each other shall forever be protected as a shell is protected in a cave. We bless His holy name to intervene in our family issue and curb every difference between us.

75. Lord, the greatest and the most merciful; we bless your presence in our family and commit our love in your hands.

76. Let the power of the Lord cover our home with patience and love. We acknowledge your presence in our love so that it will last and filled with your blessing.

77. Every single day of my life, I call upon you to bring for me, a man of true love and a comforter that will wipe away my sorrow.

78. Love has been the reason why I am happy today and the Lord is the one that gave me the privilege to find it. I still beseech the Lord to maintain this beautiful love in my life.

79. No one can stop me from loving you as you are given to me by the highest God the greatest that keep love and marriage away from destruction.

80. May you find happiness in your home; may your love for each other continue to grow now and forever.

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