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200 cute relationship quotes for boyfriend or girlfriend

cute relationship quotes

200 cute relationship quotes for boyfriend or girlfriend – You love quotes right? Check out the cute relationship quotes I have below and share with your lover!

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Cute relationship quotes for your lover

1. You saved me a great deal, you don’t know how my life was before you came into it,

2. Everything I am today I have you to thank, there are no words that can ever express how grateful I am. I love you so much.

3. This is joy unlimited, and I have all this because of you, thank you so much. I love you.

4. You will forever be in my thought, no matter what happens to me. I will always love you.

5. You have proved my thoughts wrong, I never for once thought love was real, you came and showed me the true meaning of love.

6. You are my life, you have been with me through life hardest moments, and I am so blessed to have you. Thank you, my love.

7. Everyone else misunderstood my kind of person, from nowhere you jumped into my life and told me I was the perfect person for you. Thank you for everything.

8. Yes in the past I have gotten my heart broken, so I ought to love slowly, but my love, you make me reckless. I lose my mind whenever I am with you.

9. When there was no one else to trust, you told me to trust in you, and you never let me down, thanks for your unbelievable understanding.

10. With you I have lost all the pride I have, even if it’s washing your feet daily with my hands I will do it, just to show you how much I love you.

11. I know I fumbled, this makes us humans, but my ego cannot stand in the way of my love for you. I am sorry my love. Let me make things right.

12. The day you told me I love you, I will never forget because I never thought I could be loved. You mean the whole world to me.

13. You keep pushing me away, but I won’t stop fighting, I will fight until the end, till you become mine. I love you so much.

14. We have waited so long for this moment, this is the right moment, I feel it, and you feel it too. Let me spend the rest of my life loving you.

15. Never for once think I will leave you is this cruel world, I will be your side all the days of my life. And together we can do all things.

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16. I want to give my heart to you, is not like I can’t keep it, or I will give it to someone, I feel it’s safer in your care. I love you, my angel.

17. One moment, I wish to relieve over and over again, is the day you told me I love you back.

18. The day we first met, I felt this connection, until this very moment I still feel it. It means you are the right one for me.

19. I was lonely as a stray dog, I thought I had lost it all. Then you came along and gave me everything you won, it’s nothing short of wonderful.

20. I talk she listens, she talks I am lost in limbo, I just want to see her talk, and I am in my office right now thinking about her. I am thinking about your love. Miss you real good.

21. I waited for the right person for so long, I never knew she had to be in my front all my life, sorry for coming late, my angel.

22. You are the star that shines so bright in my nights, and the sun that brightens my mornings. You are beautiful, it’s true.

23. Let me be your cape, let me protect you from whatever harm come your way, yes I will die for you baby, and I am very sure you’d do the same for me.

24. Each and every moment we spend together will remain in my heart forever, so I don’t ever stay a day without you. I just go to my heart and re-live them.

25. It was just one kiss that got me into this never-ending frenzy with you, I love you like crazy.

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26. Your lips so soft and your body so tender, sometimes I think you are too much for me, but you look into my eyes and tell me I am all yours. I am lost for joy. I love you, my queen.

27. I am glad I followed my heart direction when it led me to you, it has remained the best option of my entire life, I love you so many sweets.

28. You are like a precious stone to me, I don’t want to lose. Because you kind is not just rare, its one of a kind, I am really lucky to have you. I love you.

29. I thought I was useless, in fact, everybody did call me useless until an angel came to me and told me I was the best person for her, then my whole world changed. You are a blessing to me. I love you so much.

30. My love for you is so solid, that nothing can separate us, no one will even be foolish to try because it’s evident how much we love each other.

31. Everyone is now jealous of this bond we have created, but no one will ever know what hurdles we crossed and seas we jumped, I have you to thank my love for being with me, through thick and thin.

32. It was until our first kiss, I realized what a treasure I have in front of me, so I grabbed and hold tight until my last day on earth I will not let go. I love you.

33. You are like the greatest magician I have ever known, you came into my life and took everything sad and replaced it with all happiness, I am so blessed to have you. I love you so much.

34. I want all your love because I just can’t get enough of it.

35. I want to give everything I have to you, including my life, I am so sure it will be well taken care of.

36. Here is my heart, please have it, looks like I have been so caring less about it.

37. You are my life, my heart and the touch of my heart which I use to see in the realm of love. I love you to the end.

38. I will always want to be with you for the rest of my life because you are the most beautiful girl I have ever set my eyes on.

