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Adetuke Morgan

‘Hi’ Someone tapped me from behind! we just concluded the TBP Bloggers’ Brunch at DuebyChefD, VI Lagos.

I turned my back to see one of the most beautiful babes, I’ve ever met.

Please can I have a couple of shots with you?

Shots? Where? I replied.

‘At Eko Hotels’, she responded.

Grudgingly I said Yes, but ‘you will have to buy me a drink’

‘Drink?’, she responded. With this smug look on her face.

Anyway, we moved to Eko Hotels in her Car. I really need someone to sow a car seed in my life. All this my jumping ‘uppandan‘ in Lagos! Where are my readers at? Oya come and sow a seed…hehehe!

Tuke is one of the most amazing babes, I have ever known and met. She is beautiful…you will see it, don’t worry and very alive! Plus she laughs, plays and smiles a lot. I kept asking, Do you ever get angry? Well..who doesn’t get angry?

She is a simple babe, delicately structured, plenty smile and drop dead gorgeous. She is a butty too! Very very butty.

All of you guys shouldn’t eye her though. ‘She don get Boo, So she is a no-go area..Mbok!


Some part of me’ just wanted to kidnap her so she keeps smiling at me everyday forever..LOL! Don’t mind my Daydream.

So for our first lifestyle shoot, we had the greenery beside the pool at Eko Hotels, the environment was cool enough for what we needed to achieve and then there was life all around. From people swimming in the pool, to children playing games around the greenery. Tuke also provided eccentric effect to the shoot. That girl can be so alive en? Choi!




From there, I was already getting tired! But the fact that I was enjoying this made me want to work on! For Deedee, so far I am enjoying what I’m doing and I have a fruit juice jinxed with some ‘Absolut’. I am very ready…LOL!

National Theatre provided the most eccentric effect ever!…Queen Amina on her horse at the Entrance was just staring at us both! Who are these guys snapping off and laughing at the same time like two babies…She will be asking.

It was a fun experience, I’m sure Tuke will agree with me!… I await more shoots with you..Foodie Lover. Let’s do some more okay? This time we would go crazy…like I mentioned to you on WhatsApp, No Security guys to accost us, no PoliceMan to come and ask for ‘Charlee’. We will just do our thing..LOL

Photography Details

For those that don’t know, I use Elektra, she is a Canon 7D and what a beauty she is. I also use a kit lens of 18-135mm and sometimes use a 50mm prime lens. But then I prefer my kit lens because it allows me capture the beauty of the environment. I am still going to buy more lens though. Let me make money first…abi?

For the photography part, because Tuke did a lot of moving around, I switched my Shutter speed between 125-160 to capture her swift movement but I left my ISO at 640- I wanted to understand my 18-135 kit lens, and to reduce ‘noise‘ as well. Since it was around 5pm in the evening, the temperature provided a perfect platform for my ISO to stay rigid. When we got to National Theatre though, I switched ISO to 1000 and I still loved it. It was getting darker by then anyway.

Of course darling aperture was at 11mm throughout the shoot. I don’t know why I did not change it anyway. I was just comfortable with the shots I was getting.

For editing, I love Photoshop a lot, the drama, the effects and all! But I love the Light room for my lifestyle pictures. Just get your details right, then editing ‘na smallz’.


To other intending collaborators: Bloggers, Fashionista, Picture Lovers! Hit me Up on my cell or shoot me an email, okay? I am ready for some collaborations, and don’t call me a jack of all trades oh, photographer, photoblogger, events blogger. I see myself as multi talented! If you also need some photography tips as well, I can share my experience with you. It would sure worth your while, Trust me!

Together we will rock blogging and lifestyle photography!










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    Mayowa Akinkuehinmi
    August 25, 2016 at 1:25 pm

    Beautiful Write Up! and For the Shoot Analysis, That was Technically Brilliant. Ondo State products and brilliance sync 100%

    • Reply
      August 25, 2016 at 2:02 pm

      Thanks Mayowa.

      Do visit our blog to check updates out!

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    April 27, 2017 at 9:23 am

    […] Or you want to possibility of a green image, and instead of leveraging a park with green and lush flowers you intend to use an hotel lobby with green lights all splattered over you and your partner. You need a good location for a good story! See a typical example of my photo shoot with Tuke Morgan where we took advantage of the lush greenery of Eko Hotels in Lagos. […]

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