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Month End Wishes, Greetings, Quotes

month end wishes

Month end wishes for family and friends are as important as happy new month messages. Here you will find the best collection of month end wishes, month end greetings and month end quotes for your use.

Month end wishes

1. A lot of people will not want you to live and get into the new month, but you should know that as long as you did good during this month. All machinations of the enemies will not prosper, because God has got you.

2. In life, there will be challenges but the happiest part of the challenges are the grace and opportunity for you to surmount them. You will move from one step to the other and that is why you are moving from this amazing step to the next. God is with you as you end this month to begin another one.

3. Remember to humble yourself in this coming month and God will humble you as well. Remember to open your mouth to pray to God for all you want in this new month and God will support you all through. When you cast all your cares on him, he will hold you through and through.

4. May your dreams not be destroyed by the enemy. May all your dreams be fulfilled. May God give you the grace to walk that path of fulfillment. May you increase in all ways and all forms.

5. No matter how far and long you think your tunnel is, light will always await you at the end of it. Your status right now is not a true reflection of your future. Things will turn out better as I have wished them. Stay positive and remember the almighty in all you do. It will end in praise.

6. You think does not listen to you. Of course he sure listens, and he will all that he’ll do in his time. Set your fantasies apart from your realities and leave everything to him. He will do all you have asked from him. God is with you.

7. Let your best wishes and heart submission remain the same. Let your goals stay the same, do not change them for anything. Create time to follow through with your heart desires and leave the rest to God. He will put his hands on your goals soon and make you scream in testimony.

8. You should be grateful for the things you have now so that it will be easy for you to receive other things from God. Be thankful for the opportunities you have now so that you can receive other blessings from God. Be grateful for everything.

9. When you love God, he will make all your dreams come true. When all your dreams come true, be thankful to him so that you can receive more from him. Be thankful for everything and more will more your way.

10. Appreciate the grace of today so that you can get another for tomorrow the lord is with you and he will be continue to be with you all through the process of your evolution.



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