We met in Lagos. That day, I was sitting with my younger brother and some lads in front of my house. He just came in from football training with his friends. They all stood in front of our house waiting for their coach. 

Then my brother pointed to him that he is the Captain of the football team and I just replied that:

“Ehn ehn, Really”.

All of a sudden, I saw him coming towards where I was sat. My brother created space for him to sit and he chatted with all of us.  Then, an old woman in my house asked me to help her open a lid of a drug container, but I couldn’t open it because the lid was tightly secured, so Samson offered to help me open it.

That was how our love story began.

Toyin started enthusiastically.


I love you Baby

Say a beautiful love story of  Oluwatoyin and Samson began. Sit tight and enjoy this amazing read!

Toyin continued happily, I can’t really say this was my first impression of him, all I could say was that he was friendly and willing to help out. It wasn’t a case of love at first sight really, because I felt he was more like a brother at the first sight.


I was attracted to his sense of humour, his friendliness and accommodating attitude .

Toyin continued:

He first asked me out the same evening we first met but I didn’t reply him.

Myself and my younger brother just made a joke out of it because he wrote that “asking out” on a sheet of paper.


I kept that sheet of paper with me till today (smiles).

More than a week later,  we saw and then he re-iterated what he told in the sheet of paper. He asked me out officially but I only agreed to be his friend. Just friends. .

Samson in his story talked about the fact that the love birnds had issues in the relationship. Hear his story:

Sure, there were issues. We can’t really say this was how we dealt with the issues. But we know with God’s help, we were able to deal with them.

Samson continued by saying that, seeing Toyin excites me a lot, and I just wanted to be with her all the time and get to know her more.

We dated for a long time though, 8 years precisely.

Toyin said enthusistically:

He was patient with me and waited for me to conclude my NYSC before he proposed and I said YES immediately. Who doesn’t want to be with a good ma. She chuckled!

On Toyin’s definition of love, she said

Love is an INTENSE feeling of affection and care towards another person.

She advised ongoing relationships that:

Lovebirds should always TRUST one another and in all relationship, they should always allow God’s presence. And God will always guide them through.

On behalf of all of us at DeeDeesblog, we dedicate this beautiful video of Tekno ‘DIANA’ to this amazing newly weds.


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