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make your man love you

You need to make your man love you more. Not only will this make your relationship better but it will increase the trust and affection in your love life. Here are some motivational love quotes that you need to make your man love you more.

I want you to know right now that I think about you every single morning and night. Though I travel far and wide, you are always on my mind. Every single day of my life, I want just you and you alone. My heart craves for you every noon and night. I love you so much from the bottom of my heart and I mean this.

Do you know what drives me to be successful, it is you my heartbeat. You are my energy, good luck charm, my pillar of support and the biggest motivator I have. You are the reason why I want to work hard and put food on the table for us both. I will never leave all responsibility to you alone. I love you ever.

Your presence awes me and makes me happy. You inspire me with the words of your mouth. anytime you smile at me, my heart is filled with so much joy and I feel flying in the sky. My world belongs to you and my life will be dedicated to this relationship.

Can you hear how my heart beats? It is beating because of you. Here is my heart, take it darling, because it belongs to you. Please treat it well and don’t you ever break it. I am sure I’m protected with you and you will take care of my heart the way I have taken care of yours. I love you so much.

I feel the fire burning in me whenever you are close and when you kiss my mouth, I feel in another realm entirely. I love you so much.


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