39. I want to be yours for the rest of my life; I will always be there for you; I can’t live without you by my side.

40. I will do everything just to make sure that I always find you by my side because now you are my second nature.

Cute relationship quotes for boyfriend

A relationship is called by a strong bond of a common attraction that exists between two or more people. It could come in different ways, such as business relationship, family relationship, community relationship and boyfriend and girlfriend relationship. A relationship should be taken seriously as it links to the heat and can easily cause hatred between two people when abused.

41. Since you are my love, then I will be your one. I will never leave your side for two because you are the one person that lives in my heart forever.

42. Truly, I won’t lie to you because I can no longer breathe without you. You are now the lungs through which I breathe.

43. The day I set my eyes on you, I felt something strange in my heart and it is the joy I was starved of for many years back. I love you.

44. I don’t know how to begin to appreciate you for the love you showed to me; you are simply the best my dearest heart.

45. My sweetheart, I can’t stop thinking about you even for a minute. I will always love you for the rest of my life.

46. Every moment of my life, your thoughts come to my heart—so rigid and stubborn never want to leave in for a while.

47. You are my heart, the one I cherish so much. I love you from the nooks to the cranny of my heart. You are my superstar.

48. For the rest of my life, I will always be grateful that I met someone as special as you are; I will love you to the end.

49. To the best of my knowledge, I realize that I have never met anyone as kind as you are before. I only hear about them.

50. My pearl, I want you to understand one thing, it is the fact that no matter how far we are separated, the heart can’t be separated.

51. The best smile I have seen ever is the one that emanates from you. It contains lots of passion and happiness.

52. If I can bring down a sky full of diamonds, rubies, or any kind of treasure; I will have done so for you for love.

53. The most handsome guy in the world is my boyfriend; hope you are fine and your night is full of sweetness and happiness.

54. With you I want to spend the rest of my life; I want to be the mother of your kids so we can grow together with them.

55. Look into my eyes; you will see the burning desires I have for you. I can’t stop thinking about you even for a second.

56. There is no other girl I can love better than I do for you, you really have changed my life since the day stepped into it.

57. Indeed you are a Godsent angel, with you in my life, every past pain is not to talk about anymore. I love you.

58. I can’t stop dreaming about you, every day I remember the kind of love you shower on me and then I feel like I am the luckiest girl ever.

59. Since the beginning of this relationship, I have found what real love is. I have realized what it takes to have someone who truly needs you.

60. My aspiration at this moment is to see that we are already married. We have seen lots of people fighting just because no love exists.

Cute relationship quotes for your girlfriend

61. The best way to be happy is to find someone as special as you are. To have you all over my side and to see that you are my queen.

62. You are my love, that princess that puts a smile on my face whenever I see her. You are indeed a damsel.

63. I want you to understand the fact that I can’t do without you by my side; I can’t live alone in this life without you.

64. You are my second half, the treasure that has no compare among others. An outstanding lady, the last woman standing.

65. I want to dwell in your heart for the rest of my life; I want to be the reason why you will always smile forever.

66. You are the best man in my life; to me, so far you have always been the best and will always be. I love you.

67. In this world, we all have one thing we cherish most, after the most cherished ones, you are the next. I love you.

68. I can’t stop thinking about each moment we spent together, I will always be yours for the rest of my life.

69. You belong to me; I want us to swim together in the space of love; to hold our hands until the passion is erected in our hearts.

70. I will always love you no matter the condition; I will always be there for you; no matter how tough the situation may be, I will not leave you alone.

Cute Relationship love quotes

71. You have always put a smile on my face, this is because a gem like you is really hard to find. I love everything about you.

72. When two hearts come together to be one, they feel the pain each one feels together, feel the joy each one feels together.

73. If I am asked to say who gave me joy the most among men, I will quickly say, it is you. I want to appreciate you my love.

74. I have given my heart to you, even when the heart changes in a million times, it have no gut to shift away from you.

75. No one can replace your position in my heart. It is highly impossible right now. I love you with intense love.

76. I have always wanted to be with you even before you spoke to me. I will never the special feelings I have for you.

77. You are my pearl, my hope and the man I will love to spend the rest of my life with; I love you more than you can think.

