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For centuries women all over the world have wondered and asked the question repeatedly, why do men cheat? Why do men cheat regardless of how much a woman tries to keep him satisfied? Why does a man cheat regardless of how much he loves his woman?

For hundreds of years many have struggled to answer these questions which is my inspiration to find answers, so I decided to create a questionnaire which was filled by various group and categories of men and this was the answers gathered from the research.

1. Sexual dissatisfaction

80% of men choose this as the reason they cheat or might cheat on their lady. If a man is not sexually satisfied either he’s not getting any, it’s not enough or good enough there’s a tendency that he might cheat.

This can also be because the man is no more attracted to the lady be it sexually or emotionally. For example, immediately some women get married they stop doing things their man find attractive and sexy probably because they’re now mothers.

Some will even start tying wrapper and looking shabby all around the house like an old woman. Overtime a man will get turned off and might find solace in the hands of other women.

2. Emotional dissatisfaction

50% of men cited emotional dissatisfaction as the reason they cheat or might cheat on their lady.

If a man is not feeling appreciated and loved he might not admit it to his woman because of ego, he will rather bottle it up and let the lady figure out how to make things right and if that doesn’t happen he might end up cheating.

3. The thrill

Just like Eve couldn’t turn down the fruit in the garden of Eden, about 65% of men can’t forget the thrill of eating the forbidden fruit.

How it feels leaning towards a lady for that first kiss hoping she won’t turn you down, the excitement of trying to take off her undies with the hope that she’s on board, the passion and desire that comes with having sex with a lady for the first time.

If a man is nostalgic about such thrills and wants to experience such once again he’s bound to cheat.

4. The nature of MAN

75% of men cheat because they can’t help it.

A man is attracted by what they see and looking around nowadays there’s plenty to attract and even seduce a man, so if a man finds himself in a situation where a lady is seducing him or giving signs that she’s ready to have sex he might go ahead to do it not cos he doesn’t love his lady but because he feels he had to. After all when blood flows from the brain down to the groin of a man it takes great restraint for him to say no to sex.

5. Peer pressure

80% of men that cheat has a friend or friends that cheat or has cheated before.

It’s a simple theory a lot of guys don’t drink but they do when amongst friends, some don’t smoke except when with friends so it only makes sense that when such a man is around friends that talk about their cheating escapades there’s a possibility he might wanna try it as well.

6. Covetousness

There’s no poll needed to show or establish that most men are covetous.

If his lady is blond he will start coveting a brunette, if his lady is slim that’s when he starts admiring the curves of a plumpy lady. If his lady is plumpy that’s when he starts noticing how athletic and sexy the slim girls are.

He’s dating a girl with a small butt but soon he can’t keep his eyes of the ones with big behinds,he’s dating a quiet girl but soon he’s longing for a wild one. There’s just nothing you can do to satisfy some men.

It doesn’t matter what you have, they will always thirst or long for something different.

7. Proximity

50% of men cheat because they’re not close to their spouse, probably because of work they have to live in different city/town/country, and it doesn’t help if such men work closely with single or married but available ladies in his office probably one that looks up to him and admire his ability.

If such closeness is maintained and opportunity present itself he might find himself cheating on his lady.


Why do you think men cheat, What are your perspectives?. What reasons can you really give?

Just join in the conversation and share your thoughts below.


Makinde ‘Brainac’ Teniola

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  • Reply
    August 25, 2016 at 7:05 am

    Many men will still cheat on their wives even when such wives satisfy them with all what they want. I say it’s just in their nature to cheat that’s why the natural man must die or he burn in hell

    • Reply
      Makinde Teniola
      August 25, 2016 at 1:00 pm

      That’s indicated in 4 and 6, the nature of man is not monogamous at all so it’s a constant battle to keep that nature in check but still some men are covetous naturally no matter what they have they will always want more.

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