78. Imagine a life without you how horrible it will be. I can’t risk losing you because it will be hard to find someone more special than you are.

79. I don’t want to lose you for any reason. This is because you are exceptionally special. You are simply the best.

80. You are my special duty angel; you always put a smile on my face and make me feel like a soldier. I just want to say I love you.

Cute relationship quotes for the one that means everything to you

81. In the valley of love, I found you more attractive so I chose to move along with you because you are worthy of being loved.

82. Since the day I step my foot on this earth, I have no come across a blossom of passion like you. I love you to the core.

83. Wishing the best in every single moment of your life; I want to be yours now and in the hereafter if possible. I love you.

84. Anytime I look into your eyes, I see this passionate look that tells how sweet the future will be. You are so compatible with me.

85. Irrespective of your nature, it does no matter because you are simply the best match for me. I overlook your shortcomings and embraced the best in you.

86. I believe that we are meant for each other. I believe that among men, only you know how to make me happy.

87. Indeed, you are a blossom pearl, milk of love that tastes in an endless manner. I will always love you until the end of time.

88. I have said it time without number that a passionate person like you is rare; if I decided to count your kindness on me, I will full a pale with my tears.

89. Anytime I look at you, I see the mother of my kids, I see that lifetime partner who is ready to take care of me.

90. Anytime I see you, I see the joy of my life; I see the washer of the past pain I have been through all these while.

Cute relationship quotes for him

91. I love you and I mean it from the bottom of my heart. I will never stop being in love with you until the end of time.

92. No one can stop you from loving you because I believe this is love from God for you and not a lust from the devil.

93. Every single moment of my life, I see you. The flower that grows in my heart, that angelic being assigned for me.

94. Truly, I feel shy whenever I see you. Perhaps aura of your love is the reason why I can’t stop thinking about you.

95. I love you more than you imagine. If we can both live together as one, I believe we shall make a good home together.

96. We have come this far in life as lovers, now that we are about getting married; I think it shows how compatible we can be. I love you.

97. I want you to be the reason why I smile; I want you to love me until the end of time. I wish you all the best.

98. You are the chocolate of my life, the lovely lollipop I can’t do without. I am so addicted to you that I can’t stop thinking about every moment shared with you.

99. I will always want to dwell in your heart. Remember I once said to you that I can fight a civil war just for you.

100. If I don’t struggle to impress you, who else can I do such thing for? I can’t dance for you, sing for you and show myself to the people just to make you happy.

Cute relationship quotes for her

101. I have got no talent better than how to love you more. I will always want to be with you forever. My pearl, I miss you.

102. With you, I want to refresh my heart because I love the smile that comes from you. I love you more than you think.

103. Be with me forever. Hold my hands and never let go. I want you to know that I can do anything to prove to you that I love you.

104. If you wish to take my heart as a dwelling place, don’t worry it is all yours. If you wish to make me your prince I am always ready.

105. Pardon me for every wrong I have done towards you. I will always be yours now and forever. I love you sweetheart.

106. I can’t possibly tell why I am so much in love with you. It could be because no girl has ever been able to make me happy as you do.

107. Many may try to change my heart but all in vain because I know you better than anyone of them. I just have to be smarter.

108. In your eyes I see my joy, before you, I see my beautiful children. I want to always be with you to share every moment of my life.

109. A minute with you is always worth been struggle to get. If anyone should separate me from you, it will take several days for me to recover.

110. The only reason that can make my heart be at rest if I can’t see or hear from you is when I have no choice again because death has snatched you away from me.

111. I have always wanted to meet someone as special as you are; you are special, cute and nice to see every second in life.

112. Your presence in my life has changed lots of things. It has washed away my past pain and replaced them with lasting joy.

113. Every single moment I shared with you brings endless joy to my heart. Indeed, a gem like you is special and can’t be taken for granted.

114. You are so much important to me; I love you and wish I can always be reason why you smile just as you are to me.

115. There is no other lady that wins my heart as you do lots of love from me to you. I love you my darling angel.

116. A man like you is only one in the entire universe. Believe me; I am not been exaggerative but the truth from my heart.

117. I feel you; hope that I can do so for the rest of my life as your wife. I want to say thank you for everything.

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